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US MidAtlantic : Virginia - Selective Company List

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Companies in other MidAtlantic states are on separate pages - Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington DC, West Virginia, North Carolina
Headquarters or major subunits located in the state, including foreign-owned subunits.
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Virginia     <bottom>   maps of PA, NJ, MD, DC, VA, NC, WV Area Representative City State Postal
Universal Systems & Technology, Inc. Private   Centreville VA 20120
Telos Corp. Public   Ashburn VA 20147-2358
PSINet Inc. Public   Ashburn VA 20147-2692
Ahold USA, Inc. US subsidiary Netherlands Chantilly VA 20151
Icode Inc. Private   Chantilly VA 20151
Optimos, Inc. Private   Chantilly VA 20151
Government Technology Services, Inc. Public   Chantilly VA 20151-0808
Integic Corp. Private   Chantilly VA 20151-1132
ManTech Telecommunications and Information Systems Public subunit   Chantilly VA 20151-1616
Ogden Environmental and Energy Services Co., Inc. Public subunit   Chantilly VA 20151-1652
EYT, Inc. Private Subunit   Chantilly VA 20151-2217
American Systems Corporation Private   Chantilly VA 20151-2272
American Systems Corp. / Applied Communications Co Private Subunit   Chantilly VA 20151-2272
American Systems Corp. / Systems Division (The) Private Subunit   Chantilly VA 20151-2272
Atlantic Research Corp. Public subunit   Gainesville VA 20155-1633
HSO Business System, Inc. Private   Dulles VA 20166
Giesecke & Devrient America, Inc. US subsidiary Germany Dulles VA 20166-6568
Orbital Sciences Corp. Public   Dulles VA 20166-6850
Fairchild Corp. (The) Public   Dulles VA 20166-7516
Vastera Public   Dulles VA 20166-7554
America Online, Inc. Public subunit   Dulles VA 20166-9302
P-Com Network Services, Inc. Public subunit   Dulles VA 20166-9457
ECI Telecom, Inc. US subsidiary Israel Herndon VA 20170
Apex Data Services, Inc. Private   Herndon VA 20170
Fairchild Dornier Corporation Private   Herndon VA 20170
iORMYX, Inc. Private   Herndon VA 20170
e.spire Communications, Inc. Public   Herndon VA 20170
ePlus, Inc. Public   Herndon VA 20170
Lafarge North America, Inc. Public   Herndon VA 20170
Getronics Government Solutions, L.L.C. US subsidiary Netherlands Herndon VA 20171
Focus Technologies Private   Herndon VA 20171
Northrop Grumman Information Technology Public subunit   Herndon VA 20171
Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc. Private   Herndon VA 20171-3223
CEXEC, Inc. Private   Herndon VA 20171-3231
Network Access Solutions Corp. Public   Herndon VA 20171-4602
DY 4 Systems, Inc. Public subunit   Leesburg VA 20175-8994
Command Technologies, Inc. Private   Warrenton VA 20186-4368
Noblestar Private   Reston VA 20190
MAXIMUS, Inc. Public   Reston VA 20190
Via Net.Works, Inc. Public   Reston VA 20190
TRW Inc. / TRW Systems Public subunit   Reston VA 20190-3285
DynCorp / Information and Enterprise Technology, I Private Subunit   Reston VA 20190-4737
Best Software, Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Reston VA 20190-5005
XO Communications Public   Reston VA 20190-5339 Global, Ltd. Private   Reston VA 20190-5853
Teleglobe Communications Corporation US subsidiary Canada Reston VA 20191
Transaction Network Services, Inc. Private Subunit   Reston VA 20191-1406
Proxicom, Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Reston VA 20191-1412
Shared Technologies Fairchild, Inc. Public subunit   Reston VA 20191-1513
Windermere, L.L.C. Private   Reston VA 20191-1636
Nextel Communications, Inc. Public   Reston VA 20191-3436
Netplex Group, Inc. (The) Public   Reston VA 20191-4346
Motient Corp. Public   Reston VA 20191-5416
SLM Holding Corp. Public   Reston VA 20193-0001
Information Spectrum, Inc. Private   Annandale VA 22003
JWK International Corp. Private   Annandale VA 22003-2616
Headstrong Private   Fairfax VA 22030
STG, Inc. Private   Fairfax VA 22030
eSTG Security, Inc. Private Subunit   Fairfax VA 22030
BTG, Inc. Public subunit   Fairfax VA 22030
PSI International, Inc. Private   Fairfax VA 22030-2201
Ionidea, Inc. Private   Fairfax VA 22030-2239
Anteon Corp. Public   Fairfax VA 22030-2801
webMethods, Inc. Public   Fairfax VA 22030-6076
Veridian Information Solutions Private Subunit   Fairfax VA 22030-7305
Omega World Travel, Inc. Private   Fairfax VA 22031
ICF Consulting Group, Inc. Private   Fairfax VA 22031-1207
Genetics & IVF Institute Private   Fairfax VA 22031-4609
SRA International, Inc. Private   Fairfax VA 22033
ManTech International Corp. Public   Fairfax VA 22033
Identix Public Sector, Inc. Public subunit   Fairfax VA 22033-2924
KEMA Consulting, Inc. US subsidiary Netherlands Fairfax VA 22033-3811
American Management Systems, Inc. Public   Fairfax VA 22033-4087
Datatel, Inc. Private   Fairfax VA 22033-4234
TechSpan, Inc. Private   Fairfax VA 22033-4421
PEC Solutions, Inc. Public   Fairfax VA 22033-4901
ValueOptions, Inc. Private Subunit   Falls Church VA 22042
Aegis Research Corp. Private   Falls Church VA 22043-2413
Orkand Corp. (The) Private   Falls Church VA 22043-2413
General Dynamics Corp. Public   Falls Church VA 22043-4510
PRA International, Inc. Private   McLean VA 22101
SETA Corp. Private   Mc Lean VA 22101-3862
Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Inc. Private   McLean VA 22102
CyberRep Private   McLean VA 22102
GlobalLearningSystems, Inc, Private   Mc Lean VA 22102
Information Management Consultants, Inc. Private   McLean VA 22102
Metters Industries, Inc. Private   McLean VA 22102
RS Information Systems, Inc. Private   Mc Lean VA 22102
SI International, Inc. Private   West McLean VA 22102
Vistronix, Inc. Private   Mc Lean VA 22102
KPMG Consulting, Inc. Public   McLean VA 22102
MicroStrategy, Inc. Public   McLean VA 22102
Jaycor, Inc. / Communications & Information System Public subunit   McLean VA 22102-3008
Unisys Corp. / U.S. Federal Government Group Public subunit   Mc Lean VA 22102-3106
Advanced Technology Systems, Inc. Private   Mc Lean VA 22102-3308
LCC International, Inc. Public   Mc Lean VA 22102-3321
Deltek Systems, Inc. Public   McLean VA 22102-3807
Technology, Management & Analysis Corporation Private   Mc Lean VA 22102-3820
BAE SYSTEMS / Enterprise Systems Division US subsidiary UK - England Mc Lean VA 22102-3846
NCI Information Systems, Inc. Private   Mc Lean VA 22102-3850
DDL OMNI Engineering LLC Private   Mc Lean VA 22102-3852
Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated Public   Mc Lean VA 22102-4302
Spacenet, Inc. US subsidiary Israel Mc Lean VA 22102-4304
Online Resources Corp. Public   Mc Lean VA 22102-7620
MCR Federal Group, Inc. Private   Mc Lean VA 22102-7854
ENSCO, Inc. Private   Springfield VA 22151-2312
C-CUBED Corp. Private   Springfield VA 22151-4177
Computing Analysis Corp. Private Subunit   Springfield VA 22151-4177
Versar, Inc. Public   Springfield VA 22151-4196
Autometric, Inc. Public subunit   Springfield VA 22153-3144
CMS Information Services, Inc. Private   Vienna VA 22180-4308
Resource Consultants, Inc. Private   Vienna VA 22180-7300
Jim Koons Automotive Companies Private   Vienna VA 22182
JIL Information Systems, Inc. Private   Vienna VA 22182-2241
Titan Systems Corp. / Civil Government Services Gr Public subunit   Vienna VA 22182-2249
Cable & Wireless USA, Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Vienna VA 22182-2625
AT&T Corp. / Government Solutions Division Public subunit   Vienna VA 22182-3865
Convera Corp. Public   Vienna VA 22182-3900 US subsidiary Canada Vienna VA 22182-3930
Allied Research Corp. Public   Vienna VA 22182-6203
PGI, Inc. Private   Arlington VA 22201
Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive Public subunit   Arlington VA 22201-2909
CACI International Inc. Public   Arlington VA 22201-4798
Veridian, Inc. Private   Arlington VA 22202
Veridian Engineering, Inc. Private Subunit   Arlington VA 22202-5005
ENVIRON Holdings, Inc. Private   Arlington VA 22203
ENVIRON International Corp. Private Subunit   Arlington VA 22203-1695
User Technology Associates Group, Inc. Private   Arlington VA 22203-1824
Global TeleSystems Group, Inc. Public   Arlington VA 22203-1839
Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc. Private   Arlington VA 22206-3615
AES Corporation Public   Arlington VA 22209
System Planning Corp. Private   Arlington VA 22209-2211
United Defense Industries, Inc. Public   Arlington VA 22209-2444
Gannett Co., Inc. Public   Arlington VA 22234-0001
John J. McMullen Associates, Inc. Private   Alexandria VA 22302
Dimensions International, Inc. Private   Alexandria VA 22302-1435
VSE Corp. Public   Alexandria VA 22303-1499
Hadron, Inc. Public   Alexandria VA 22303-1864
Metrocall, Inc. Public   Alexandria VA 22306-6677
Advanced Engineering & Research Associates, Inc. Private   Alexandria VA 22310-3240
ADI Technology Corp. Private   Alexandria VA 22311
Halifax Corp. Public   Alexandria VA 22312-2063
Harris Technical Services Corp. Public subunit   Alexandria VA 22314-1420
Robbins-Gioia, LLC Private   Alexandria VA 22314-1595
DCS Corporation Private   Alexandria VA 22314-1650
SENTEL Corp. Private   Alexandria VA 22314-2875
VDO North America US subsidiary Germany Winchester VA 22603-5762
Technicolor US subsidiary UK - England Ruckersville VA 22968-2741
NTELOS, Inc. Public   Waynesboro VA 22980
Schnabel Engineering Associates, Inc. Private   Ashland VA 23005-1517
Tri-Dim Filter Corp. Private   Louisa VA 23093-0466
Lumberg, Inc. Private   Midlothian VA 23113-6874
Martin Agency (The) Public subunit   Richmond VA 23219
Ethyl Corp. Public   Richmond VA 23219-4304
Overnite Transportation Company Public subunit   Richmond VA 23224-2246
Tredegar Corp. Public   Richmond VA 23225-4035
IPC Technologies, Inc. Private   Richmond VA 23226-3768
Estes Express Lines, Inc. Private   Richmond VA 23230
Trigon Healthcare, Inc. Public   Richmond VA 23230
Carpenter Co. Private   Richmond VA 23230-3620
Circuit City Stores, Inc. Public   Richmond VA 23233-1463
LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. Public   Richmond VA 23235-5153
Colfax Corp. Private   Richmond VA 23235-6874
Eltromat Electronics, Inc. US subsidiary Germany Chesapeake VA 23323-1518
Sumitomo Machinery Corp. of America US subsidiary Japan Chesapeake VA 23323-1525
Electronic Systems, Inc. Public subunit   Virginia Beach VA 23452
AMSEC LLC Private Subunit   Virginia Beach VA 23452-7328
Ecolochem, Inc. Private   Norfolk VA 23502
Flight International, Inc. Public   Newport News VA 23602-4413
Bionetics Corp. (The) Private   Newport News VA 23606-2589
Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. US subsidiary Germany Newport News VA 23607-2496
Newport News Shipbuilding Public subunit   Newport News VA 23607-2734
Howmet Corp. / Hampton Casting Division Public subunit   Hampton VA 23661-1333
Brenco, Inc. Private Subunit   Petersburg VA 23805-9309
Filtrona Richmond, Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Colonial Heights VA 23834-0668
Hill PHOENIX, Inc. Public subunit   Colonial Heights VA 23834-5937
Caudle-Hyatt, Inc. Private   Hopewell VA 23860
Peebles, Inc. Private   South Hill VA 23970
Virginia Transformer Corp. Private   Roanoke VA 24012-6470
Roanoke Electric Steel Corp. Public   Roanoke VA 24017
ITT Industries, Inc. / ITT Night Vision Public subunit   Roanoke VA 24019-3222
Valcom, Inc. Private   Roanoke VA 24019-5056
Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern, Inc. Private   Roanoke VA 24034-3446
Northrop Grumman Poly-Scientific Public subunit   Blacksburg VA 24060-3127
Hubbell Lighting, Inc. Public subunit   Christiansburg VA 24073-2500
Strongwell Private   Bristol VA 24201-3800
DBT America Inc. US subsidiary Germany Pulaski VA 24301
Nautilus, Inc. Public subunit   Independence VA 24348-3782
Marley Mouldings US subsidiary Canada Marion VA 24354-0610
Framatome ANP, Inc. US subsidiary France Lynchburg VA 24501-2912
BWX Technologies, Inc. Public subunit   Lynchburg VA 24506-1165
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