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US West Coast Region : Selective Company List

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The following links are to the lists of companies below or on other pages (large states), which are organized by zip code and may identify local area representatives.

California (separate pages)

Northern    Southern

Washington Oregon Nevada Hawaii Alaska Bottom
The table below is provided for convenience to help professionals find the websites of leading companies in the region, and to help executives find other companies and the local area representatives who support direct investment in their location.

We welcome additional suggestions of major or fast-growing companies which are headquartered in the region, or have invested in major subunits there. 

Typically we will only list companies with more than 250 employees worldwide or 100 employees at the location of a major subunit, since our focus is on serving companies of sufficient size and growth rate to create more than 50 new jobs within 3 years when they set up operations in new locations.

The presence or absence of any organization on these lists, or their position on the lists, does not imply any endorsement or opinion about their products or services, nor by them about our own.  The list also does not indicate whether or not we maintain relationships with such companies, or know anything about their investment plans.

The selections are simply intended to be helpful to professionals who may be unaware where such companies are located, or how to reach their websites quickly for more information.  This can support professional services, investment promotion activities, and investor retention or "aftercare" activities to stay informed about the companies.

If you need a database of companies, sources are in the Research section.

For convenience, at the bottom of this page, we have also included links to sources for company research, company lists for other regions, and global lists of professional service providers and area representatives for investment attraction and retention.

Please let us know if you discover any obsolete listings (such as from M&A activity, relocations, closures, etc.) or broken website links so that we may update our records.

We have also provided columns to allow for direct links to the website of the local area representatives where the company headquarters or major subsidiary is located, and to the GUIDE Area Profile of that area, if available.

Refer also the sections on Corporate Participants , Projects, and Referral Highlights.

Headquarters or major subunits located in the region, including foreign-owned subunits.
Company HQ/Sub Website Location
Washington <top><bottom> maps for : the Northwest (OR, WA) Area Representative City State Postal
Fleck Co., Inc. Private   Auburn WA 98002-8807
Alstom ESCA Corporation US subsidiary France Bellevue WA 98004-1448
ARIS Corp. Public   Bellevue WA 98004-2936
SolutionsIQ Private   Bellevue WA 98004-3816
InfoSpace Inc. Public   Bellevue WA 98004-4374
Esterline Technologies Corp. Public   Bellevue WA 98004-4471
Penford Corp. Public   Bellevue WA 98004-5193
DataChannel(tm) Private   Bellevue WA 98004-5194
Click2learn, Inc. Public   Bellevue WA 98004-5867
WatchMark Corp. Private   Bellevue WA 98005
ONYX Software(R) Corp. Public   Bellevue WA 98005-4090
BSQUARE Corp. Public   Bellevue WA 98005-4094
Sierra Entertainment, Inc. US subsidiary France Bellevue WA 98005-4097
Western Wireless Corp. Public   Bellevue WA 98006
VoiceStream Wireless Corp. Public subunit   Bellevue WA 98006
Attachmate Corp. Private   Bellevue WA 98006-9026
Sierra Home US subsidiary France Bellevue WA 98007-6472
Corbis Corp. Private   Bellevue WA 98007-6537
Allied Telesyn International Corp. Private   Bothell WA 98011-8206
MDS Pharma Services US subsidiary Canada Bothell WA 98011-8801
NEPCO Public subunit   Bothell WA 98011-8802
Plexus Corp. ; Engineering & NPI Plus Division Public subunit   Bothell WA 98021-3903
Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc. ; Voice & Data Div Private Subunit   Bothell WA 98021-4416
Siemens Medical Systems, Inc. ; Ultrasound Group US subsidiary Germany Issaquah WA 98029-7298
Tally Printer Corp. US subsidiary Germany Kent WA 98032-1000
Flow International Corp. Public   Kent WA 98032-2618
Hexcel Corp. ; Hexcel Structures Public subunit   Kent WA 98032-9704
Venturi Technology Partners Public subunit   Kirkland WA 98033-6315
Aditi Corp. Private   Kirkland WA 98033-7355
Talisma Corp. Private   Kirkland WA 98033-7355
Vopak USA Inc. US subsidiary Netherlands Kirkland WA 98033-7357
Pivotal Corp. US subsidiary Canada Kirkland WA 98033-7872
Captaris, Inc. Public   Kirkland WA 98034
TeraBeam Networks Private   Kirkland WA 98034-8711
Eldec Corp. Public subunit   Lynnwood WA 98037-8503
Philips Medical Systems North America US subsidiary Netherlands Bothell WA 98041
Lanoga Corporation Private   Redmond WA 98052
Zetron, Inc. Private   Redmond WA 98052
AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. Public   Redmond WA 98052
Metawave Communications Corp. Public   Redmond WA 98052-3482
Concur Technologies, Inc. Public   Redmond WA 98052-5034
Nintendo of America Inc. US subsidiary Japan Redmond WA 98052-5115
American United Global, Inc. Public   Redmond WA 98052-5573
Microsoft Corp. Public   Redmond WA 98052-8300
Boeing Commercial Airplanes Public subunit   Renton WA 98055
Zones, Inc. Public   Renton WA 98055-3233
Philips Oral Healthcare Inc. US subsidiary Netherlands Snoqualmie WA 98065
Mackie Designs, Inc. Public   Woodinville WA 98072-9061
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, In Public subunit   Redmond WA 98073
SECOR International Inc. Private   Redmond WA 98073-0230
Interpoint Corp. Public subunit   Redmond WA 98073-9705
Spacelabs Medical, Inc. Public   Redmond WA 98073-9713
Advanced Digital Information Corp. Public   Redmond WA 98073-9757
ImageX, Inc. Public   Kirkland WA 98083-9756
Nordstrom, Inc. Public   Seattle WA 98101
Immunex Corp. Public   Seattle WA 98101-2936
Hart Crowser, Inc. Private   Seattle WA 98102-3620
ZymoGenetics, Inc. Public   Seattle WA 98102-3702
Shannon & Wilson, Inc. Private   Seattle WA 98103
Getty Images, Inc. Public   Seattle WA 98103
AVTECH Corp. Private Subunit   Seattle WA 98103-9095
Avenue A, Inc. Public   Seattle WA 98104
WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. Public   Seattle WA 98104
Corixa Corp. Public   Seattle WA 98104-2040
Cray, Inc. Public   Seattle WA 98104-2860
Boeing Company (The) Public   Seattle WA 98108-4000
Seattle Times Company (The) Private   Seattle WA 98109
Shurgard Storage Centers, Inc. Public   Seattle WA 98109
Korry Electronics Co. Public subunit   Seattle WA 98109-3536
PhotoWorks, Inc. Public   Seattle WA 98119
F5 Networks, Inc. Public   Seattle WA 98119-3908
Active Voice, LLC US subsidiary Japan Seattle WA 98121-1049
RealNetworks, Inc. Public   Seattle WA 98121-3307
Internap Network Services Corp. Public   Seattle WA 98121-4064
Boeing Company (The) ; SSG-Shared Services Group Public subunit   Seattle WA 98124-2207
Stevedoring Services of America, Inc. Private   Seattle WA 98134
Tully's Coffee Corp. Private   Seattle WA 98134
Cobalt Group, Inc. (The) Private   Seattle WA 98134-1452, Inc. Public   Seattle WA 98144
R.W. Beck, Inc. Private   Seattle WA 98154-1004
Alpha Technologies, Inc. Private   Bellingham WA 98226-8302
SAGEM MORPHO, Inc. US subsidiary France Tacoma WA 98402-3523
Premier Industries Incorporated Private   Tacoma WA 98402-4483
Atlas Foundry & Machine Company, Inc. Private Subunit   Tacoma WA 98409
Columbia Analytical Services, Inc. Private   Kelso WA 98626-2845
New Edge Networks Private   Vancouver WA 98661-2969
Triquest Corp. Private   Vancouver WA 98661-2969
Nautilus Group, Inc. (The) Public   Vancouver WA 98661-6806
Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp. US subsidiary Japan Vancouver WA 98661-6857
Electric Lightwave, Inc. Public subunit   Vancouver WA 98662-6706
S E H America, Inc. US subsidiary Japan Vancouver WA 98668
Labtec Enterprises, Inc. Private Subunit   Vancouver WA 98683-9575
Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Inc. Public   Wenatchee WA 98801-5975
Accra-Fab, Inc. Private   Liberty Lake WA 99019
Telect, Inc. Private   Liberty Lake WA 99019-0665
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. Private   Pullman WA 99163-5603
Avista Advantage, Inc. Public subunit   Spokane WA 99201-2327
Itronix Corp. Public subunit   Spokane WA 99204-2654
Pyrotek, Inc. Private   Spokane WA 99206-4115
Key Tronic Corp. Public   Spokane WA 99214
Itron, Inc. Public   Spokane WA 99216
Avista Corp. Public   Spokane WA 99220-2600
Key Technology, Inc. Public   Walla Walla WA 99362-4703
Oregon <top><bottom> maps for : the Northwest (OR, WA) Area Representative City State Postal
NetTest ; Optical Division US subsidiary Denmark Beaverton OR 97005-7192
Integra Telecom, Inc. Private   Beaverton OR 97006
Planar Systems, Inc. Public   Beaverton OR 97006-1996
Timberline Software Corp. Public   Beaverton OR 97006-5701
International Business Machines Corp. ; NUMA-Q Div Public subunit   Beaverton OR 97006-6063
Cascade Microtech, Inc. Private   Beaverton OR 97006-6461
ABC Technologies Private   Beaverton OR 97006-7361
Metro One Telecommunications, Inc. Public   Beaverton OR 97007-9702
Integrated Measurement Systems, Inc. Public subunit   Beaverton OR 97008-7149
WARN Industries, Inc. Private   Clackamas OR 97015-8903
Maritime Services Corporation Private   Hood River OR 97031
Gage Industries, Inc. Private   Lake Oswego OR 97035
Waggner Edstrom Private   Lake Oswego OR 97035
Interlogix, Inc. ; Sentrol Division Public subunit   Tualatin OR 97062-6001
GI Joe's, Inc. Private   Wilsonville OR 97070
Office Printing Business Public subunit   Wilsonville OR 97070-1000
Mentor Graphics Corp. Public   Wilsonville OR 97070-7777
InFocus Corporation Public   Wilsonville OR 97070-8298
Precision Interconnect Public subunit   Wilsonville OR 97070-9289
Tektronix, Inc. Public   Beaverton OR 97077
Tektronix, Inc. ; Measurement Business Division Public subunit   Beaverton OR 97077-0001
Merix Corp. Public   Forest Grove OR 97116-2033
American Blimp Corp. Private   Hillsboro OR 97124
Kentrox, LLC Private Subunit   Hillsboro OR 97124
TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. Public   Hillsboro OR 97124-5300
RadiSys Corp. Public   Hillsboro OR 97124-5797
Corillian Corp. Public   Hillsboro OR 97124-5805
FEI Co. Public   Hillsboro OR 97124-5830
Lattice Semiconductor Corp. Public   Hillsboro OR 97124-6421
Medscape, Inc. Public   Hillsboro OR 97124-7111
EPSON Portland Inc. US subsidiary Japan Hillsboro OR 97124-7199
EFTC Northwest Operations Public subunit   Newberg OR 97132-2078
A-dec, Inc. Private   Newberg OR 97132-9529
Professional Data Exchange, Inc. Private   Portland OR 97201
Precision Castparts Corp. Public   Portland OR 97201-4253
David Evans & Associates, Inc. Private   Portland OR 97201-4827
Fred Meyer, Inc. Public subunit   Portland OR 97202
Alcatel Submarine Networks, Inc. US subsidiary France Portland OR 97203-6428
Consolidated Metco, Inc. Private Subunit   Portland OR 97203-6565
R. B. Pamplin Corporation Private   Portland OR 97204
UshaComm, Inc. Private   Portland OR 97204
Portland General Electric Co. Public subunit   Portland OR 97204
PSC Inc. Public   Portland OR 97204-3644
Oregon Steel Mills, Inc. Public   Portland OR 97205
PCC Structurals, Inc. Public subunit   Portland OR 97206-0825
Powell's Books, Inc. Private   Portland OR 97209
Christenson Electric, Inc. Private   Portland OR 97209-2518
Wacker Siltronic Corp. US subsidiary Germany Portland OR 97210
Sapa Anodizing, Inc. US subsidiary Sweden Portland OR 97211-1999
OECO LLC Private   Milwaukie OR 97222-4693
FLIR Systems, Inc. Public   Portland OR 97224-7797
Puget Plastics Corp. Private Subunit   Portland OR 97224-8028
Williams Controls, Inc. Public   Portland OR 97224-8095
Tosoh Quartz Group ; Weiss Facility US subsidiary Japan Portland OR 97229-5419
Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. Public   Portland OR 97229-5497
PacifiCorp US subsidiary UK - Scotland Portland OR 97232-2135
Stanley Hydraulic Tools, Inc. Public subunit   Milwaukie OR 97267-5623
Cascade Corp. Public   Portland OR 97294-0187
Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. Public   Portland OR 97296-1594
Valmont Microflect Public subunit   Salem OR 97302-1190
Mitsubishi Silicon America US subsidiary Japan Salem OR 97303-0139
Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc. Private   Albany OR 97321-3900
Wah Chang Public subunit   Albany OR 97321-4548
Fiserv, Inc. ; Summit Information Systems Public subunit   Corvallis OR 97333-1093
Accu-Fab Systems, Inc. US subsidiary Canada Corvallis OR 97333-6916
PSC Inc. Public   Eugene OR 97402
PSC Scanning, Inc. Public subunit   Eugene OR 97402-9150
Bear Creek Corporation US subsidiary Japan Medford OR 97501
Accent Optical Technologies Private   Bend OR 97701
Nevada <top><bottom> maps for : California and Nevada Area Representative City State Postal
Las Vegas Sands, Inc. Private   Las Vegas NV 89109
Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. US subsidiary Australia Las Vegas NV 89118-3854
Mikohn Gaming Corp. Public   Las Vegas NV 89119
Multi-Pure Corp. Private   Las Vegas NV 89128-0434, Inc. Public   Las Vegas NV 89129-6752
Bently Nevada Corp. Private   Minden NV 89423-4119
Eagle-Picher Minerals, Inc. US subsidiary Netherlands Reno NV 89510-2130
Transpower Technologies, Inc. Private   Reno NV 89511
Meridian Gold Co. Public   Reno NV 89511-8953
International Game Technology Public   Reno NV 89511-8986
Hawaii <top><bottom> maps for : Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific Rim Area Representative City State Postal
Cheap Tickets, Inc. (Cendant) Public subunit   Honolulu HI 96814-3612
Alaska <top><bottom> maps for : Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific Rim Area Representative City State Postal
Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. Public   Anchorage AK 99501-1956
General Communication, Inc. Public   Anchorage AK 99503-2751
Phillips Alaska, Inc. Public subunit   Anchorage AK 99510-0360
Carr-Gottstein Foods Co. Public subunit   Anchorage AK 99518
Natchiq, Inc. Private Subunit   Anchorage AK 99518-1550
Petro Star Inc. Private Subunit   Anchorage AK 99518-3031
BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Anchorage AK 99519
Arctic Slope Regional Corp. Private   Barrow AK 99723-0129
California - Northern, Southern   maps for : California and Nevada Area Representative City State Postal
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California (separate pages)

Northern    Southern

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Typically we will only list companies with more than 250 employees worldwide or 100 employees at the location of a major subunit, since our focus is on serving companies of sufficient size and growth rate to create more than 50 new jobs within 3 years when they set up operations in new locations.

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