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US MidAtlantic : North Carolina - Selective Company List

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Companies in other MidAtlantic states are on separate pages - Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington DC, West Virginia
Headquarters or major subunits located in the state, including foreign-owned subunits.
Company HQ/Sub Website Location
North Carolina  <bottom>   maps of PA, NJ, MD, DC, VA, NC, WV Area Representative City State Zip
American LaFrance Corp. Private Subunit   Cleveland NC 27013-9417
Insteel Industries, Inc. Public   Mount Airy NC 27030-2145
Precision Concepts, Inc. Private   Winston Salem NC 27103-6719
Kaba Ilco Corp. US subsidiary Switzerland Winston-Salem NC 27105-4425
Luwa Bahnson, Inc. US subsidiary Switzerland Winston Salem NC 27108-0458
Foundry Service Co. Private Subunit   Biscoe NC 27209-0748
Carolina Biological Supply Co. Private   Burlington NC 27215-3398
Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings Public   Burlington NC 27215-5837
Engineered Controls International, Inc. Private   Elon College NC 27244-9159
MWG Biotech USA US subsidiary Germany High Point NC 27265-8034
Banner Pharmacaps Inc. US subsidiary Netherlands High Point NC 27265-8144
Madison River Communications, Inc. Private   Mebane NC 27302
McRae Industries, Inc. Public   Mount Gilead NC 27306-1239
Parker Hannifin Corp. / Zenith Products Division Public subunit   Sanford NC 27330
Trion, Inc. Public subunit   Sanford NC 27330-9451
Stockhausen, Inc. US subsidiary Germany Greensboro NC 27406-2911
RF Micro Devices, Inc. Public   Greensboro NC 27409-9421
Unifi, Inc. Public   Greensboro NC 27410
BGF Industries, Inc. US subsidiary France Greensboro NC 27410-2190
TIMCO Public subunit   Greensboro NC 27410-6221
Carolina By-Products Co. Private Subunit   Greensboro NC 27420-0687
Newton Instrument Co., Inc. Private   Butner NC 27509-2426
Level 8 Systems, Inc. Public   Cary NC 27511
Lord Corp. Private   Cary NC 27511-7923
Lord Corp. / Mechanical Products Division Private Subunit   Cary NC 27511-7923
Dialog Corporation (The) US subsidiary Canada Cary NC 27511-8518
Global Knowledge, Inc. Private   Cary NC 27511-8520
SpectraSite Communications, Inc. Public   Cary NC 27511-8598
SAS Institute Inc. Private   Cary NC 27513
Inveresk Research, Inc. US subsidiary UK - Scotland Cary NC 27513-2247
Novozymes North America, Inc. US subsidiary Denmark Franklinton NC 27525-8278
Purolator Air Filtration, Inc. Public subunit   Henderson NC 27536
Channel Master Private   Smithfield NC 27577-6024
Peopleclick, Inc. Private   Raleigh NC 27601
Progress Energy, Inc. Public   Raleigh NC 27601
North Carolina Natural Gas Corp. Public subunit   Raleigh NC 27601
QSP, Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Raleigh NC 27604-1699
Red Hat, Inc. Public   Raleigh NC 27606-2072
ABB Power T&D Co. Inc. US subsidiary Switzerland Raleigh NC 27606-5200
TogetherSoft Corporation Private   Raleigh NC 27606-5214
Waste Holdings, Inc. Public   Raleigh NC 27609
Waste Industries MergeCo, LLC Public subunit   Raleigh NC 27609
BTI Telecom Corp. Private   Raleigh NC 27609-5746
Alliance of Professionals & Consultants, Inc. Private   Raleigh NC 27613-1100
Misys Healthcare Systems US subsidiary UK - England Raleigh NC 27615
Misys Healthcare Systems / Physician Systems Busin US subsidiary UK - England Raleigh NC 27615-2963
Powerware Corp. US subsidiary UK - England Raleigh NC 27615-2966
HAHT Commerce, Inc. Private   Raleigh NC 27615-6210
Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution US subsidiary Germany Raleigh NC 27626-0503
Reichhold, Inc. US subsidiary Japan Durham NC 27703
Quintiles Transnational Corp. Public   Durham NC 27703-8472
Cree, Inc. Public   Durham NC 27703-8475
Pliant Systems, Inc. Public   Research Triangle Park NC 27703-9000
Nortel Networks Corp. / Service Provider & Carrier US subsidiary Canada Research Triangle Park NC 27709
Bell & Howell Mail and Messaging Technologies Private Subunit   Durham NC 27709
Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings / Occup Public subunit   Research Triangle Park NC 27709
Magellan Laboratories, Inc. Private   Research Triangle Park NC 27709-3341
GlaxoSmithKline US subsidiary UK - England Research Triangle Park NC 27709-3358
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp. US subsidiary Japan Research Triangle Park NC 27709-3445
BASF Corp. / Agricultural Products Group US subsidiary Germany Research Triangle Park NC 27709-3528
Interpath Communications, Inc. Private   Research Triangle Park NC 27709-3961
Bertek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Public subunit   Research Triangle Park NC 27709-4149
bioMerieux, Inc. US subsidiary France Durham NC 27712-9402
Cato Holding Co. Private   Durham NC 27713
Cato Research Ltd Private Subunit   Durham NC 27713
Analytical Sciences, Inc. Private   Durham NC 27713-2294
DSM Catalytica Pharmaceuticals, Inc. US subsidiary Netherlands Greenville NC 27834
Flanders Corp. Public   Washington NC 27889-7805
Kidde Aerospace US subsidiary UK - England Wilson NC 27896
CT Communications, Inc. Public   Concord NC 28025-3452
Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems, Inc. Public subunit   Gastonia NC 28052-1167
Dana Corp. / Wix Filters Public subunit   Gastonia NC 28053-1967
FMC Corp. / Lithium Division Public subunit   Gastonia NC 28054-0616
Firestone Fibers and Textile Co. US subsidiary Japan Kings Mountain NC 28086-1369
Chemetall Foote Corp. US subsidiary Germany Kings Mountain NC 28086-3615
Rexam Image Products US subsidiary UK - England Matthews NC 28106-0368
Yale Security Group US subsidiary Sweden Monroe NC 28110-7396
Allvac Public subunit   Monroe NC 28111-5030
Invensys Sensor Systems / Fasco Controls Division US subsidiary UK - England Shelby NC 28150-3639
Coinmach Corporation Private   Charlotte NC 28202
Duke Energy Co. Public   Charlotte NC 28202
FairPoint Communications, Inc. Private   Charlotte NC 28202-2695
Radiator Specialty Company Private   Charlotte NC 28208-5670
TITAN Technology Partners Private   Charlotte NC 28209
InServe Corp. Private   Charlotte NC 28209-4604
tesa tape, inc. US subsidiary Germany Charlotte NC 28209-4633
Rexam Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Charlotte NC 28209-4640
National Gypsum Company Private   Charlotte NC 28211
US LEC Corp. Public   Charlotte NC 28211
Nucor Corp. / Vulcraft Group Public subunit   Charlotte NC 28211
GS Industries, Inc. Private   Charlotte NC 28211-0407
CCX, Inc. Private   Charlotte NC 28211-3482
Nucor Corp. Public   Charlotte NC 28211-3484
Baker & Taylor, Inc. Private   Charlotte NC 28217
Premier Systems Integrators, LLC Private   Charlotte NC 28217
Camstar Solutions Group Private Subunit   Charlotte NC 28217
Ci Technologies, Inc. US subsidiary Australia Charlotte NC 28217-1955
Belk, Inc. Private   Charlotte NC 28217-4500
Personnel Group of America, Inc. Public   Charlotte NC 28217-4538
Goodrich Corporation Public   Charlotte NC 28217-4578
McKesson, Inc. / Charlotte Product Group Public subunit   Charlotte NC 28262-2337
Okuma America Corp. US subsidiary Japan Charlotte NC 28273-3736
Aplix, Inc. US subsidiary France Charlotte NC 28273-3738
Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations US subsidiary Sweden Charlotte NC 28277
Carlisle Companies, Inc. Public   Charlotte NC 28277
Wachovia Corporation Public   Charlotte NC 28288
Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc. Private Fayetteville Area EDC Fayetteville NC 28301
Morganite, Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Dunn NC 28334-3699
Acme Electric Corp. Private Subunit   Lumberton NC 28358
Acme Electric Corp. / Power Distribution Products Private Subunit   Lumberton NC 28358-0425
PharmaResearch Corp. Private   Wilmington NC 28405
aaiPharma Inc. Public   Wilmington NC 28405-1800
IKA WORKS, Inc. US subsidiary Germany Wilmington NC 28405-7419
PPD, Inc. Public   Wilmington NC 28412-6461
Nexans USA, Inc. US subsidiary France Hickory NC 28601-6104
CommScope, Inc. Public   Hickory NC 28603
Corning Cable Systems Public subunit   Hickory NC 28603-0489
International Resistive Co., Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Boone NC 28607
CSA Wireless Private Subunit   Conover NC 28613
Dana Corp. / Spicer Off-Highway Products Division Public subunit   Statesville NC 28625-9218
Kewaunee Scientific Corporation Public   Statesville NC 28677-2927
Toter Inc. Private   Statesville NC 28687-5338
Alba-Waldensian, Inc. US subsidiary Israel Valdese NC 28690-2744
Alba-Waldensian, Inc. / Health Products Division US subsidiary Israel Valdese NC 28690-2744
Tyco Electronics / CII Division Public subunit   Fairview NC 28730-8798
Superior Modular Products Public subunit   Swannanoa NC 28778
SELEE Corp. US subsidiary UK - England Hendersonville NC 28792-6400
TestAmerica, Inc. Private   Asheville NC 28801-4372
Duke Energy Public   Charlotte NC 28202
Bank of America Corp Public   Charlotte NC 28255
Wachovia Corp Public   Charlotte NC 28288
Lowe's Public   Wilkesboro NC 28697
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Public   Winston-Salem NC 27102
Progress Energy Public   Raleigh NC 27601
Sonic Automotive Public   Charlotte NC 28212
BB&T Corp Public   Winston-Salem NC 27101
VF Public   Greensboro NC 27408
Goodrich Public   Charlotte NC 28217
Nucor Public   Charlotte NC 28211
SPX Public   Charlotte NC 28202
Family Dollar Stores Public   Matthews NC 28105
Jefferson-Pilot Public   Greensboro NC 27401
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Typically we will only list companies with more than 250 employees worldwide or 100 employees at the location of a major subunit, since our focus is on serving companies of sufficient size and growth rate to create more than 50 new jobs within 3 years when they set up operations in new locations.

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