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US MidAtlantic : Maryland - Selective Company List

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Companies in other MidAtlantic states are on separate pages - Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington DC, West Virginia, North Carolina
Headquarters or major subunits located in the state, including foreign-owned subunits.
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Maryland    <bottom>   maps of PA, NJ, MD, DC, VA, NC, WV Area Representative City State Zip
Comptek PRB Associates, Inc. Private Subunit   Hollywood MD 20636-3109
Eagan, McAllister Associates, Inc. Private   Lexington Park MD 20653-0986
ManTech Systems Engineering Corp. Public subunit   Lexington Park MD 20653-2111
ManTech Systems Engineering Corp. / Engineering an Public subunit   Lexington Park MD 20653-2112
Automated Graphic Systems, Inc. Public subunit   White Plains MD 20695-3122
Verizon Connected Solutions, Inc. Public subunit   Beltsville MD 20705
Spherix Inc Public   Beltsville MD 20705-1246
Swales and Associates, Inc. Private   Beltsville MD 20705-1913
General Sciences Corp. Private Subunit   Beltsville MD 20705-2651
Macro International Inc. Public subunit   Calverton MD 20705-3121
Technical & Management Services Corp. Private   Calverton MD 20705-4034
Group 1 Software, Inc. Public   Lanham MD 20706-1882
Science Systems & Applications, Inc. Private   Lanham MD 20706-2947
Automated Information Management, Inc. Private    Lanham MD 20706-4328
Integral Systems, Inc. Public   Lanham MD 20706-4419
TRI-COR Industries, Inc. Private   Lanham MD 20706-4805
Highland Technologies, Inc. Private Subunit   Lanham MD 20706-4826
Jackson & Tull Chartered Engineers / Aerospace Eng Private Subunit   Seabrook MD 20706-6234
Digex, Inc. Public subunit   Laurel MD 20707
iSKY, Inc. Private   Laurel MD 20707-2927
Ohmeda Medical US subsidiary Finland Laurel MD 20723-5800
Greenhorne and O'Mara, Inc. Private   Greenbelt MD 20770-1083
OAO Technology Solutions, Inc. Public   Greenbelt MD 20770-3502
Systems Engineering & Security, Inc. Private   Greenbelt MD 20770-3504
Multimax, Inc. Private   Largo MD 20774-5323
Merkle Direct Marketing, Inc. Private   Lanham MD 20785-2238
Tate Access Floors, Inc. Private   Jessup MD 20794-9321
CoStar Group, Inc. Public   Bethesda MD 20814
Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc. Public   Bethesda MD 20814
Discovery Communications, Inc. Private   Bethesda MD 20814-3578
Chevy Chase Bank, F.S.B. Private   Bethesda MD 20814-6525
eLink Communications Inc. Private   Bethesda MD 20815
APS Healthcare, Inc. Private   Bethesda MD 20817
Startec Global Communications Corp. Public   Bethesda MD 20817-1008
Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications Public subunit   Bethesda MD 20817-1877
BAE SYSTEMS North America US subsidiary UK - England Rockville MD 20850
Spirent Communications / Service Assurance Solutio US subsidiary UK - England Rockville MD 20850
ADP Integrated Medical Solutions, Inc. Public subunit   Rockville MD 20850
Celera Genomics Group Public subunit   Rockville MD 20850-1159
Decision Systems Technologies, Inc. Private   Rockville MD 20850-3156
Aspen Systems Corp. Private   Rockville MD 20850-3166
BAE SYSTEMS / Applied Technologies Division US subsidiary UK - England Rockville MD 20850-3173
Marconi North America, Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Rockville MD 20850-3173
Thomson Financial Corp. US subsidiary Canada Rockville MD 20850-3194
Westat, Inc. Private   Rockville MD 20850-3195
Spirent Communications of Rockville, Inc. / Hekimi Private Subunit   Rockville MD 20850-3240
Dynamac Corp. Private   Rockville MD 20850-3268
BioReliance Corp. Public   Rockville MD 20850-3304
Human Genome Sciences, Inc. Public   Rockville MD 20850-3331
Visual Networks, Inc. Public   Rockville MD 20850-4013
Arguss Communications, Inc. Public subunit   Rockville MD 20850-4158
ACS Government Solutions Public subunit   Rockville MD 20850-4310
DIGICON Corp. Private   Rockville MD 20850-4315
AETEA Information Technology Inc. Private   Rockville MD 20850-6110
OTG Software, Inc. Public   Rockville MD 20852
Computer Technology Associates, Inc. Private   Rockville MD 20852-1764
Manugistics Group, Inc. Public   Rockville MD 20852-4999
PBI Media, LLC. Private   Potomac MD 20854-2931
Phillips International, Inc. Private   Potomac MD 20854-3363
Thales Communications, Inc. US subsidiary France Clarksburg MD 20871
Tetra Tech NUS, Inc. Public subunit   Germantown MD 20874-7114
Acterna Corp. Public   Germantown MD 20876
Hughes Network Systems Public subunit   Germantown MD 20876-2799
Wabtec Railway Electronics Public subunit   Germantown MD 20876-6963
IGEN International, Inc. Public   Gaithersburg MD 20877-1414
EG&G Technical Services, Inc. Private Subunit   Gaithersburg MD 20878-1360
Fusion UV Systems, Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Gaithersburg MD 20878-1361
Gene Logic, Inc. Public   Gaithersburg MD 20878-1712
BAE SYSTEMS / Advanced System Division US subsidiary UK - England Gaithersburg MD 20878-1794
GE Global Exchange Services, Inc. Public subunit   Gaithersburg MD 20878-3204
MedImmune, Inc. Public   Gaithersburg MD 20878-4028
Social & Scientific Systems, Inc. Private   Silver Spring MD 20910
California Microwave Systems Public subunit   Belcamp MD 21017-1233
AAI Corp. Public subunit   Hunt Valley MD 21030-0126
KCI Technologies, Inc. Private   Hunt Valley MD 21030-1841
MARCOR Remediation, Inc. Private Subunit   Hunt Valley MD 21030-2111
Ward Machinery Co. (The) Private   Cockeysville MD 21030-4354
AAI Engineering Support, Inc. Public subunit   Hunt Valley MD 21030-6108
Amtote International, Inc. Private   Hunt Valley MD 21031-1202
EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc. Public   Hunt Valley MD 21031-1412
W.R. Grace & Co. Public   Columbia MD 21044
RWD Technologies, Inc. Public   Columbia MD 21044-3584
Amerix Corp. Private   Columbia MD 21045
Aerotek, Inc. Private Subunit   Columbia MD 21045
Niro Inc. US subsidiary Denmark Columbia MD 21045-1991
GSE Systems, Inc. Public   Columbia MD 21045-2013
U.S. Foodservice, Inc. US subsidiary Netherlands Columbia MD 21046
Duratek, Inc. Public   Columbia MD 21046-1295
General Physics Corp. Public subunit   Columbia MD 21046-2122
MICROS Systems, Inc. Public   Columbia MD 21046-2289
Meridian Medical Technologies, Inc. Public   Columbia MD 21046-2370
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. US subsidiary Japan Columbia MD 21046-2502
Corvis Corp. Public   Columbia MD 21046-9400
United Container Machinery, Inc. Private   Glen Arm MD 21057
Allegis Group, Inc. Private   Hanover MD 21076
CompuDyne Corp. Public   Hanover MD 21076
Ciena Corp. Public   Linthicum MD 21090-2923
RDA Corp. Private   Timonium MD 21093
Pall Corp. / Filterite Division Public subunit   Timonium MD 21093-3112
Fawn Industries, Inc. Private   Timonium MD 21093-4110
Gould Fiber Optics US subsidiary Japan Millersville MD 21108-2540
ALPHARMA Inc. / U.S. Pharmaceuticals Division Public subunit   Owings Mills MD 21117
Aether Systems, Inc. Public   Owings Mills MD 21117-2264
Powercon Corp. Private   Severn MD 21144-2698
AEGON USA, Inc. US subsidiary Netherlands Baltimore MD 21201
Condor Technology Solutions, Inc. Public   Baltimore MD 21201
Constellation Energy Group, Inc. Public   Baltimore MD 21201
Crown Central Petroleum Corp. Private   Baltimore MD 21201-3740
LifeART US subsidiary Netherlands Baltimore MD 21201-7912
Cedar Group US, Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Baltimore MD 21202
Orion Power Holding, Inc. Public   Baltimore MD 21202
Sylvan Learning Systems, Inc. Public   Baltimore MD 21202
Syscom, Inc. Private   Baltimore MD 21202-3116
Northrop Grumman Corp. / Electronic Systems Sector Public subunit   Baltimore MD 21203-1319
Kop-Flex, Inc. Public subunit   Baltimore MD 21203-1696
Thyssen General Elevator Co., Inc. US subsidiary Germany Baltimore MD 21203-1702
VIPS: The Technology of Healthcare Private   Baltimore MD 21204
Ajilon Consulting US subsidiary Switzerland Towson MD 21204-5325
Hedwin Corp. US subsidiary Belgium Baltimore MD 21211-1299
Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties, Inc. Public subunit   Baltimore MD 21220-0470
Poly-Seal Corp. Private   Baltimore MD 21224-6512
Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc. Public   Baltimore MD 21224-6515
Erachem Comolog, Inc. US subsidiary Belgium Baltimore MD 21226-1792
Tate & Lyle North American Sugars, Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Baltimore MD 21230
Black & Decker Corp. (The) Public   Towson MD 21286-5502
Raytheon Systems Company / Identification & Comman Public subunit   Baltimore MD 21286-5917
FTI Consulting, Inc. Public   Annapolis MD 21401-2943
TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. Public   Annapolis MD 21401-3400
ARINC, Inc. Private   Annapolis MD 21401-7461
USinternetworking, Inc. Public   Annapolis MD 21401-7478
Cambridge International Private   Cambridge MD 21613
Maryland Wire Belts, Inc. Private Subunit   Cambridge MD 21613
Cambridge, Inc. Private Subunit   Cambridge MD 21613-0399
Dixon Valve and Coupling Co. Private   Chestertown MD 21620-1105
Maryland Plastics, Inc. Private   Federalsburg MD 21632-1313
Pathology Associates Public subunit   Frederick MD 21701-8705
Trans-Tech, Inc. Public subunit   Adamstown MD 21710-9619
Allegheny Energy, Inc. Public   Hagerstown MD 21740
BioWhittaker, Inc., A Cambrex Company Public subunit   Walkersville MD 21793-8415
Harvard Custom Manufacturing, Inc. Private Subunit   Salisbury MD 21804
K&L Microwave, Inc. Public subunit   Salisbury MD 21804-3207
Lockheed Martin Public   Bethesda MD 20817
Allegheny Energy Public   Hagerstown MD 21740
Marriott International Public   Bethesda MD 20817
Black & Decker Public   Towson MD 21286
Constellation Energy Public   Baktunire MD 21201
Host Marriott Public   Bethesda MD 20817
Coventry Health Care Public   Bethesda MD 20817
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