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US Southeast : Georgia - Selective Company List

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Companies in other Northeast states are on separate pages (Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi)
Headquarters or major subunits located in the state, including foreign-owned subunits.
Company HQ/Sub Website Location
Georgia   <bottom>   maps of SC, GA, FL Area Representative City State Postal
Datalex Communications USA, Inc. US subsidiary Ireland Alpharetta GA 30004
Scientific Games International, Inc. Public subunit   Alpharetta GA 30004
Law Companies Group, Inc. Private Subunit   Alpharetta GA 30004-4741
Hoover Materials Handling Group, Inc. Private   Alpharetta GA 30004-4992
American Tower Corp. / Galaxy Engineering Services Public subunit   Alpharetta GA 30004-5026
L-3 Communications Corp. / Display Systems Division Public subunit   Alpharetta GA 30004-8458
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. / Process Industry US subsidiary Germany Alpharetta GA 30005
Software Technical Services, Inc. Private   Alpharetta GA 30005
ChoicePoint, Inc. Public   Alpharetta GA 30005
MAPICS, Inc. Public   Alpharetta GA 30005-2023
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. US subsidiary Germany Alpharetta GA 30005-4437
TWS International, Inc. Private   Alpharetta GA 30005-8897
Lithonia Lighting Public subunit   Conyers GA 30012-3908
C.R. Bard, Inc. / Medical Division Public subunit   Covington GA 30014-1497
ExecuTrain Corporation Private   Alpharetta GA 30022
Paragon Solutions, Inc. Private   Alpharetta GA 30022
Radiant Systems, Inc. Public   Alpharetta GA 30022-4429
XcelleNet, Inc. Private   Alpharetta GA 30022-8244
FATS, Inc. Public   Suwanee GA 30024-1247
Clarus Commerce Public   Suwanee GA 30024-1265
New Hermes, Inc. US subsidiary France Duluth GA 30026-5895
BioLab, Inc. Public subunit   Decatur GA 30031-1489
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. Public   Lawrenceville GA 30044-2869
Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. US subsidiary Belgium Marietta GA 30062-2224
Columbian Chemicals Co. Public subunit   Marietta GA 30062-2253
Eka Chemicals, Inc. US subsidiary Netherlands Marietta GA 30062-2254
Amrep, Inc. Private   Marietta GA 30062-2493
Matria Healthcare, Inc. Public   Marietta GA 30067-4439 Public subunit   Marietta GA 30067-8265
Benchmark Technical Services Private   Norcross GA 30071
PolyVision Corp. Public subunit   Norcross GA 30071
Immucor, Inc. Public   Norcross GA 30071-1189
InterCept Group, Inc. (The) Public   Norcross GA 30071-1370
PC & C Engineered Materials, Inc. Public subunit   Norcross GA 30071-1591
Agris Corp. Public subunit   Roswell GA 30075-4645
CompBenefits Corporation Private   Roswell GA 30076
IVI Checkmate Corp. Public   Roswell GA 30076-1507
Satellink Communications, Inc. Private   Roswell GA 30076-3896
Advanced Technical Products, Inc. Public   Roswell GA 30076-4862
Witness Systems Public   Roswell GA 30076-4899
Murata Electronics North America, Inc. US subsidiary Japan Smyrna GA 30080-7604
Hepaco, Inc. Private   Tucker GA 30084-5007
Video Display Corp. Public   Tucker GA 30084-6623
SED International Holdings, Inc. Public   Tucker GA 30085
Heatcraft, Inc. Public subunit   Stone Mountain GA 30087
Heatcraft, Inc. / Refrigeration Products Division Public subunit   Stone Mountain GA 30087-3535
Serologicals Corp. Public   Norcross GA 30092
CheckFree i-Solutions Public subunit   Norcross GA 30092
IPS-Sendero Corp. Public subunit   Norcross GA 30092
CheckFree Corp. Public   Norcross GA 30092-1615
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. / Distribution P US subsidiary Germany Norcross GA 30092-2540
EMS Technologies, Inc. Public   Norcross GA 30092-2821
Hitachi Telecom (USA), Inc. US subsidiary Japan Norcross GA 30092-2829
Solarcom Private   Norcross GA 30092-2851
London Bridge Group Inc. / Collections and Recovery US subsidiary UK - England Norcross GA 30092-2864
London International Group, Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Norcross GA 30092-2891
Hitachi Electronic Devices (USA), Inc. US subsidiary Japan Norcross GA 30092-3355
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. / Broadband Communication Public subunit   Norcross GA 30093-2923
Peachtree Software, Inc. US subsidiary UK - England Norcross GA 30093-3203
AGCO Corp. Public   Duluth GA 30096
Concurrent Computer Corp. Public   Duluth GA 30096
Hubbard ISA Public subunit   Duluth GA 30096
Merial, Ltd. Public subunit   Duluth GA 30096
Arris Group Inc. Public   Duluth GA 30097-1504
CIBA Vision Corporation US subsidiary Switzerland Duluth GA 30097-1556
Glenayre Technologies, Inc. Public   Duluth GA 30097-1569
Innotrac Corp. Public   Duluth GA 30097-4916
Chemical Products Corp. Private   Cartersville GA 30120-1692
SoftBrands Hospitality, Inc. Private Subunit   Kennesaw GA 30144
Automated Logic Corp. Private   Kennesaw GA 30144-3618
CryoLife, Inc. Public   Kennesaw GA 30144-3632
TRISM, Inc. Public   Kennesaw GA 30144-6411
BARCO Projection Systems, LLC US subsidiary Belgium Kennesaw GA 30144-7023
Engineered Fabrics Corp. Private Subunit   Rockmart GA 30153-2417
Heidelberg USA, Inc. US subsidiary Germany Kennesaw GA 30156
Southern States, Inc. Private   Hampton GA 30228-2950
Yokogawa Corporation of America US subsidiary Japan Newnan GA 30265-1094
Harris Waste Management Group, Inc. (The) US subsidiary UK - England Peachtree City GA 30269-1657
WILDEN Plastics USA US subsidiary Germany Peachtree City GA 30269-3002
E/M Engineered Coatings Solutions US subsidiary UK - England Peachtree City GA 30269-3025
Yamaha Music Manufacturing US subsidiary Japan Thomaston GA 30286
AirGate PCS, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30303
Georgia Pacific Corp. Public   Atlanta GA 30303
Southern Company Public   Atlanta GA 30303
Convergent Media Systems Corp. Private   Atlanta GA 30305-1743
American Software, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30305-3300
AGL Resources, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30308
EarthLink, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30309
Equifax Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30309
National Service Industries, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30309-3002
BellSouth Corp. Public   Atlanta GA 30309-7629
H.J. Russell & Company Private   Atlanta GA 30313-1299
Zep Manufacturing Co. Public subunit   Atlanta GA 30318-2807
Cox Communications, Inc. Private Subunit   Atlanta GA 30319-1464
RPC, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30324-4135
AHL Services, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30326
Cerulean Companies, Inc. Public subunit   Atlanta GA 30326
SEAGULL, Inc. US subsidiary Netherlands Atlanta GA 30326-1071
S1 Corp. Public   Atlanta GA 30326-2820
Voicecom Private Subunit   Atlanta GA 30326-2832
Ptek Holdings, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30326-2832
EIS, Inc. Public subunit   Atlanta GA 30327-2806
Lanier Healthcare, LLC Private Subunit   Atlanta GA 30328
Internet Security Systems, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30328
United Parcel Service, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30328-3498
Byers Engineering Company Private   Atlanta GA 30328-4322
Comprehensive Computer Consulting, Inc. Private   Atlanta GA 30328-4592
Ross Systems, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30328-5588
STI Knowledge, Inc. Private   Atlanta GA 30328-6199
TRX, Inc. US subsidiary Netherlands Atlanta GA 30329
NDCHealth Public   Atlanta GA 30329
Global Payments Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30329-2022
Selig Industries Public subunit   Atlanta GA 30336-2245
Southern Energy, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30338-5416
Riverwood International Corp. Private   Atlanta GA 30339
Atlantis Plastics, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30339
CareCentric, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30339
o2wireless Solutions, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30339
Verso Technologies, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30339
WORLDSPAN, L.P. Public subunit   Atlanta GA 30339
Genuine Parts Co. Public   Atlanta GA 30339-3050
Per-Se Technologies, Inc. Public   Atlanta GA 30339-3632
Manhattan Associates, LLC Public   Atlanta GA 30339-5671
Utilipro, Inc. Public subunit   Atlanta GA 30339-8433
Crawford Communications, Inc. Private   Atlanta GA 30340-4205
Golder Associates Corp. Private   Atlanta GA 30341-4414
Cingular Wireless Public subunit   Atlanta GA 30342
NORIT Americas Inc. US subsidiary Netherlands Atlanta GA 30342-1516
Lanier Worldwide, Inc. US subsidiary Japan Atlanta GA 30345-2902
CompuCredit Corporation Public   Atlanta GA 30346
Georgia Gulf Corporation Public   Atlanta GA 30346
Jacada Inc. US subsidiary Israel Atlanta GA 30346-1233
Wolf Camera, Inc. Private   Atlanta GA 30346-1281
Geac Enterprise Solutions US subsidiary Canada Atlanta GA 30346-1809 Inc. Public subunit   Atlanta GA 30346-6998
John H. Harland Co. Public   Atlanta GA 30348-5250
LogistiCare, Inc. Private   College Park GA 30349
Lynk Systems, Inc. Private   Atlanta GA 30350
Adex Corp. Private   Atlanta GA 30360
Lincoln Electric Co. (The) / Harris Calorific Div Public subunit   Gainesville GA 30504-6001
Patterson Pump Co. Public subunit   Toccoa GA 30577-1412
Noramco, Inc. Public subunit   Athens GA 30608
Roper Industries, Inc. Public   Bogart GA 30622-1726
Kennametal Greenfield Industrial Products Group Public subunit   Augusta GA 30903-2587
Airxcel, Inc. / Marvair Division Private Subunit   Cordele GA 31010
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. Public subunit   Savannah GA 31408-9643
Great Dane Limited Partnership Private   Savannah GA 31415
Great Dane Limited Partnership / Great Dane Trailers Private Subunit   Savannah GA 31415
Intermarine Savannah Private   Savannah GA 31415-1025
Philips Consumer Electronics US subsidiary Netherlands Atlanta GA 31416-2295
PCC Airfoils, Inc. Public subunit   Douglas GA 31533-5922
USFilter / Davco Division US subsidiary France Thomasville GA 31792-6845
Horizon Medical Products, Inc. Public   Manchester GA 31816-1749
Knology, Inc. Private   West Point GA 31833-1789
Johnston Industries, Inc. Private   Columbus GA 31901
Georgia-Pacific Public   Atlanta GA 30303
Southern Co Public   Atlanta GA 30303
Coca-Cola Public   Atlanta GA 30303
Suntrust Banks Public   Atlanta GA 30308
BellSouth Public   Atlanta GA 30309
Cox Communications Public   Atlanta GA 30319
Delta Airlines Public   Atlanta GA 30320
United Parcel Service Public   Atlanta GA 30328
Mirant Public   Atlanta GA 30338
Home Depot Public   Atlanta GA 30339
Coca-Cola Enterprises Public   Atlanta GA 30339
Genuine Parts Public   Atlanta GA 30339
Mohawk Industries Public   Calhoun GA 30701
AFLAC Public   Columbus GA 31999
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