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We welcome information about :
  •  professionals with significant experience in this niche who may be seeking new career opportunities
  •  organizations which are looking to recruit such individuals
  •  executive search professionals who are specialized in this niche or actively engaged in relevant searches
  •  academic programs directly related to this niche

Just as we try to connect executives, service providers, and area representatives for direct investment projects, we will also try to be supportive of career transitions and searches among very experienced professionals in this niche, even though such referrals are not our chosen specialty.

We may, for example, become aware of positions which are available among participating organizations and our network of contacts, even though we are not trying to offer a job listing or placement service.

We do keep a list of people who have expressed interest in working with us in the future, even if there is no available  opportunity at this time.

Positions at GDI Solutions

Career opportunities at Global Direct Investment Solutions are expected to be limited to a small number of highly experienced professionals with relevant backgrounds in location consulting, strategy consulting, economic development, corporate real estate, engineering and construction, project finance, or other aspects of this niche market.  We may also look for professionals experienced in the sale of professional services to specific industries, or in regional markets, including "key account" relationship management work.

The main role will be to serve as the relationship leaders responsible for maintaining a limited number of close working relationships among executives at participating companies in a particular region or industry specialty.   There may also be some support positions for this work.

The work also involves regional or industry marketing activities to identify senior executives who may need support for major project plans, and to develop and maintain good working relationships with them as well as a number of professional service providers and area representatives.  Such local knowledge and contacts are then shared with colleagues to support their work with executives in other regions.

The work also involves research to help develop and maintain appropriate contacts (other than active participants in our services) and market knowledge in the assigned region or industry specialty.

The number of such positions will depend upon the growth of GDI Solutions through the fees paid by participating service providers and area representatives.

Professionals who can bring valuable relationships to GDI Solutions are encouraged to contact us directly if potentially interested in a career with us.  This may include strong personal networks among top executives at large or fast-growing companies in a region or industry, non-confidential knowledge of active project plans among companies which might wish to participate in our services, and the proven ability to support corporate investment projects.  For example, marketing and sales work for area representatives or professional service providers, including regional "business retention and expansion" work, may have developed a unique network of contacts who would value our services.

The proven ability to do the initial contact work and effective introductions, research, and follow-up to develop strong support relationships among executives at leading companies is critical.  The work requires creativity to identify valuable but unexpected solutions in many industries and business locations, as well as the personal initiative and ability to anticipate investor needs and be suitably prepared to respond quickly and effectively to requests for support.

Job Listings, Placement, and Executive Search Services

We may share information about potentially useful tools for career purposes.  For example, professional associations such as IEDC and CoreNet Global provide member services to publicize career opportunities for economic development and corporate real estate professionals.

We do not intend to offer job listing or executive search services, but will be glad to share information about services which our participants have found to be valuable, and welcome suggestions in this regard.

The Contacts section may include such suggestions in the future as a separate category.

Academic Programs : For Corporate Recruiters and Students

Students who are interested in this niche, and executives who are interested in the recruitment of MBA's or other students with a specialization in global business, may wish to refer to some of the suggestions which are provided in a special section on this subject.

Careers in the US Foreign Service

Follow the above link to a special section on this topic.

Future needs : Regional and industry market research

We may add market research positions in the future to support the development and maintenance of the knowledge we share according to the specific research interests of the corporate executives and participating professional service providers and area representatives.

Although not yet a priority at this time, we may also have opportunities for marketing specialists, such as to help the relationship leaders expand our market reach to companies in their region or industry specialty, or to help promote the company on a global basis.

Other international careers

There are many sources of information about other international careers.  For example, there is the International Career Employment Weekly as a listing service specialized in international job openings, at or 1-800-291-4618

Corporate real estate careers

Among the many resources in this field are

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