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Send us your suggestions This directory of books related to our specialty of global direct investment and economic development is provided in association with as a convenient source of books which may be of interest.   The search tool at left enables you to look up any books, magazines, videos or DVD's directly on their website, rather than by following our own suggestions.  Direct links for review and purchase of specific items are found through the topic sections and subtopics below.  The logo image at right links to their home page. 

Please refer to the Disclosure section below for instructions if you wish to buy any of the suggested items, and Suggestions if you think we should add or remove anything.  Refer also to our Global Contacts directories.

Other research resources
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In Association with
Note that some of the books may be out of print and unavailable for purchase, but are still listed because copies may be found in major libraries.  There is also a separate section which highlights magazines and professional associations related to this market, as well as governmental sources.

 We may provide links to other sources as appropriate (consultants, US Government publications, United Nations, The World Bank, etc.).  For example, consultants and development agencies may publish major surveys or research reports which are useful, but not available through

Suggestions have been organized into the following 8 pages, which contain the subtopics listed below.  Note that some topics overlap.
Asia Pacific Americas Europe, Africa, Middle East Global Direct Investment Foreign Relations and Assignments Executive Reference Other Issues for Management Economic Development
China Brazil European Union "Globalization", Transnational Business Impact Diplomacy, Foreign Policy General Management Corporate Facility Design Economic Development
India and South Asia Mexico and NAFTA Eastern Europe Sustainable Development Cross-Cultural Communications, Non-Verbal Communications Strategic Planning Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property Urban Planning, Migration, and Rural Economic Development.
Southeast Asia Pacific Investment in the USA and Canada Russia Foreign Direct Investment Foreign Assignments & Languages Corporate Finance Knowledge Management Website Design
Japan, Korea Central & South America and Caribbean Middle East and Africa International Trade US Law, Trade,  Immigration, International Law      
"Buy From ..." is a quick way to add items of potential interest to your shopping cart on , which you can then review before buying this or any other selections. Book (or media) title

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) may help to find a book in libraries or other sources, especially if out of print or not readily available.  It is the ASIN on

Our abstract / comment

The cover image links to for more information about the item, such as the comments of reviewers and their own suggestions of related titles.

Author Published Suggested by / comment

We welcome your suggestions of additional items which you have found to be helpful.

New Suggestions Our abstract / comment Author Published Suggested by
Location Location Location : A Plant Location and Site Selection Guide

ISBN 1-890586-11-0

Contact us about how to buy a copy

This guide to corporate expansion planning shares the insights of a veteran leader of global business site selection consulting for location choices by corporate executives. Prof. Em. Marcel De Meirleir - Biographic profile of the author March 2006 Bruce Donnelly

Marcel was the founder of Plant Location International in Brussels, and has assisted many leading corporations with their expansion plans around the world.

Exporting America : Why Corporate Greed is Shipping American Jobs Overseas See our detailed comments about this book on the national (US) impact of business process outsourcing (BPO) Lou Dobbs, anchor and managing editor of CNN "Lou Dobbs tonight" 2004 Bruce Donnelly

This book also attracted many very thoughtful reviewer comments.

We welcome additional suggestions.  Please note that our intended focus is to find items with enduring or timely insights which can be applied to the needs of corporate executives, professional service providers, or area representatives in this niche of corporate development and investment.

We are not trying to compile a "best-seller" list, or selections which are primarily academic research (analysis without clear application to business decisions), journalistic (superficial, hot news of the moment), or not very objective (unless that bias is important for executives to understand).  This is intended to be a list which makes it easier to find practical "thought leadership" publications quickly and easily for a selective range of topics.

If you wish to contribute your opinions about any of the publications, please do so through the process for book reviews so that others may share your insights and find such resources.  We welcome your comments about the reasoning behind your suggestions to us, or feedback about the appropriateness and practical value of our prior selections from your perspective, but we will not generally publish such comments here. 

If you wish to be identified as the source of a specific suggestion, we can only do that with your explicit permission (name, title, and organization).  Otherwise, we will typically use only a generic identifier to characterize the source, such as "a location consultant", "an M&A advisor", "a CEO", etc.

The presence of a book or other media in this list does not represent an endorsement by us of such materials or their content.  Although this is a selective list, and we may specifically include publications which are contrary to our own views or experience.  Our purpose is simply to make it easier for our many contacts to find useful reference materials and make their own decisions, as we do through our many website listings.

For example, we may disagree with some authors, but respect their research work or their presentation of a different point of view, and feel that users of this website can form and share their own opinions as book reviewers.  We think that professionals in this niche can contribute in a very positive way to important debates on sustainable development, "globalization", urban and rural development, the "brain drain" effect of migration, the impact of transnational corporations on developing countries, technology transfer, intellectual property rights, and other topics related to foreign direct investment and economic development on which there are no easy answers.  If you contribute good book reviews, then other users of can directly benefit from your experience as another professional perspective on these important topics, and perhaps thereby also become aware of your organization if you wish.

Disclosure : You can support our work by purchasing items directly through these links to specific publications, or by shopping for items at in general (including anything else you may find after following one of these links).  This does not affect your price at, but we earn a small referral fee for your purchase. 

The referral fees we would receive are 15% for purchasing the items directly following one of the publication links we provide (without shopping on other pages before adding the publication to your shopping cart), or 5% for buying other items through after following these links.  

Examples : If you follow the cover link, browse around for other ideas such as their related book suggestions, and then still buy the item we suggested, we only get 5%.

If you first add an item to your cart by using the "Buy From" quick links we have provided, and then shop around or review additional product details to reconfirm that our suggestion is what you are seeking, we get 15% (and if, after you shop around a little, you decide to remove it from your cart, we get zero, or 5% of whatever else you choose).

Likewise, if you are going to buy multiple items from this list of suggestions, we won't get the 15% referral fee on more than one unless you actually return to our pages and then follow our links back to the other choices, such as by using the "Buy From ..." links repeatedly.  If you track down the same books through their pages, or go to their many other services before making the purchase, we would just get 5%. 

If you wish to support our work, you may therefore wish to consider how you place your orders.  Add an item to your cart right after you follow the link, if you think you are interested, and then you can remove it later if you change your mind after closer review of other comment, such as their sample pages, alternative book suggestions, or book reviews.  If their further content persuades you to buy something else instead, or to not buy an item we suggested, then we haven't really earned the higher fee level by the referral.

Any income from such purchases are purely incidental to our work, but this helps to confirm that users of this website are finding this book referral service to be useful, so that we can justify the work involved to maintain and improve it.  It also provides a very easy and private way for us to monitor whether interest in this feature is rising or falling (by the volume of fees) as we maintain it.  We do not track who uses this page, who buys what, or who follows which link.  We respect your privacy.  Any income received just indicates in a tangible way whether, taken as a whole, our many contacts appreciate and are using this referral service.  If we earn the 15% referral fee very often, that suggests users are making a special effort to reward our work by paying attention to the above details about how rewards their referral sources.  Thank you for your consideration.

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