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Biographic Profile : Russ Froneberger, Global Consulting & Affiliates

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

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President, Global Consulting and Affiliates

Russ Froneberger is President of Global Consulting and Affiliates, a consulting firm headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. The firm has an office in Switzerland and trusted affiliates in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and other parts of Europe.

Global Consulting and Affiliates was founded in 1991. The firm focuses on providing client-centered advisory services to national, city and regional economic development alliances interested in

(1) domestic and international economic development

(2) trade development, and

(3) marketing training and planning.

Contact Information:


Russ Froneberger


Global Consulting and Affiliates

1110 Gregg Street

Columbia, South Carolina 29201-3825


TEL : (803) 799-1763

Fax : (803) 799-1680

e-mail  :


Website :

Russ Froneberger has thirty-nine years of multinational finance and corporate marketing experience. He spent five years with Chase Manhattan Bank, New York. He also worked for nineteen years with South Carolina National Bank, Columbia, where he was Senior Vice President of marketing and multinational corporate development. He has been selected by two governors of South Carolina to co-chair private-sector committees established to monitor the State's international strategic marketing plan. He helped organize and participated in several governor-led trade and investment missions to several European capitals and financial centers.
He has lectured on economic development, international finance and trade at the University of South Carolina College of Business Administration and the Colgate-Darden School, University of Virginia.

He has also conducted several interactive workshops, in the U.S. and Europe, on marketing, entrepreneurial activities and economic development. He is a co-founder and immediate past President of the Midlands International Trade Association (MITA) .

Global Consulting & Affiliates’ recent client list includes: AGIT (Germany); Canton of Zurich (Switzerland); EURADA (Belgium); GWZ (Germany); Jyväskylä Regional Development Agency (Finland); SPI+ (Belgium); State of Baden-Wuertemberg (Germany); State of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany); and Wales Trade International (UK).

"Investment goes where it knows it’s wanted and stays where it is well treated."

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