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Biographic Profile : René Buck

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President, BCI, a subsidiary of Buck Consultants International

René Buck holds a degree in economic geography as well as spatial planning from Nijmegen University, The Netherlands.  After a short academic career he started his own consultancy firm in 1985.  His contacts with many international firms at that time convinced him that there was a strong need in the market for an independent practice to assist corporate executives in a systematic and practical way with their international location decision projects.  He was right.  BCI now employs 70 professionals as Europe's leading independent location advisory consultancy.

They serve corporate clients from the USA, the Far East, and Europe.  Projects are mainly carried out in Europe, including Central and Eastern Europe, and sometimes beyond Europe.  Services include all aspects of the location decision process, including fact-finding trips and incentives negotiations.

Apart from the head office in the Netherlands and an office in The Hague, BCI maintains offices in all major European business locations : Brussels, Frankfurt am Main, London, Madrid, Milan, and Paris.

René has also led his company during the last 17 years into areas related to location advice, such as:

  •  definition of overall corporate real estate strategies
  •  optimization of current network of facilities all over Europe
  •  optimization of the supply chain structure

In order to provide the clients with the best service package possible, Buck Consultants International has forged alliances with The Wadley-Donovan Group and DEGW.

René has been a frequent speaker on the subject of investment trends in Europe and the location selection process for investment projects at events such as CoreNet Global (formerly IDRC), World Business Forum, and MIPIM.  Because of his in-depth knowledge of the inward investment market he provides advice to companies and organizations working on the demand side, like project developers, real estate investment funds, and development agencies.  Furthermore, René has published many articles on inward investment in leading professional magazines.

Contact Information:


René J. Buck

President, BCI

Buck Consultants International

Kerkenbos 10-31

P.O. Box 1456

6501 BL Nijmegen, The Netherlands

TEL   (+011)31 24 379 0222

FAX  (+011)31 24 379 0120

e-mail : 


Website :

Examples of assistance to major projects

René has been involved in more than 100 corporate projects across Europe over the years.  Many of these clients keep returning to him for their projects.  To name just a few :

ABN Amro Ericsson
Amgen FMC Corp.
Biogen Hewlett-Packard
Boston Scientific PictureTel
C.R. Bard Servier Monde
Dell Computer Pechiney
Emerson Electric Philips
LumiLeds Polaroid
MSA Texas Instruments
Norsk Hydro UPS
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