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Biographic Profile : Marcel De Meirleir

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CEO, Business Location International

Following a strategic decision by Ernst & Young in late 2004 to exit the international location advisory services (ILAS) business on the basis of Sarbanes-Oxley and other considerations, Marcel de Meirleir set up this independent business to perform such work.

Director, Ernst & Young ILAS, Belgium

Marcel De Meirleir, who has a PhD from the University of Chicago in Geography, Economics and Planning and direct experience supporting investment projects by many top US companies, led the development of business location consulting services in Europe 40 years ago as founder of Plant Location International. He sold PLI to Price Waterhouse, and it is now part of IBM Business Consulting Services (formerly part of PWC Consulting, acquired by IBM in late 2002).

His work has involved projects in many countries, not limited to Europe, and includes recent research on the economy of China. 

He was responsible for expanding the capabilities of Ernst & Young related to this niche through working relationships with local specialists around the firm for major projects, which are not limited exclusively to investment in European areas.

Projects were typically performed in cooperation with Ernst & Young specialists in the local markets under consideration or with relevant professional knowledge as a specialty (tax planning and compliance, incentives, supply chain logistics, industry sector, global strategy, business structure, transaction support services, post-M&A services, etc.).

Previous Accomplishments

Marcel was involved in 1500 location studies, leading to more than 800 investments and creation of more than a half million jobs.  He has served as an advisor to the boards of many leading corporations (GM, Ford, IBM, GE, etc.) and has experience in markets as diverse as Eastern Europe, China, and Malaysia.

Academic Background, Languages

He was also a professor for a postgraduate program in industrial location for 25 years, as well as a short term exchange professor at various leading universities such as Harvard, Columbia, and Northwestern, in addition to lectures in Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Geneva, and at Oxford.  He has taught nearly 500 students from 25 countries through his own post-graduate course, and is fluent in several European languages.

Contact Information:

Prof. Em. Dr. Marcel De Meirleir

Business Location International

Twin Squares
Building Vendome
Culliganlaan 1B
1831 DIEGEM (Brussels Airport)  Belgium

TEL  (011)+32 2 403 1263
Fax  (011)+32 2 403 1212


TEL   (011)+32 476 42 93 58   GSM - mobile

e-mail :

Location Location Location : A Plant Location and Site Selection Guide, by Marcel De Meirleir

ISBN 1-890586-11-0  published by TIPS Technical Publishing, 2006

Contact us about how to buy a copy of this guide to business site selection decisions

Prior Experience : at Plant Location International (PLI)

Professor em. Dr. Marcel de Meirleir, was founder and president of PLI from 1960 to 1989, when it was sold to Price Waterhouse.  The company was built upon the combined knowledge of sociology, economy, and geography as important factors to understand how companies can implement expansion plans successfully.

At the time of sale, PLI had an estimated 80% share of the independent consulting market for global location consulting and regional analysis, and Marcel was widely recognized as a world leader in economic development.

Examples of professional support of major projects

The details of prior contacts about the investment plans of corporate executives, and the scope of services provided to them, are obviously confidential.  Even after projects have been publicly announced, it may not be possible to disclose the scope of services provided to support their plans, as non-disclosure agreements or other professional constraints may still apply.

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