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Point of View : Why a business should invest in Utah.

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"Why should a business invest in Utah?"

Utah state economic development professionals who are responsible for the attraction of business investment and providing site selection assistance to executives and their consultants were invited in April 2006 to provide an informative article on this simple topic.

We publish their point of view below for convenient reference.  This reflects their local market knowledge, project experience, and selective facts about their state business environment and the competitive business investment climate in their region as presented below.

Additional comments and research suggestions follow their article.

Who to contact for business investment projects in Utah.

The article below about the competitive site selection advantages for business investment projects, and the support services provided as companies grow in Utah, is from :

Jeff Edwards, President & CEO

EDCUtah - Economic Development Corporation of Utah

TEL 801-328-8824

EDC Utah : News   for project announcements or other state PR

EDC Utah : Buildings and sites   for commercial real estate searches

Local business clusters can also be researched through our Utah directory of economic development agencies or other directories, including site selection consultants.

Similar articles are also available from other state economic development agencies.

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Executive Summary : Why invest in Utah?

Download WhyUT.pdf copy of this article.  Published April 28, 2006

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A few reasons to invest in or move a company to Utah:

  • Ranks 2nd in the nation for business/economic competitiveness (Beacon Hill Institute, 2005 State Competitiveness Report).
  • Youngest population in the nation = sustainable workforce for today and future generations.
  • Educated workforce (4th highest percentage with high school degree).
  • Crossroads of the West:
    • Within 2.5 hour flight from half of U.S. population, via Salt Lake City International Airport
    • Intersection of I-80 and I-15, with I-70 originating from central Utah
    • Rail lines link Utah to major seaports such as Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland and Seattle, as well as many other key locations throughout the country  
  • Utah ranks in the top 10 nationally for the lowest cost per kilowatt-hour, and 3rd lowest in the Western U.S. region.
  • Utah is the fastest growing state for women-owned businesses (Center for Women’s Business Research).
  • Utah ranks 4th nationally for its low cost of labor (Business Facilities Magazine, 2005).
  • Salt Lake City ranked #1 Best Place to Live (Outside Magazine, Aug. 2005)
  • Utah’s commercial and residential real estate costs are well below the national average, as is its crime rate.
  • World-class universities and colleges.

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Utah Elevates Your Investment!

Following months of focus groups, meetings and planning, Utah recently launched its new branding campaign, along with its new slogan: “Life Elevated.” All states have slogans, some catchy and some not, but few capture the true essence of what that state actually offers its residents as well as its visitors. Or, in this case, possible investors.

At first glance, Life Elevated appears a bit trite, too grandiose or too contrived to be genuine when attempting to capture the essence of an entire state with just a few words. Add to that a large, western state encompassing the dichotomy of the Rocky Mountains, high desert and a thriving metropolitan corridor, and the simplicity of using such a tag line to embody such a state seems futile. Upon deeper reflection, however, Life Elevated is just what Utah offers its citizens, visitors and potential investors alike, and in all aspects of life.

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Utah has fast become one of the nation’s top vacation destinations offering myriad recreational opportunities, from skiing “The Greatest Snow On Earth” to cycling the Mecca of mountain biking in Moab, from hiking in one of the state’s five national parks to taking in the magnitude and beauty of the Grand Canyon from its north rim, and everything in between.

Add to its natural beauty and quality of life offerings Utah’s industrious and educated workforce, available and affordable land, inexpensive utility rates, and accessibility to and from anywhere in the country and you have what many companies have recently discovered: Life Elevated refers to all aspects of the state and its offerings.

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Jon Huntsman, Jr.


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In Utah, elevating life means elevating industry, in particular those industries the state has an existing area of core competencies in emerging or mature sectors. As with any successful company, the state knows its shortcomings as well as its strengths, and it’s these strengths the state plans to build upon for its future success and the success of those companies that already do, or soon will, call Utah home.

Utah’s targeted industries and economic clusters, those with a solid foundation on which to build, include life sciences, software development & information technology, aerospace, defense and homeland security, financial services, energy and natural resources, and competitive accelerators, not the least of which is quality of life. Of course, Utah also excels in additional economic factors, such as manufacturing and distribution, but appreciates the future success of the state lies within our economic cluster initiative. 

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Should you or your client want to experience an elevation gain in business profitability and lifestyle, contact the Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUTAH), the one-stop source for all aspects of economic development in Utah. EDCUTAH is an investor-based public/private partnership working with government and private industry to promote the state of Utah. EDCUTAH specializes in being a comprehensive source of critical economic data and key public/private contacts in order to facilitate the recruitment of out-of-state companies and spur the development and expansion of local businesses. For more information on EDCUTAH, visit or call 801-328-8824.

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The above article was provided by :

Shawn Stinson
Director of Communications
Economic Development Corporation of Utah
201 South Main Street, Ste. 2010
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Direct: 801-323-4243

Please let him know if you found this article to be helpful, or if you have suggestions for improvement.

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Latest update to the above article : April 28, 2006   EDCUtah replied quickly to our request for such articles relative to other states. The above is GDI-Solutions content.
If quoting the above material, please cite the state organization and contact as the original source, and that it was found through .   For more local area information, refer to our Utah directory of economic development agencies and chambers of commerce, or our directory of professional service providers in Utah, or refer to our US Mountain Region directory for additional sources of information.

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