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Trade Promotion Programs : APEC

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This section has been set aside to highlight trade promotion programs for doing business in Asia-Pacific regions.  See also : investment promotion contacts Our work does not involve trade promotion.  Our focus is direct investment projects.  The two are obviously related, however, since growth in trade may drive new projects.
This section has not yet been completed.  Suggestions are welcome.

It will include trade, not just export promotion.

In other words, it will highlight services which are intended to support companies as they seek to grow their export sales in other markets, as well as services which support US or other foreign companies to develop trade opportunities within the Asia Pacific region.

This will not be limited to governmental or non-profit organizations.  Significant private sector trade promotion services may also be highlighted, but it is not our intent to create a comprehensive list of export support services.  There are many directory resources already available for such purposes.

The main reason for including the list here is that trade development is often closely linked to subsequent direct investment projects if the trading activity is successful.  We therefore believe that, from an executive's perspective, they belong together.

Governmental agencies typically deal with trade matters as a one-way process, such as export promotion, just as they look at direct investment as a one-way process to attract new investment rather than to help companies succeed elsewhere beyond the stage of export promotion, such as when a local presence is necessary to develop and support such trade opportunities more effectively.

It is not unusual for the trade promotion and investment promotion programs to have relatively little contact with each other, much less coordination of their activities, because they look at these as two separate markets (pushing exports by local companies, and pushing investment by companies outside the area).  Areas with active business retention and expansion programs can be confusing in this regard, because they tie into both.  Shouldn't they help the foreign investors in the area to expand and export elsewhere, just as they would help local companies to do so?  Both can benefit the local area.

The point is that this can be a confusing area, with many variances in the scope and quality of services offered to business, and in the degree of integration between trade and investment promotion services in an area.

Organization Name, Description

Website Suggested Contact Phone
Promoting exports from APEC to the US or other countries      
Promoting exports from the US to APEC regions      
Trade promotion events, industry networking      
Publishers or portals which focus on APEC regional trade development      
Services to find or develop trading partnerships, alliances, joint ventures      
Support for M&A searches or strategic alliances      
Support for distribution channel searches (representatives, distributors, etc.)      
Promoting exports from countries other than the US to the APEC region      
Lists of area representatives (economic development, investment promotion agencies) by location

See also : new "advertising recall" service to highlight recently published ads, or banner ads and buttons, with website links and contacts.

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