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Green River, Wyoming - GUIDE Network Survey

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This information about the Green River, Wyoming area was provided through our GUIDE Network Survey research.  If this information is helpful to you, please let them know.  Contact us as above if we may be of service.
Website :

Contact :

Executive Director

Green River Futures, Inc.

P.O. Box 130

Green River, WY 82935


Phone :   (307)871-1941  Mobile (preferred)

              (307)875-4509  Office


Fax :      (307)875-4514


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Geographic area served

Green River Futures supports business development in the Green River, Wyoming area, located along Interstate 80 (I-80) and the Union Pacific railroad near Rock Springs in Sweetwater County.  The area is less than 3 hours (about 140 miles) east of Salt Lake City, Utah and 6 hours from Denver.

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Identify any common information challenges

Executives and their advisors may be unaware of the level of business in this region of Wyoming, perceiving it as a highway stop between the Great Plains and west coast, close to spectacular mountain scenery and many recreation destinations.  Successful tourism promotion of the "Cowboy State" can cause businesspeople to overlook the industrial development and potential of locations such as Green River.

Green River has fairly low unemployment, but can attract talent from nearby areas such as Rock Springs, and initiatives are in progress to attract more residents to the area.  Unemployment has been driven down by factors such as the recent oil and natural gas industry boom in Wyoming.

The area has several large companies refining the fine chemical for soda ash used in glass production and products such as baking soda.  These companies have generally been operating in the area since the 1970's.  The community is looking to diversify the business base beyond this successful industry cluster, in addition to the potential for increased retail and hospitality operations along Interstate 80.

Highlights of recent developments of interest to investors
  • A recent focus of activity has been residential construction, including both single family and multi-family housing such as restricted income apartments as well as a senior assisted living facility and recreation center.  Given the low unemployment of the area, there is probably good potential for residential developments and workforce growth.
  • In January 2006 plans were announced for a new hotel and restaurant along I-80.  There may be additional hotel and restaurant development potential in this area.
  • Construction of a 12 lot College Business Park suitable for technology, light manufacturing, and medical services.  Designed for 5,000 - 20,000 sq.ft. buildings.  Adjacent to Western Wyoming Community College, Green River Campus.  Managed by Green River Futures.
  • Planned infrastructure extension to First Springs Canyon adjacent to Interstate 80 to open commercial and retail area.  AmeriHost Inn announced development of hotel and small conference center to open in 2006 as first tenant.
  • Wyoming was recently ranked 7th most business friendly state in the nation in the annual State Business Tax Climate Index of the Tax Foundation
Suggestions of other information sources about the area

See the Community Profile tab on their website, and the Area Links section for other websites with relevant content.  The Community Profile section includes ESRI demographic data and a study by Buxton consultants for retail market analysis, among other resources.

Retailers : 2004 Buxton market research report - with community demographic patterns

Distribution Centers : A preliminary distribution center feasibility assessment (download PDF report copy) was prepared in May 2005 by the consulting firm of Carter & Burgess, which specializes in the design of major distribution centers, including many in the western US region

Contacts at major employers in Green River, and other companies in the area

Union Pacific information for Wyoming as part of their map of US routes, and the business contact for Wyoming in their national Industrial Development Team

Scope of investment support services offered

Full range of professional economic development services to support projects

  • Leads business assistance for potential investors in the area
  • confidential site searches and land assembly
  • information on available sites and buildings
  • one-stop local permit assistance
  • building construction for lease or sale
  • small business loan program
  • close work with all state workforce and economic development programs

Strong community leadership commitment to attract and grow companies.

Competitive advantages of the area for potential investors
  • No state corporate or personal income taxes
  • community college campus by business park location; very supportive, can tailor training programs for as  few as 6 students
  • excellent location on I-80 for distribution and logistics; Union Pacific rail
  • high levels of skilled workers; right to work state
  • industrial base of several major employers - fine chemicals, energy services, requiring reliable skilled workers and support for 24x7 operations
  • pre-employment and on-the-job training programs
  • competitive broadband telecom services
  • proximity to major tourism destinations and recreational areas of the region
  • low cost of living, good place to raise a family, rural work ethic and values
Types of investment projects which may be attracted to this area
  • Tax sensitive operations; no state corporate or personal income tax
  • Logistics projects; advantages of I-80 and rail location for western US
  • Operations requiring significant water resources for production processes
  • Service providers for energy-related and extractive industries
  • Light manufacturing by small, privately held firms which value workforce loyalty and community support for business development
  • Software and technology firms seeking the advantages of a location in this region, with quality of life benefits and strong community support, away from the high costs and employee turnover of major industry clusters
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GUIDE Network Survey reply on October 29, 2004, updated Feb 19, 2006

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We publish this information for convenient reference by investors and advisors who may be unfamiliar with this area.  We make no warranty about such content, but we include and edit such responses selectively according to our professional judgment.


Please contact us if we may be of assistance with your interests, or if you have any suggestions for revisions to this content or the GUIDE Network Survey in general.


This information is provided by local area representatives in response to our GUIDE Network Survey research.  We provide more detailed information and additional links to relevant content for participants in our GUIDE Area Profile service, which involves a closer working relationship to maintain timely knowledge of an area throughout the year, and highlight the benefits of the area as appropriate through other GUIDE tools for specific interests, rather than just publishing this basic introductory information.

Other organizations supporting direct investment in the area


Green River Futures works closely with :


Wyoming Business Council    

- promotes investment in Wyoming

- exhibitor at various trade shows for their target industry sectors


Sweetwater County Economic Development Assn.


Green River Chamber of Commerce


City of Green River Urban Renewal Agency

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