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Switzerland : GUIDE Network Survey

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

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This information was provided through our GUIDE Network Survey research.  If this information is helpful to you, please let them know.  Contact us if we may be of service.
Website :

Contact :

Mario Brossi

Senior Representative, North America

Location : Switzerland

663 Third Avenue, 30th Floor

New York, NY  10017-6706


Phone  212-599-5700 ext 1064

Fax      212-599-4270




Alternate contact :

Andre Guedel, Program Director


Geographic area served  

represents all of Switzerland for investment promotion across the US, Canada, and Mexico

Identify any common information challenges

Although Switzerland is in the heart of Europe, we are not politically in the European Union.  While we are therefore masters of our own fate and can continue to streamline and improve our overall framework conditions, we are rarely if ever included in the statistical and other publications of the European Commission and related organizations.  The potential investor therefore has to do a bit more research and comparison shopping to get the latest and most up-to-date information about Switzerland.

Highlights of recent developments of interest to investors

Please consult the Newsticker on our Swiss website at as well as the Press Releases announcing new projects and expansions on our US website at

Examples :

  • Biogen-IDEC opened its new European HQ in Zug with an expected 50-60 persons

  • Honeywell is locating its European Admin Center for Turbo Technologies in Vaud

  • Colgate-Palmolive is moving its European HQ from Paris to Geneva, with an expected 50 senior managers

Business Sectors

  • Biotechnology

  • Environmental technologies

  • Medical device industry

  • Information and communication technologies

  • Micro and Nanotechnology

  • Banking and Financial Services

Suggestions of other information sources about the area


Embassy of Switzerland, USA


Embassy of Switzerland, Canada


Switzerland Tourism


Swiss Info

Switzerland's News and Information Platform


Association Suisse des Banquiers


Association suisse des fonds de placement


Scope of investment support services offered

Location:Switzerland is the official business development agency of Switzerland which provides information on trade, taxes, employment, property ownership, intellectual property rights, transportation, incentives and other details relevant to establish a business in Switzerland. We also serve as the one-stop-shop for additional information about and introductions to our partners in the 26 Swiss Cantons (states).

Competitive advantages of the area for potential investors
  • Excellent infrastructure

  • Moderate taxation

  • Long working hours and employer friendly labour laws

  • A highly-educated and multilingual workforce

  • Central location in Europe and unlimited access to the EU-Market

  • Governmental support and tax and other incentives

Other organizations supporting direct investment in the area




American Swiss Business Council


Swiss House for Advanced Research and Education




Swiss American Chamber of Commerce


Pricewaterhouse Coopers (call for the relevant contact)


Ernst & Young




Osec business network switzerland


Relationship Disclosure, Date information provided


Replied to the GUIDE Network Survey 9/9/04

No relationship for any other services (GUIDE or SICR)

Additional information and contacts on file from prior meetings.


We published this response and added it to our regional list of contacts as a discretionary measure for convenient reference by investors and advisors who may not be familiar with this area.


We make no warranty about such content, and we include or summarize such responses selectively.  We may not publish all Survey responses.


We provide more complete information about participants in our GUIDE Area Profile service, as demonstrated through the GUIDE Area Profiles or GUIDE Service Profiles, which involves a closer working relationship to maintain timely and better knowledge of an area throughout the year, rather than just this basic introductory information.

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