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Miami, Oklahoma - GUIDE Area Survey

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This information about doing business in the Miami, Oklahoma area was provided through our GUIDE Network Survey research among economic development organizations in Oklahoma.  If this information is helpful to you, please let them know.  Contact us as above if we may be of service.
Website :    Economic Development

Contact :

Brian Barger

Community and Economic Development
City of Miami Oklahoma

P.O. Box 1288
Miami, OK 74355-1288


Phone   (918) 541-2235

Fax       (918) 542-6845


email :

Geographic area served  - map

Miami, Oklahoma is located in northeast Oklahoma along I-44 (the Will Rogers Turnpike) near southwest Missouri, southeast Kansas, and northwest Arkansas.  It is in Ottawa County, roughly 25 miles west of Joplin, Missouri, 90 miles west of Springfield, Missouri, and 75 miles northeast of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The I-44 highway connects St. Louis to Oklahoma City as part of the route from Chicago to Dallas.

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  •  Tracker Marine Group of Springfield, MO invested in a 195,000 sq ft recreational boat manufacturing facility in Miami, Oklahoma in 2003 and 2004 that employs around 350 people
  •  If you have a red gas jerry can, it probably came from Blitz USA in Miami, as do some other plastic products you may recognize from Wal-Mart, PetsMart or AutoZone for the automotive aftermarket and pet products


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We publish this information for convenient reference by investors and advisors who may be unfamiliar with this area.  We make no warranty about such content, but we include and edit such responses selectively according to our professional judgment.


Please contact us if we may be of assistance with your interests, or if you have any suggestions for revisions to this content or the GUIDE Network Survey in general.


This information is provided by local area representatives in response to our GUIDE Network Survey research.  We provide more detailed information and additional links to relevant content for participants in our GUIDE Area Profile service, which involves a closer working relationship to maintain timely knowledge of an area throughout the year, and highlight the benefits of the area as appropriate through other GUIDE tools for specific interests, rather than just publishing this basic introductory information.

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