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Ottumwa, Iowa - Wapello County - GUIDE Area Survey

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This executive summary information about the Ottumwa, Iowa area was provided through our GUIDE Network Survey research.

If this information is helpful to you, please let them know.  Contact us as above if we may be of service.

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Jonathan Krebs, CEcD*

Executive Director

Ottumwa Economic Development Corporation (OEDC)

217 East Main Street   (P.O. Box 1288)
Ottumwa, Iowa 52501


Phone :  (641)682-3465   or

Cell :      (641)799-1203

Home :   (641)683-6017

Fax :      (641)682-3466


e-mail :


*C.Ec.D. is a professional certification for economic development by IEDC.

Geographic area served - see maps of the Ottumwa, Iowa - Wapello county region


Ottumwa is roughly 75 miles southeast of Des Moines and west of Burlington, Iowa along US-63, US-163 and US-34.  It enjoys uncongested access to the major I-35 north-south interstate corridor.  It is also easy to access the major I-80 east-west interstate corridor, or reach I-74 and other eastern and southern interstate routes.

Identify any common information challenges

Although the labor pool within Wapello County is only around 19,000, of which 13,000 is in Ottumwa, the community can draw workers from surrounding areas.  As a relatively small rural area which is away from the interstates, the business activity in this area may be less noticed than more prominent cities.  Executives and their advisors may also be unaware of the potential value of Indian Hills Community College, which attracts students from several counties in this region and administers various programs to assist companies.

Highlights of recent developments of interest to investors Suggestions of other information sources about the area
  •  OEDC leads the initiatives to attract and retain business in Ottumwa and Wapello county, so it is the main point for potential investors in the area
  •  Community data is available in .PDF files to download
  •  LocationOne has a directory of available industrial sites and buildings
  •  Veteran business location consultant Bob Ady has visited Ottumwa recently, and may therefore be able to share his insights about this community as a business location.  His visit to the area was to review typical site selection issues and criteria for 6 potentially relevant industries.
Competitive advantages of the area for potential investors
  •  Developing "virtual buildings" - pre-designed and permitted to be ready for rapid construction or adaptation to specific business needs of various sizes
  •  Indian Hills Community College - serves 5,000 students in southern Iowa
  •  Local business executives have cited other advantages of the area as
    • Attitude of the labor force
    • Transportation systems / network
  • Ottumwa Regional Airport Industrial Park has large sites for development
    • 600+ acres
  •  Wapello County Industrial Site - 237 acres

Industries which may be attracted to this location include :

  •  Advanced Manufacturing
  •  Food Processing (Cargill Meat Solutions and the Cargill Eddyville complex - Iowa Bioprocessing Center, Ajinomoto)
  •  Distribution/Logistics
  •  Plastics/Printing
  •  Customer contact centers - an empty call center is available which at one time employed 300 workers
  •  Ottumwa draws buyers from surrounding areas as a retail hub
    • Horne Properties of Knoxville TN has developed a Menards and Wal-Mart Supercenter in Ottumwa, and adjacent land is available
Scope of investment support services offered
  •  Provides complete listing and knowledge of green field sites and available industrial and office buildings to help with local site selection decisions..
  •  Provides complete demographic data about the city and region.
  •  Provides access to state and local political leadership
  •  Understands incentives from state and local sources
  •  Coordinator of Team Ottumwa and the many institutions and entities that can provide support to the investor.
  •  Able to work in a confidential manner because of our private corporate status.

Major business employers in the area :

Other organizations supporting direct investment in the area Relationship Disclosure, Date information provided


GUIDE Network Survey - prepared March 8, 2006

GUIDE Area Profile for additional information - not applicable

GUIDE Biographic Profile about the key contact - Jonathan Krebs

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We publish this information for convenient reference by investors and advisors who may be unfamiliar with this area.  We make no warranty about such content, but we include and edit such responses selectively according to our professional judgment.


Please contact us if we may be of assistance with your interests, or if you have any suggestions for revisions to this content or the GUIDE Network Survey in general.


This information is provided by the local economic development representatives in response to our GUIDE Network Survey research work.

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