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Cincinnati USA : Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

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Please contact us if interested in Cincinnati, Ohio as a business location.

This is not yet a completed GUIDE Area Profile.

We congratulate the Cincinnati USA Partnership (The Partnership for Greater Cincinnati) and the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce as a winner of the 2003 Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Award,  We sponsored the award program, but the selection of winners was made by an independent panel of advisors to CoreNet Global Learning.

For background about why they won the award, follow this link (Adobe PDF) to see a copy of the 2 page award nomination they submitted.

It highlights their success at the development and use of a "Web-based Information Network" (WIN) CRM database tool to coordinate the economic development efforts throughout the metro region despite the cross-border complications of their 13 county area, including three states which often compete very directly for projects.

As other areas have discovered, such regional collaboration can be hard to achieve in practice, despite goodwill and the logic of working together more efficiently as a region, because of local rivalries and concerns about how information is shared.  For example,  a company in one county may be considering relocation to another, even if staying within the same metro region.  That challenge is greater in a situation which involves competing states within the same travel-to-work area.  Teamwork is tough to achieve.

They have successfully confronted these typical obstacles and developed a process which is being used together as a regional service to attract and retain investment.

The award was established by Corporate Real Estate Leader, the official publication of CoreNet Global, and is featured in their September 2003 issue, where you can find more background.  Nominations were not limited to CoreNet Global members.

We presented the award before the estimated 3400 attendees at a general session of the CoreNet Global Summit in Atlanta on October 14.  See : Events

Although we had no role in the selection process, we were very pleased to see that the Cincinnati USA Partnership and the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce were selected for this award.  We have had informal contact with various representatives of the region for many years, and respect what they have done to achieve significant improvements in the region by working together despite the complexities of teamwork in an area which spans three states which are often rivals for investment projects.

map of the greater Cincinnati region

or the eastern Great Lakes region

Example of promotional materials.

Many available through their website.

GUIDE Area Profile : Standard Template

This illustrates the structure and potential content of a GUIDE Area Profile so that it is easier for corporate executives and area representatives to visualize the potential benefits of this service, and for participating area representatives to prepare suitable drafts for publication.   This is obviously not a completed GUIDE Area Profile - merely an example of the structure.  Additional background and relevant links will soon become available here for convenient reference by executives and their advisors.

Executive Summary


Contact information


Website :  (Cincinnati USA Partnership)


The Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and the Cincinnati USA Partnership integrates the investment attraction and retention activities of this 3 state metro region involving 13 counties and 11 economic development organizations as Regional Marketing Partners to better serve a 2 million population in the region.  Local business leaders actively work through the Partnership and other initiatives to quietly support the development of the city in many ways, as elaborated through some of the initiatives described in their promotional materials and website.

A considerable amount of factual information about the region is conveniently consolidated through their website, such as their Business Information Center at

There are also many Cincinnati USA promotional materials in their "Get Literature" section, so that presentations of interest can be downloaded as Adobe PDF files.

Recent success stories are highlighted through announcements at :

Reports about the progress of the Partnership at achieving the goals are found at :


Nick Vehr                                            Optional : Biography link - template

VP Economic Development

Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

Partnership for Greater Cincinnati

300 Carew Tower, 441 Vine Street

Cincinnati, OH 45202-2182


TEL  (513) 579-3100  (Economic Development, GCCC)

TEL  (513) 579-3120  (Partnership for Greater Cincinnati)

FAX  (513) 579-3101


Free: (800)562-5587   Mary Clark:  

or e-mail for general enquiries :


Alternate contacts :


Neil Hensley, Senior Director, Economic Development   (513) 579-3170

Jessica Johnson, Director, Client Management     (513) 579-3103

Randy L. Welker, Director, Business Retention      (513) 686-2953


Other regional marketing partners representing areas within the metro region

List of available sites or facilities :

List of commercial / industrial real estate and construction firms in the region


The same section has some links to data about the real estate market, as well as some Top 10 lists of office and industrial developments.

We can highlight major corporate real estate listings in the list for Ohio from a perspective which addresses the business attractions of the location rather than just the standard descriptive attributes of the site or building in a real estate listing.
Service Provider Relationships

Other Resources

Other suggested contacts or resources for investment planning in this region :

List of Regional Marketing Partners - local organizations in the metro area


Cinergy - regional utility

Butler County Economic Development  


Ohio Dept. of Development  or

Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Dev.

Indiana Dept of Commerce

"Preferred Partners" - organizations which financially support Cincinnati USA

CincyTechUSA - promotes technology-based regional economic development

Article Archives GIS Map Makers


Data Pointers - see also Consultant Tips


Suggested sources of timely statistical data for location selection issues

Business Information Center

Sponsored articles, PR

IEDC Economic Development Journal, Spring 2003 - - various stories about Cincinnati, host of the 2003 IEDC Annual Conference.

Technology-Based Economic Development (see CincyTechUSA)

News and newsletters

Business Information Center

 Companies in the Area

Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce - a member directory is available

Link to Preferred Partners who provide support for Cincinnati USA Partnership

Major employers in the greater Cincinnati area include :

The Procter & Gamble Co.

The Kroger Co.

Fifth Third Bancorp

The University of Cincinnati

Cinergy Corp.

GE Aircraft Engines

Mercy Health Partners

Federated Department Stores

Ashland Oil Co.

AK Steel Holding

Major foreign investors in the greater Cincinnati area include :

Toyota - North American headquarters



Mitsubishi Electric

Fujitec America, Inc.


Past Projects




Relationship Disclosure - GDI Solutions

Written by GDI Solutions : There is no working relationship at this time, although we maintain periodic contact.

Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential investors :

  •  Bruce Donnelly

    Please advise regarding any necessary corrections to this Area Profile. 


    The relationship leader is responsible for maintaining sufficiently frequent contact and knowledge at GDI Solutions about the participating area.  The leader keeps published GUIDE Area Profiles timely and consistent, and serves as an initial point of contact for any investors who may choose not to contact the local area representatives yet about their interests, such as at a very exploratory or confidential stage of project planning or information gathering.

Investment Incentives Available in the Area Local contacts which may interest some potential investors:


The University of Cincinnati - a top 20 public research university

GUIDE Network Survey - GUIDE Area Report - link here if available
Executive feedback - GUIDE Experience Report - link here if available

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