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Le Sueur, Minnesota Area Chamber of Commerce

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

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Please contact us if interested in Minnesota as a business location.

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Few rural communities can claim to have created a globally recognized brand comparable to the success story of Le Sueur and the Green Giant company, which was created there 100 years ago.  Their commitment to product quality and technological innovation included a research program for hybrid corn which at one time exceeded all of the country's agricultural colleges combined.  They led engineering work with equipment manufacturers to develop creative new technologies for food harvesting, processing, and packaging.  The company had already expanded into other states and Canada by the 1930's, and into Europe in the 1960's.  It repeatedly developed new markets and products which transformed consumer preferences.

Most Green Giant operations relocated elsewhere in the wake of a series of M&A deals in recent years, with the exception of an R&D operation which General Mills maintains in Le Sueur, but the legacy of Green Giant's growth still reflects the character of this community.  They took a commodity product and used innovation, hard work, and commitment to quality to build a famous brand through far more than just the familiar Jolly Green Giant advertising which they developed as one of the first three clients of Leo Burnett.  That relationship and the brand they created has endured for generations, as did the careers of many at Green Giant.

Le Sueur has recently been seeking designation as one of ten new Job Opportunity Building Zones (JOBZ) to be created in January 2004 as authorized by the Minnesota Legislature in 2003.  Contact local representatives directly for the status of this effort, which would provide 12 year tax exemptions to potential investors in the area which qualify for the program.

It is not surprising that various food processing and packaging companies lead the industrial base of Le Sueur, including operations of Cambria, Davisco Foods, Michael Foods, Seneca Foods, and Technipac.

Another interesting historical note is that Le Sueur was the home of Dr. W.W. Mayo and his sons, who set up the world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, which also provides healthcare services today throughout the region.

The Green Giant's shoes will be hard to fill, but the Le Sueur area should be of interest to companies which recognize the potential value of such a community.

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Website :

Phil Lee

Le Sueur Development, Inc.

Le Sueur Area Chamber of Commerce

500 North Main Street

Le Sueur, MN 56058


TEL  (507)665-3435

FAX  (507)665-4372



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Refer to the Chamber website for industrial park and factory listings.

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There is no financial relationship of GDI Solutions with any Le Sueur economic development organization or business, nor is any foreseen.

This Area Profile is being prepared on a pro bono basis because of the prior relationship of two family members with the Green Giant company in Le Sueur for more than 60 years before it was merged with Pillsbury in 1979 and later sold to Grand Met, Diageo, and General Mills.  One rose to be President and Vice Chairman, and the other became Senior VP of Operations.

The relocation of the headquarters after that 1979 deal, and the closure of the original Green Giant plant in 1995, left Le Sueur without the global leader which the residents had created through decades of hard work and innovation.  It's hard to fill the Jolly Green Giant's shoes, but we think this legacy and other successful businesses show that Le Sueur has much to offer to potential investors, and just needs some help to reach executives who will appreciate that.

Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential investors :

  •  Bruce Donnelly

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