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Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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Please contact us if interested in Tampa, Florida as a business location.

This is not yet a completed GUIDE Area Profile.

We congratulate the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce's Committee of One Hundred as a winner of the 2003 Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Award,  We sponsored the award program, but the selection of winners was made by an independent panel of advisors to CoreNet Global Learning.

For background about why they won the award, follow this link (Adobe PDF) to see a copy of the detailed 2 page award nomination which they submitted.

It highlights their success over many years at developing long-term relationships with corporate investors and the professional advisors who assist them with their projects.  Their consistent strategy and promotional efforts for more than a decade have been very successful at helping to change the traditional mix of business in their area by attracting a diverse group of major investors in target industry sectors.  They created new clusters of major investors in "Developments of Regional Impact", where fast-track approvals made it faster and easier to set up, and made their progress quite visible.

Many of the investments they helped Tampa to attract have continued to expand there, or have in turn helped to attract other investors, creating an upward spiral of economic development which has helped the area overcome some of the past vulnerabilities to the impact of economic cycles.  They have achieved this with limited resources, and now have a new initiative to expand upon their growing trade relationship with Mexico.

The award was established by Corporate Real Estate Leader, the official publication of CoreNet Global, and is featured in their September 2003 issue, where you can find more background.  Nominations were not limited to CoreNet Global members.

We presented the award before the estimated 3400 attendees at a general session of the CoreNet Global Summit in Atlanta on October 14.  See : Events

Although we had no role in the selection process, we were very pleased to discover that they were selected as one of the first winners of this new award program.  Robin Ronne and Bea Bare are widely known and respected as leaders in economic development, and any areas which may be facing challenges similar to those faced by the business community leaders in Tampa more than a decade ago should find their sustained and effective development strategy, and their service focus, to be an inspiration for what is possible to achieve.  Tampa did not become a success story by accident.  Executives with a potential interest in the Tampa Bay region should definitely give them a call.

map of the Greater Tampa Bay region

or the Southeast US region

Website :   


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This illustrates the structure and potential content of a GUIDE Area Profile so that it is easier for corporate executives and area representatives to visualize the potential benefits of this service, and for participating area representatives to prepare suitable drafts for publication.     This is obviously not a completed GUIDE Area Profile - merely an example of the structure.  Additional background and relevant links will soon become available here for convenient reference by executives and their advisors.

Executive Summary Contact information

The Committee of One Hundred serves as the primary entity for the support of US and international economic development activities for Hillsborough County and the cities of Tampa, Plant City, and Temple Terrace, with a population of 1.044 million people.

Some of the major companies and recent investments in the area are listed below.  Their recent award nomination also highlights many aspects of their success at the attraction and retention of business investment for many years, and their plans.

Refer to their "Market Overview" for facts about the area


Bea Bare

Director of Corporate Recruitment & Expansion


Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

Committee of One Hundred

401 East Jackson St., Suite 2100

SunTrust Financial Center

Tampa, FL 33602


TEL  (813)276-9458

FAX  (813)221-6095



Anna Vega, Executive Assistant    (813)276-9411


Mail to:

PO Box 420

Tampa, FL 33601-0420

List of available sites or facilities :

The website for the Committee of 100 includes a link to LoopNet for queries about available properties in the area.  For assistance, contact Bill Moline, (813) 276-9407


We can highlight properties in major corporate real estate listings in Florida from a perspective which addresses the business attractions of the location rather than just the standard descriptive attributes of the site or building in a real estate listing.

Examples : Southshore Corporate Park, Netpark Tampa Bay
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Other Resources

Other suggested contacts or resources for investment planning in this region :

Tampa Bay Partnership :  (with surrounding counties)

Enterprise Florida :   (state)

Other suggested economic development links which may be helpful :

Article Archives GIS Map Makers



Data Pointers - see also Consultant Tips


Suggested sources of timely statistical data for location selection issues


Sponsored articles, PR


News and newsletters

  Companies in the Area

Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce - member directory

Major employers in the greater Tampa area include :

American Express

Black & Decker


Coca Cola Enterprises

JP Morgan Chase


Creative Games International


Ford Credit

General Motors

The Hartford

Home Depot

Household / Beneficial

James Hardie Industries


Medco Health Systems


New York Life


Progressive Insurance

St. Paul Companies

Voicestream Communications

Walt Disney Attractions

Major foreign investors in the greater Tampa area include :


Past Projects

Coca Cola Enterprises - 700 employee shared services center

Citigroup CitiCards - 700 employee expansion

Household International - 520 job expansion

Computer Associates - 386 job national customer contact center

Tropical Sportsware International - 150 job expansion and relocation, new HQ

Liquidmetals Technology Corp. - 110 jobs

Plastipak Packaging, Inc - 75 jobs




See the 2003 CoreNet award nomination for selective quotes from two companies :

JPMorgan Treasury Technologies Corporation

Citigroup - Corporate Realty Services

List of many investors who support the Committee of 100's work financially


Steering committee, guiding Tampa economic development strategy and work 


Relationship Disclosure

We have no direct working relationship with the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce at this time, beyond periodic friendly networking contact and respect for their achievements.

Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential investors :

  •  Bruce Donnelly

    Please advise regarding any necessary corrections to this Area Profile. 


    The relationship leader is responsible for maintaining sufficiently frequent contact and knowledge at GDI Solutions about the participating area.  The leader keeps published GUIDE Area Profiles timely and consistent, and serves as an initial point of contact for any investors who may choose not to contact the local area representatives yet about their interests, such as at a very exploratory or confidential stage of project planning or information gathering.

Investment Incentives Available in the Area Local contacts which may interest some potential investors:
GUIDE Network Survey - GUIDE Area Report - link here if available
Executive feedback - GUIDE Experience Report - link here if available
Regional directories of economic development agency representatives and related contacts.
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