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County Durham, England, UK GUIDE Area Profile

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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Please contact us if interested in Durham England UK as a business location.  Refer also to the new Search: Europe tool at

This is an example - not a completed GUIDE Area Profile.  Refer to their website for current information.

Executive Summary

See also : MAP showing where County Durham is located, or maps of the UK or European regions

Contact information


Website :

County Durham Development Company Limited (CDDC Ltd.) coordinates all local assistance to potential investors in this county in northeast England, and provides assistance to existing companies in the county as well, which contributes to a strong local network of contacts and practical knowledge to address a wide range of business issues.

Recent developments in the area include the creation of NETPark in cooperation with Sedgefield Borough Council (the part of the County represented in Parliament by Prime Minister Tony Blair).  There have also been collaborative efforts in fields such as innovative technology transfer for commercialization of new medical technologies.

Although executives often visit the area as tourists, such as to see the historic city of Durham or the scenic rolling countryside of northern England, they may not have noticed the extensive industrial base and heritage of this region.  The area has attracted a high concentration of prominent American companies and leading firms from Japan, Korea, and elsewhere in Europe, notably Germany and northern Europe.  In addition to manufacturing, the area is also home to some large financial services operations, shared services centers, and customer contact centers (call centers).

The area suffered high unemployment for many years while it went through a remarkably proactive and successful transition in the entire region from traditional heavy industries (steel, shipbuilding, railcars, coal mining, chemicals, etc.) to the more diversified modern industrial base found there today.  This heritage of recent hardship and collaboration contributes to a very pro-business environment throughout the area, including excellent labor relations and very responsive local authorities.

Local representatives remain highly motivated to support business development in the area with innovative services and teamwork among the many local organizations which play distinct roles in such support, such as for training programs, recruitment assistance, construction, finance, etc.  Teamwork to support projects is very good.

Investors in the area have also enjoyed high incentives and low costs, and generally have given high praise for the skills and work ethic of people in this area.  Close collaboration with leading academic resources in the area has also proven valuable, such as at Durham University (known as a leading research center in the UK, with many business linkages) as well as technical colleges and nearby universities which collaborate to create special worker training programs throughout the region.

Stewart Watkins

Executive Director

County Durham Development Company Limited

The Rivergreen Centre
Aykley Heads
Durham, England  DH1 5TS


TEL  (+011) 44 191 383 2000

in UK :          0191 383 2000

FAX (+011) 44 191 386 2974



Alternate contacts:

List of available sites or facilities :


See : major real estate property listings


CDDC maintains current information about many available properties in the County

Refer to the property finder on their website

Other suggested contacts for investment planning in this area:

Invest UK - for national government support of investors

One NorthEast - regional economic development agency support

Professional service providers reported to be very familiar with direct investment considerations in this area from previous work on major investment projects or among leading investors there:


PricewaterhouseCoopers, Newcastle upon Tyne - local office

Business Location International, Brussels - independent European location consulting

Buck Consultants International - independent European location consulting

Donaldsons (Leeds) and Jacobs Consulting (engineering) - Spennymoor redevelopment

BT eLocations - selective office parks, call centers in this area and elsewhere

English Partnerships - available industrial sites and facilities here and elsewhere

Relationship Disclosure

There is no agreed working relationship nor proposal at this time between the County Durham Development Company and GDI Solutions.

Bruce Donnelly was the US representative of the five county region of northern England, including County Durham, for five years in a position funded by CDDC.  He has therefore visited the area repeatedly to become familiar with the area, including visits with potential and existing investors, but has not visited again recently.

There is also no relationship at this time with the regional agency for which he worked at the time, formerly known as NDC, and now as One NorthEast.  There is also no relationship with the national Invest-UK representatives at this time, beyond routine networking contacts and general awareness of their work and capabilities.

Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential investors :

  •  Bruce Donnelly

    Please advise regarding any necessary corrections to this Area Profile. 


    The relationship leader is responsible for maintaining sufficiently frequent contact and knowledge about the participating area.


    That is not only to keep a published GUIDE Area Profile such as this example useful, but also to serve as an initial point of contact for any investors who may choose not to contact the local area representatives yet about their interests, such as at a very exploratory or confidential stage of project planning or information gathering, or for subsequent feedback.

Investment Incentives Available in the Area

Contact directly for details.  There are various sources, but the main incentives are generally from the UK government.  The usual lead time for negotiation and approvals by the key sources of incentives is roughly 3-4 months, with some variances to "fast track" small projects or provide special handling of very large projects.

Incentives are negotiated within constraints imposed by the European Union and UK government, and expert professional assistance with such negotiations is readily available.  CDDC can introduce independent consultants with such experience, and can provide guidance about how all potentially applicable programs work, because CDDC is generally not the source of such incentives.  Instead, CDDC can work with the investor as well as the sources of incentives to try to help reach an agreement which is satisfactory to both sides, which helps the business move forward quickly.

Future links here may help explain available programs, whether unique to the area or as part of regional, national, or European programs, but the focus is to keep it simple and explain how they may apply in practice as one of many factors in investment decisions.  As a general rule, investors are well-advised to consider incentives in any area at the final "short-list" stage of their selection process, rather than as a major factor for selection during the early identification and screening of location alternatives.

Local contacts which may interest some potential investors:


Durham University - leading business school and research park

Confederation of British Industry - local chapter

Durham Chamber of Commerce

Business Link County Durham


Past Projects and Companies in the Area Testimonials
GUIDE Network Survey - not available Executive feedback - none available.


The above is not a finished GUIDE Area Profile.  It is an example to illustrate the basic structure and content of a GUIDE Area Profile so that it is easier for executives, their advisors, and area representatives to visualize the benefits of this service.  Professional service providers may be unfamiliar with such an area if they have not done client work there recently, or may be unfamiliar with other services of potential interest to their clients which can be identified through local knowledge and contacts.

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