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Maps US Great Lakes Region - Midwest

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The map below links to the US Great Lakes regional economic development directory.


Although non-participating areas are listed for reference in the state and regional directories, we don't provide links from these maps because of the work involved since there are literally thousands of such organizations, often involving overlapping service areas.
State and Local Economic Development Organization Directories for :


Refer also to : Maps for the North Central region, Eastern Great Lakes, Canada, the Northeast, and the Mid-Atlantic regions.

Regional economic development contacts : US Great Lakes   Ontario, Canada  Canada

Contact us for free project assistance if you may be interested in expanding your business into the Midwest or any other region.  We are independent advisors - not a government or non-profit economic development organization or investment promotion agency. We provide personal introductory referrals to our contacts, market research work, and other assistance as an independent service according to the capital investment project interests of the corporate executives and business advisors we serve.

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These maps of the US Great Lakes Midwest region (Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin) are provided for convenience.  Most websites of economic development organizations will contain more detailed local map information or GIS data analysis tools, so such details need not be repeated here.

These maps make it easier for executives to browse and to link graphically to content about an area.  Economic development responsibilities may sometimes overlap, as in the case of a multistate utility service area, or a regional agency serving multiple counties, or a metro area within multiple counties or states.  Their maps may also exclude surrounding areas.

Many US economic development organizations operate at the local county or city level, and may have unfamiliar or unusual names, so this process is intended to make it much easier for executives to identify relevant areas of potential interest, and find details about their areas.

Such organizations may be hard to identify by other means, such as through Internet search engines or alphabetical directory listings which don't clearly identify the scope of services offered to investors or the areas which are served by the organizations.  This provides a graphical shortcut to find any participating area of interest very quickly and easily.

US Great Lakes Midwest regional maps - Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin  
Canada maps North Central maps Mid-Atlantic maps Northeast Region maps
Maps of Illinois
Maps of Illinois
Maps of Illinois

Jacksonville Illinois - Morgan and Scott counties

- Area Profile

Flora Illinois - Clay county

Footnote : If you need maps such as these or any of the others found on this website, please respect the Microsoft copyright and buy your own copy of Microsoft MapPoint, the North America version of which was used to create and publish these maps solely for the navigational convenience and reference of users of our website.

The North American and European versions are available through  The North American version is sold at many US computer retailers.  See also :   or

Another leading source of mapping software for GIS applications is ESRI at .

Refer also to our list of GIS map features on websites for many areas, including those prepared by GIS Planning, winner of the 2003 Economic Development Leadership & Accomplishment Award of CoreNet Global, using ESRI products.

There is also ESRI Business Information Solutions, at .

Google now offers Google Maps and Google Earth for maps and imagery

Google Local integrates local maps and imagery with their business search results

Other mapping and imagery resources are listed in our Research section.


Some community websites may make GIS mapping tools available to map data about the area.  Additional maps may be found on economic development websites, such as custom maps to illustrate data about key business location selection topics. 

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