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Maps of European Regions

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Country maps are also available for the United Kingdom and Ireland, France, Germany, the Benelux region, Spain and Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Russia.  GUIDE Area Profiles for participating areas may be linked to the relevant locations on these regional and country maps for convenient reference.

For example, County Durham England (near Newcastle upon Tyne) is linked on the map below to an example of a GUIDE Area Profile.

More detailed maps to highlight participating areas, as in the example for County Durham, England, may be linked to GUIDE Area Profiles.  In the GUIDE Area Profile for County Durham you will find a link to a radius map showing the distance from Durham to London, Edinburgh, and Manchester.  In general, however, more detailed maps will be found on the websites of the area representatives, rather than as part of this website.  They are added here mainly when found necessary for the convenience of participating executives.
Footnote : If you need maps such as these or any of the others found on this website, please respect the Microsoft copyright and buy your own copy of Microsoft MapPoint, the North America version of which was used to create and publish these maps solely for the navigational convenience and reference of users of our website.  Another leading source of mapping software for GIS applications can be found at 

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