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Maps of Brazil

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These maps are provided for convenience, since many investors will not be familiar with the various states or cities of Brazil.  Although the majority of the economic activity of Brazil is concentrated in the south (such as from Belo Horizonte south), and in the many major cities along the coast, there continue to be efforts to promote development in the poor northeast region and the interior. 

Executives may be unaware of many business locations beyond the well-known cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, including numerous cities with populations in excess of 1 million.  Some cities such as Curitiba have achieved international recognition for their efficient public transportation and other services, while others have been unable to cope with rapid growth for the development and maintenance of basic infrastructure needs.

There are many locations with significant clusters of foreign investment, even though their names may not be familiar to executives outside of Brazil.  This includes many investments from Japan, as well as a very large number of Japanese immigrants, plus many investors and immigrants from Europe.

The American Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo is one of the largest in the world (if not the largest), given the many US investors in the country, and can be very helpful to US executives who are trying to evaluate their business opportunities.  There are also large Chambers from other countries.

It is a country where, as one executive put it wryly during the 1980's era of hyperinflation, "The only thing you can predict about Brazil is that the sun will come up tomorrow.  Everything beyond that is pure speculation."

The level of foreign investment activity in the country has grown dramatically in recent years as the economic picture improved, but once again, it is anybody's guess what the future will bring, other than more surprises.

In the long term, however, Brazil remains a major potential destination of foreign direct investment as one of the largest and most dynamic economies in the world, with vast natural and human resources, despite many social problems and economic disparities between regions.

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