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Maps : Utah and the Salt Lake City area

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These maps are provided for the convenience of executives and their advisors who may be unfamiliar with Utah for business location selection.  Additional maps may be found on the websites of state and local economic development representatives, such as custom maps to illustrate data about key topics or available commercial real estate properties.

See : Directory of Utah economic development agencies.

The majority of the population is concentrated around the Salt Lake City area, although the southwest corner (closer to Las Vegas and southern California) is also growing.  There are large distribution centers in this area which service the region west of the Rocky Mountains by good interstate highways and major railways which follow similar routes.

As can be seen below, Salt Lake City forms a fork in the routes to the west coast.  Interstate 80 (I-80) links to the east via Cheyenne (rather than the more congested route through Denver), and continues west through Reno and the Donner Summit to Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.  Interstate 15 (I-15) connects through Las Vegas to the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, including access to central areas (such as Bakersfield) without the congestion along the coastal highways.  There are also routes to the Pacific Northwest via Boise, Idaho on Interstate 84 (I-84) to Seattle and Tacoma Washington, Portland, Salem and Eugene Oregon as well as routes north to Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Butte, Helena, and Spokane.
Green River, Wyoming
Footnote : If you need maps such as these or any of the others found on this website, please respect the Microsoft copyright and buy your own copy of Microsoft MapPoint, the North America version of which was used to create and publish these maps solely for the navigational convenience and reference of users of our website.   The North American and European versions are available through  The North American version is sold at many US computer retailers.

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Another leading source of mapping software for GIS applications is ESRI at .

Refer also to our list of GIS map features on websites for many areas, including those prepared by GIS Planning, winner of the 2003 Economic Development Leadership & Accomplishment Award of CoreNet Global, using ESRI products.

There is also ESRI Business Information Solutions, at .

Other mapping and imagery resources are listed in our Research section.

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