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New Boston, Texas - Red River Commerce Park

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These maps are provided for the convenience of executives and their advisors who may be unfamiliar with the New Boston, Texas area near Texarkana for business location selection.  It is in northeast Texas near the borders of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

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The Red River Commerce Park is roughly 150 miles from both Dallas Texas and Little Rock, Arkansas, close to Texarkana in northeast Texas along Interstate I-30.  There is highway access via Shreveport, Louisiana to Gulf of Mexico ports around the New Orleans region.
The Red River Commerce Park site is visible in the map at left as part of the grey area, which shows a former military base location prior to the 1990's BRAC - Base Realignment and Closure - process.

There is a similar BRAC 2005 review process in progress as the US Defense Department and Congress determines which military bases are surplus to future missions, but the many defense communities which will be affected by the 2005 BRAC round will all face many years of work to plan and implement site redevelopment strategies, including any associated site remediation, demolition, and clearing work or infrastructure improvements to prepare for alternate uses.  The Red River Commerce Park site has already gone through this lengthy redevelopment process, so it is ready for industrial and office projects today.

The Commerce Park is north of the Wright Patman Lake and Millwood Lake recreational areas.  Unlike some regions of Texas, water availability is one of the strengths of this area.

Much of the former Red River Army Depot (RRAD) site has been redeveloped as the public Oak Grove Golf Club ( ) - 18 holes, with a swimming pool and tennis.

The more detailed diagram below shows the layout of the Red River Commerce Park site, including the golf course on site and other community amenities near the entrance, including a credit union, day care facility, and fire station.  RRRA refers to the Red River Redevelopment Authority.

Note that there are two large strategic industrial sites available.  There is a 140 acre industrial site and a 31 acre industrial site adjacent to the golf course, plus a 16.7 and 11 acre site and two small office buildings (4000 and 11,477 sq. ft.) built in 1987 and 1990.

For an old aerial photo image of the site, refer to the Microsoft TerraServer USA website, but note that the image shows the site long before redevelopment.

Footnote : If you need maps such as these or any of the others found on this website, please respect the Microsoft copyright and buy your own copy of Microsoft MapPoint, the North America version of which was used to create and publish these maps solely for the navigational convenience and reference of users of our website.   The North American and European versions are available through  The North American version is sold at many US computer retailers.

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Another leading source of mapping software for GIS applications is ESRI at .

Refer also to our list of GIS map features on websites for many areas, including those prepared by GIS Planning, winner of the 2003 Economic Development Leadership & Accomplishment Award of CoreNet Global, using ESRI products.

There is also ESRI Business Information Solutions, at .

Other mapping and imagery resources are listed in our Research section.

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