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Durham England radius map

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This map is provided for the convenience of executives who may not be familiar with the location and attributes of the County Durham, England area.

CDDC (County Durham Development Company - Website : can provide potential corporate investors with a detailed map of the county, as well as relevant details about existing companies and available industrial and office sites and premises in County Durham, among other services.   They also work closely with regional and national representatives.

There are high speed rail services from Durham to London as well as to Edinburgh and Glasgow, which local executives often use for such destinations instead of air, given the fairly short distances involved and the greater convenience (reliable and frequent schedules to reach city center locations, instead of London airport area congestion and airport delays).  One of the main North / South highways in England runs through Durham, so road access is also good, with the distance to London comparable to the distance from Detroit to Chicago in the US.
Unlike the more congested urban areas around London, travel to work in this area is much faster and easier, and large sites are available at far lower costs.  The low population density of this large county can be deceiving, however.  Despite the appearance of the scenic rolling countryside, the location of Durham City between two other urban centers of the Northeast region means that there is a population of roughly 2.5 million people within a 25 mile radius, which is comparable to a fairly large US metropolitan area.
Regional air connections to London or Manchester are complemented by some direct international flights to other European hubs, such as in the Netherlands and Germany, even though there are no direct trans-Atlantic flights from the Newcastle or Middlesbrough (Teesside) airports.  The connections are good, however, with some executives preferring the connections through Schiphol near Amsterdam to the ones through London, depending on their schedules.
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