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Korea - Economic and Business Development Contacts

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Scroll down for the directory of Korean economic development organizations and other relevant information resources or contacts such as professional service providers for business investment in Korea.  The links below should help to quickly find many useful contacts for the support of foreign direct investment - FDI - projects in Korea. 
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Cityscape Asia - Singapore April 14-16, 2009

Cityscape China - Shanghai June 25-27, 2008

Cityscape India - Mumbai, December 8-10. 2008

Cityscape Dubai   October 6-9, 2008

Cityscape Abu Dhabi   May 13-15, 2008

Cityscape Latin America - Sao Paulo  November 4-6, 2008

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New GUIDE Network Survey or GUIDE Area Profile or Service Profile participants in the region will be highlighted here and through our Area Search service at .
Economic development organizations are encouraged to inform us of their websites and contact details so that we can make it easier for potential investors to find them. We can also highlight recent project announcements, advertising, and promotional events as well as independent consultant research reports about communities or industry clusters.


We specialize in personal, independent introductions to relevant professional service providers such as business location strategy consultants and our many economic development contacts according to the project interests of the executives we serve.

Please contact us to discuss such services or introductory referrals.


The International Business Introduction Service

for Technology-Led Business Cluster Development

Many Korean biotechnology and other life sciences companies, as well as Asian investment promotion agencies seeking biotech companies to cluster research and development in their science and technology parks  were among the BIO exhibitors or attendees in recent years.

Contact us to seek advice, research, and referrals for business investment in Korea .

We are independent advisors - not a government agency, investment promotion agency, association, commercial real estate firm, property developer, or site selection consultant.

Similar regional directories list economic development contacts for Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand, and Southeast Asia and Pacific 

Maps for Korea , Japan and China and Taiwan are available for convenient reference.

Regional, city, and other economic development representatives are encouraged to reply to our GUIDE Network Survey (PDF) and help us to share information about business locations and services in Korea. Executives are encouraged to reply to our private Guest Book or Opt-In Research service.  These help us to continuously improve and share research privately according to special interests and communication preferences.    We can also perform custom research work.
See explanation of column headings below.

Suggestions are welcome for useful information sources for executives planning investment in Korea.

Please report any broken website links.

We welcome reciprocal links from relevant organizations.

Organization Scope Contacts

Bruce Donnelly

Website and other resources SICR Survey Profile Report Experience
Invest Korea  (formerly known as KISC - Korea Investment Service Center), part of KOTRA National 

No No No No No

Invest Korea - North American offices for investment promotion




GIS tools (NA) - see other maps on their website for reference

The KOTRA field offices also have other staff for Korean trade promotion work.

Jang Hee Lee

Los Angeles


email: Jang Hee Lee


Area Profile - useful information and links about all the provinces and major cities


promotional materials - yes


Yes - we help them to reach and support more US investors in Korea than they might reach otherwise.

Introductions and our other services are driven by investor interests.



Data Pointers

NA - see promotional materials

major real estate

see other contacts below


Recent Projects in South Korea

Companies in South Korea


KOTRA Korea Trade Center National No No No No No
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy National No No No No No

Free Economic Zone in Korea (FEZ)

Busan/Jinhae, Incheon, Gwangyang TEL +82-2-2110-2591 No No No No No
Seoul Metropolitan Government Metro

No No No No No
Seoul Industry Promotion Foundation - DMC Digital Media City City - development project

No No No No No
Gyeonggi Province (Kyonggi) Province


No No No No No
Chungbuk Province Province No No No No No
Incheon No No No No No
Incheon Free Economic Zone port development No No No No No
Chungnam No No No No No
Jeonbuk No No No No No
Gyeongnam No No No No No
Jeonnam No No No No No
Invest Daejeon - Daedeok Techno Valley - Foreign Industrial Complex Metropolitan City No No No No No
Busan Foreign Investment Service Center Metropolitan City

No No No No No
Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone development zone +82 51 979 5330 4 No No No No No
Busan Port Authority Port No No No No No
Centum City, Busan City development project No No No No No
Jeju No No No No No
Explanation of column headings above
  •  Organizations are generally sorted in postal code order so that locations which are geographically close to each other will usually (not always) be grouped together.  This is a selective directory, even though the state directory is more comprehensive than the very selective one we will maintain at the regional level to highlight the organizations which support our work or are found to be of frequent interest for the convenience of the executives and business advisors we serve.
  •  Scope : is the area served by the organization, and postal code.  We may include thumbnail maps which expand to show information about participating areas, or link directly to good maps or GIS research tools on the organization's website.
  •  Contacts : relationship leader at GDI Solutions for maintaining information about contacts in this area.  If there is a working relationship through our various GUIDE services, we also list the key organization contact, phone, and optional e-mail.
  •  Website and other resources : Aside from the main website link, we may include other direct links to highlight special features of expected interest to executives, especially if they might not be readily noticed by just visiting the website.  A good example of this is when relevant content is actually maintained somewhere else, such as a regional website rather than the local one, so that one would otherwise need to know to follow the available links between the websites.
The default for all other columns is "No" unless the organization supports our work.
  •  SICR : organizations which participate in our marketing and corporate relationship development work to find and refer relevant projects as an independent professional service, whether as a shared service or according to their specific targeting priorities.
  •  Survey : areas which have responded to our GUIDE Network Survey, with a link to their response for convenience if published (optional) and highlighted at the top.  This is often useful as an executive summary at the "long list" stage of location selection.
  •  Profile : participates in our GUIDE Area Profile service (also highlighted at the top of the page).  This involves a closer working relationship to maintain more timely and detailed knowledge of the area throughout the year, and also involves a more detailed executive summary on the website, with many relevant links.  If there are significant incentives in the area, we may also link to a GUIDE Incentives Profile.
  •  Report : this is used to highlight independent research about the area, such as directories of available sites and buildings, or consultant reports about the area such as labor market studies, cost comparisons, local market analysis, etc.
  •  Experience : this highlights information related to investor experiences in the area, which may include consulting reports, detailed testimonials, lists of companies in the area (and surrounding areas), and examples of recent project announcements.  If there are significant industry clusters or special initiatives which investors in the area may find to be beneficial, these can be highlighted here to differentiate the area.
All area representatives are encouraged to reply to the free GUIDE Network Survey, which consists of very basic questions to help maintain timely knowledge about many areas for referral purposes.  Area representatives : see how to participate.  Current service pricing is listed on the Order Form (Adobe Acrobat .PDF file).  Refer also to any special offers.  Please help us to help you by supporting our work.

Executives are also encouraged to respond to our free Executive Survey (download Adobe PDF copy) which helps us to continuously improve.

The presence, absence, or position of any organization on these lists, or their position on the lists, does not imply any endorsement or opinion about their services, nor by them about our own.

The selections are simply intended to be helpful to executives who may be unaware of such contacts, or how to reach their websites quickly.  Please contact us directly for relevant introductions or any additional contacts, market knowledge, and research which we don't publish.

Contact information for relationship leaders at GDI Solutions :
We develop and maintain working relationships among participating area representatives - economic development organizations - and professional service providers as well as senior corporate executives who are responsible for the planning of major projects such as new, relocated, expanded or consolidated offices, factories, distribution centers or other operations.
Name e-mail Phone Fax
Bruce Donnelly 847-304-4655 847-304-5375
This directory selectively highlights participating economic development organizations and professional service provider contacts in the Korea region by including more relevant links to useful content than just the local website.  The directory may also identify other contacts of potential interest to executives and business advisors on a selective basis, as in the case of the following initial examples.  We work together with EDO's to share timely knowledge about the benefits of their areas as we serve potential investors and advisors who are responsible for business location or site selection decisions for foreign direct investment (FDI) or capital investment projects such as new factories or offices, expansion projects, business relocation, and consolidation of operations as in post-merger integration situations.

Please contact us for project assistanceRelated services support global B2B technology partneringRefer also to our Bookshelf suggestions. 

Other sources of information    

The following additional sources of information are included here for ease of reference.  Refer also to the list of US Government or related information sources for this or other countries.  Have you found other good sources, or local contacts for economic development and investment support?  Please let us know so that we may share them with others.

Source Website
Invest Korea - Korea Trade & Investment Magazine portal for foreign direct investment, linked to KOTRA and Invest Korea (formerly KISC)
Korean government website - general government information
Korea Real Estate Information Center - government website with information about the residential and commercial real estate industry and market
American Embassy in Seoul, US & Foreign Commercial Service office, which prepares the Country Commercial Guide with very useful background about doing business in Korea, which can be downloaded through

US Dept of State country information for the East Asia and Pacific region
US Dept of State - Consular Information Sheet - visa and travel requirements
US Library of Congress - Country Studies, Area Handbook
R.O.K. Embassy in Washington DC, TEL 202-939-5600
Silkroad21 - a resource for Korean trade leads, tied to KOTRA
Korea Trade Network - Korean trade leads

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

and BizAPEC online business support ; - background information about doing business in Korea and other countries in Asia, with some comparisons; provided by Runckel & Associates consultants - International Cultural Enterprises - private publisher of cross-cultural guides for doing business in many countries, including Korea
Korean Politics - information and links
Business Monitor International - news analysis, research, and market data including quarterly country risk reports, such as The South Korea Forecast Report
Political Risk Services - PRS Group, publishes country risk analyses including an analysis of investment climate conditions
The Economist Intelligence Unit, publishes market research for subscribers

Nautilus Institute
North Korea - infrastructure development and foreign aid initiatives  
Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization - KEDO - New York based nuclear energy to develop two light water nuclear reactors - never completed, and unlikely now.  Joint initiative of the Clinton-era US government with South Korea, Japan, and the European Union, tied to disarmament progress.  On hold since 2002, terminated November 2005.
North Korea - humanitarian and human rights activist groups Refer also to our general Humanitarian contacts directory
Democracy Network Against North Korean Gulag - Stalin ruthlessly used the gulags to as a form of slave labor to advance his industrialization policy and stifle opposition in the former Soviet Union.  North Korea's leadership seems to admire this approach to development, despite obvious failures such as millions of needless famine deaths in the late 1990's on a scale that is estimated to greatly exceed what Pol Pot did to Cambodia plus all the gulag deaths attributed to Stalin during all his years in power put together.

Those who describe Guantanamo as a gulag do not know their history - old or recent.  Various organizations are trying to expose this Holocaust and the gulags of our time, including perhaps 200,000 political prisoners by some official estimates.  Others offer foreign aid to the perpetrators and whatever humanitarian relief can be provided to the victims.  This group is trying to expose the human rights atrocities in North Korea which much of the world has largely chosen to ignore, as if the containment of such abuses within their borders and the successful deterrence of war so far has made this acceptable.

Of course, US news media and politicians at the time called Hitler's moves against Austria and Czechoslovakia and the ruthless invasion of Poland a "phony war", and still rationalized political and military inaction long after the fall of France and the Battle of Britain, and the enormous casualties of the war in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.  Stalin may have been ruthless, but he was largely abandoned to confront the rise of Hitler too, so at least he was trying to deal with a very real threat to the security of his country, unlike the subsequent Cold War era context of containment of an expansionist Soviet Union.
Human Rights House Network
NED - The National Endowment for Democracy
Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights
The North Korea Freedom Coalition
Korean news media and business journals
Korea Times - English newspaper

Korea Herald - English newspaper

The Herald Business

Korea Economic Report - monthly magazine
Invest Korea Journal (formerly Korea Trade and Investment) - government magazine
Korea Economic Daily - newspaper
Regional business media
Financial Times - Asia Pacific news
Asia Observer - general news site for countries throughout Asia
Asia Times Online - online publisher of news / views about the region
Time Magazine Asia online edition, business section
Far Eastern Economic Review (a Dow Jones publication)
Industry Associations and Chambers of Commerce

The American Chamber of Commerce in Korea

Published a recent book about the history of US business investment in Korea

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea, TEL +82-2-725-9880 Seoul

Publishes success stories of European companies in Korea
Korea International Trade Association (KITA), NY office TEL 212-421-8804  or
AFTAK - Assn of Foreign Trading Agents of Korea - finding agents / distributors

Asia Society, their Asia Business Today events,

and their Asia Source service for country comparisons

Korea Semiconductor Industry Association
Korea Plastic Industry Cooperative (KPIC)
Corporate Real Estate Firms         <return to top of page>

This section will be used  for convenience to highlight major corporate real estate firms with operations in the region.

See also the global CRE list, which can be used to find local offices of firms which may not be highlighted below.

We may also provide selective major property listings for the region, with links to the real estate firms and agents involved.

Note that the Korean government maintains a "Korea Real Estate Information Center" reference website at

Korea Real Estate Information Center - KREIC - includes some news about major project announcements, real estate developments, and Foreign Investment Zones as well as office and apartment housing market trends and prices
Colliers International - Seoul
CB Richard Ellis - Seoul
Cushman & Wakefield - Seoul
Korea Land Corp - Seoul - industrial and other real estate developments, REITs
ERA Korea Co., Ltd. - Seoul - commercial and residential real estate
Century 21 Korea Co., Ltd. - Seoul - commercial and residential real estate
Le Meilleur Co., Ltd. - Seoul - real estate marketing and construction
Korea Asset Advisors
KIRA Consulting - Seoul - commercial real estate
Business Location Consultants, Project Management, Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, and Construction

This section will be used to selectively highlight major firms with operations in Korea, as well as global firms with significant capabilities and experience in Korea.

See also the selective global lists of location consultants and project management services.

Business Location Consultants  
Project Management firms  
Engineering firms  
Architectural firms  
Tax and Legal Consultants         <return to top of page>

This section will be used to highlight major firms within the region, as well as global firms with significant experience in the region.

See also the selective global lists of tax advisors and international legal advisors.

The legal profession in Korea is a very closed market, so foreign legal consultants generally work with local attorneys rather than through branches or subsidiaries.

Research resources for finding law firms in the region  
Pacific Rim Advisory Council (regional association of law firms)
Hieros Gamos  (legal research center, global listing of law firms)
Lex Mundi  (global association of law firms)
Intellectual Property registration - requires a local attorney in this specialty  
Korea Industrial Property Office (KIPO) - trademarks, patents
Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MOCT) - copyrights
Copyright Registration Division : Copyright Deliberation and Conciliation Committee
Law Firms (alphabetical list, still under review for changes)  
Seoul Bar Association
Aram International Law Offices
Aurora Law Offices
Bae, Kim & Lee, P.C.
Central International Law Firm
Chin, Ahn, Ha & Seo
C.J. International Law Offices
First Law Offices of Korea
Hwang Mok Park & Jin Law Offices
Kim, Chang & Lee
Kim, Shin & Yu
Law Offices of Lee & Ko
Shin & Kim
Sojong Partners
Wonjon Intellectual Property Law Firm
Yoon & Partners
Accounting and Tax Advisory Services Firms  
KICPA - The Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Ahn Kwon Accounting Corp. (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu)
Young Wha Accounting Corp. (Ernst & Young)
Samil Accounting Corp. (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp. (KPMG)
Samduk Accounting Corp. (Nexia International - Netherlands)
Shin Han Accounting Corp. (Robinson Rhodes, McGladrey & Pullen)
Anjin Accounting Corp (Deloitte, formerly affiliated with Arthur Andersen)
Banks       This list identifies major banks in the region for convenience.  See also the selective global list in the corporate development and finance section.
Kookmin Bank
Shinhan Bank
Woori Bank
Hana Bank
Koram Bank - acquisition by Citibank announced February 2004
Korea First Bank (Newbridge Capital)
Korea Exchange Bank (Lone Star takeover protested by labor unions)
Chohung Bank - sold to Shinhan Bank in July 2003
Seoul Bank - sold to Hana Bank in 2003
US Banks with branches in Seoul (list under review for recent changes)
American Express Bank Ltd.
Citibank, N.A. - don't ask us for a referral, but some rate them highly
Fleet National Bank
Bank of America
Bank of California, N.A.
Bank of New York
Chase Manhattan
First Chicago NBD - BankOne
First Union National Bank, N.A.
Executive Search and Human Resources Agencies (alphabetical list, still under review for changes)
Adecco Korea
AMROP International
Boyden International, Inc.
Dream Search, Inc.
Global Human Bank
IBK Consulting Group
I-tec Consulting Co., Ltd.
KK Consulting, Inc.
McKinney Consulting Inc. - American, based in Seoul with executive search and management consulting services in Korea and Asia   

Steven B. McKinney, President   TEL 822 725-3830, 3903 (direct)

P&E Consulting, Inc.
Search International
Solution, Inc.
Tack International, Inc.
Top Business Consultant Service
Unico Search Inc.
Contact information for global relationship leaders at GDI Solutions :
Name e-mail Phone Fax
Bruce Donnelly 847-304-4655 847-304-5375

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