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Europe - European Business Investment Contacts Directory

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A new Invest In Europe directory is now available.  It divides the large regional directory below of European investment promotion agencies (IPA's) into country directories.  These national directories will expand to include more local economic development organizations and other useful contacts in each country, while the European regional economic development directory below will be more selective.

We are also developing a European directory of professional service providers for business investment projects.  That may also expand into national directories to include professionals whose work tends to be local or national in scope rather than pan-European or global.  Pan-European or global services also remain on this European regional directory of contacts, as shown by the links below.

Refer to our new website for powerful new custom search tools about business locations or professional services.  Contact us about referrals.  Try: Search: Europe

Try Search: Global CRE (commercial real estate)

Economic development organizations are encouraged to inform us of their websites and contact details so that we can make it easier for potential investors to find them. A special directory was set up on May 1, 2004 for the EU enlargement countries for convenient reference by executives and their professional advisors.  This will be updated periodically as other candidate countries for EU accession, such as Turkey and others,

Use the regional links below or scroll down for the directory of area representatives for investment promotion agency - IPA - services (economic development organizations - EDO) and other professional contacts or resources for planning direct investment projects in Europe.  "Europe" does not refer to European Union membership status.


The national links, when available below, are for separate and generally more comprehensive economic development directories of investment promotion agencies by country.

United Kingdom & Rep. of Ireland Benelux Region & France Northern Europe Russia and Eastern Europe
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Western Central Europe Eastern Central Europe Southern Europe Southeastern Europe
Germany, Austria, Switzerland Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia Portugal, Spain, Malta, Italy Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania
 Major Real Estate Listings and related outsourcing capacity Corporate Real Estate - selective firms in Europe Corporate Real Estate - global list of firms Regional Maps of Europe maps of the United Kingdom and Ireland Selective company lists (incomplete)
European location consultants Other information resources Design and Construction Basic Country maps Tax and Legal - regional European banks
Information about Cityscape USA - This successful series of global events about commercial real estate investment and city development projects in emerging markets will return to New York City in November 2009, and will showcase developments in North American cities.  Contact us for details.

Cityscape Asia - Singapore.

Cityscape China - Shanghai

Cityscape India - Mumbai

Cityscape Dubai 

Cityscape Abu Dhabi  

Cityscape Latin America - Sao Paulo 

See explanation of column headings below.  Suggestions are welcome for improvements or additional sources of information and support for investors, and please report any broken links.  We also welcome relevant reciprocal links
Organization Scope Contacts Website and other resources
United Kingdom and Ireland   
UK Trade & Investment (formerly known as the Invest in Britain Bureau and as Invest UK) National  (for USA)

BT eLocations Telecom
English Partnerships Developer
One NorthEast Region
The North of England Inward Investment Agency Region
County Durham Dev Co. (CDDC) County

Northumberland County Council County
Tyne & Wear Dev. Co. County
Barnsley Development Agency Metro
Rotherham Industrial Development Office Metro
Warrington Borough Council Borough
Think London Metro
London Development Agency Metro
London First Center Metro
Locate in Kent Region
Sheffield First Metro
Invest East of England Region
The British Midlands Region
East Midlands Development Agency Region
Advantage West Midlands Region
Welsh Development Agency Region
Cardiff & Newport Call Centre Initiative Industry focus
Scottish Development International Region


Northern Ireland      
Invest Northern Ireland Region
Republic of Ireland      
IDA - Investment and Development Agency of Ireland National
Enterprise Ireland


Western Development Commission Region
Shannon Development, and National Technological Park in Limerick County

Helen Leahy

+353 61 710236

Western Central Europe         
Germany Trade & Invest National
Invest in Bavaria State

Invest in Hessen State


New York
Business Dev Corp of Schleswig-Holstein State
IPA Niedersachsen State
Baden-Wurttemberg State
Berlin Business Development Corp City

Berlin Business Location Center

gwSaar Saarland Economic Promotion Corporation State
Aachen Region - AGIT Region

Stuttgart Region Region

HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation City    
Industrial Investment Council (E Germany) Region
Brandenburg Economic Dev Region

Austrian Business Agency,

and Austrian Trade Comm.


Vienna City
ÖAR Region, Vienna Region
Niederösterreich Region
Location:Switzerland National


survey from 9/9/04

Greater Zurich Area Metro
Zurich Canton Region
Business Center Luzern Local
Valais Economic Dev Corp SODEVAL Canton    
"Benelux" region and France          
Invest In Belgium National
Embassy of Belgium, Investment Office, Washington DC National
Wallonia Office for Foreign Investors Region

Flanders Foreign Investment Office Region
SPI (ED Agency for the Province of Liege) Region
Brussels-Capital Region Metro
Belgacom Telecom
The Netherlands      
Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency - NFIA National

City of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Foreign Investment Office City
Amsterdam Airport Area Region
Amsterdam Port Authority Port
Schiphol Area Development Co NV Local
Schiphol  AirportCities  (Amsterdam) Airport real estate development
Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce City
West Holland Foreign Investment Agency, The Hague Region
City of Almere, Dept of Economic Affairs City
City of Haarlemmermeer City
Limburg Development Company - Maastricht City
N.V. NOM - Agency for the Northern Netherlands Region
Luxembourg Board of Economic Dev. National
Economic Ministry National
Invest In France Agency - and North American office National

Invest in Northern France - Northern France eXperts (NFX) - Lille Region

Jean-Manuel Tailfer



Basse-Normandie Region
Alsace Development Agency Region
Jura Developpement Region
ADERLY Lyon Area Econ Dev Agency Region
CAD Cote D'Azur Developement Region
Provence Promotion - Invest in Provence - Bouches du Rhône - Marseille Region
Bordeaux Region Dev Agency Region
Invest in Midi-Pyrénées Region

Reims - ADER
Le Mans-Sarthe Economic Development Agency Region
France Atlantique Dev Agency Region
Ouest Atlantique
ADEC - Ajaccio, Corsica
Northern Europe   
Invest in Denmark National
Copenhagen Capacity Metro
Invest in Sweden Agency National
Invest in Finland National
Norway National   none identified at this time
Oslo Teknopole County and City

Invest in Iceland Agency National
Southern Europe          
ICEP (Portugal) National
Invest in Spain National
PromoMadrid Region

Rodrigo De la Mota

+34 917.450.127
CIDEM (Catalonia Office of Foreign Investment) region
IVEX (Valencia) region
IGAPE (Galicia) region

SPRI (Basque Development Agency) region
Malta Enterprise -for trade and investment National   email for info request
Malta Development Corp. National
Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE)

Invest in Italy (NY)


Sviluppo Lazio - Region of Lazio Development Agency Region

Cristiana Pace

+39 06 8456-8384

Invest in Turin and Piedmont Region
Eastern Central Europe    
Poland - Polish Agency for Foreign Investment (PAIZ) National
City of Wrocław, Lower Silesia, Poland City

Czech Republic - CzechInvest National
Slovakia - Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency National
ITD Hungary National


Latvian Development Agency National
Lithuanian Development Agency National
Estonian Investment Agency National
Russia and Eastern Europe  
Russian Federation Trade & Investment Promotion Agency (TIPA) National
Russia: All 89 Regions Trade & Investment Guide Publisher
Krasnodar Krai Economic Development Agency Region    
Belarusian Foreign Investment Promotion Agency National   none identified
Ukrainian Foreign Investment Promotion Agency National   none identified
Romania - Dept for Foreign Investment Promotion National   none identified
Bulgarian Foreign Investment Agency (BFIA) National
Invest Bulgaria National
Moldovan Investment Development Agency (MIDA), Export Promotion Organisation (MEPO) National
Invest in Georgia - Georgian National Investment Agency, Tbilisi National +995 32 43-34-24
Armenian Development Agency (ADA) National

Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation - AZPROMO - Baku National +99412 5980147
Southeastern Europe    
Invest in Turkey National

The Aegean Free Zone, Turkey Free zone
Greece - Hellenic Center for Investment (ELKE S.A.) National
Republic of Cyprus Embassy in Washington DC National 202-462-5772

land dispute issues in Turkish areas

Central Bank of Cyprus National
Macedonia, Privatisation Agency of the Republic National
Slovenia Trade & Investment Promotion Office National
Croatia Investment Promotion Division National
Albania Foreign Investment Promotion Agency National
Albanian Economic Development Agency National
Explanation of column headings above
  •  Organizations are generally sorted in postal code order so that locations which are geographically close to each other will usually (not always) be grouped together.  This is a selective directory, even though the state directory is more comprehensive than the very selective one we will maintain at the regional level to highlight the organizations which support our work or are found to be of frequent interest for the convenience of the executives and business advisors we serve.
  •  Scope : is the area served by the organization, and postal code.  We may include thumbnail maps which expand to show information about participating areas, or link directly to good maps or GIS research tools on the organization's website.
  •  Contacts : relationship leader at GDI Solutions for maintaining information about contacts in this area.  If there is a working relationship through our various GUIDE services, we also list the key organization contact, phone, and optional e-mail.
  •  Website and other resources : Aside from the main website link, we may include other direct links to highlight special features of expected interest to executives, especially if they might not be readily noticed by just visiting the website.  A good example of this is when relevant content is actually maintained somewhere else, such as a regional website rather than the local one, so that one would otherwise need to know to follow the available links between the websites.


  The presence, absence, or position of any organization on these lists, or their position on the lists, does not imply any endorsement or opinion about their services, nor by them about our own.

The selections are simply intended to be helpful to executives who may be unaware of such contacts, or how to reach their websites quickly.  Please contact us directly for relevant introductions or any additional contacts, market knowledge, and research which we don't publish.

Contact information for relationship leaders at Global Direct Investment Solutions (GDI-Solutions)

 Please contact us for project assistanceAs this business grows, relationship leaders in Europe will develop and maintain working relationships among more economic development organizations, professional service providers, and corporate executives who are responsible for major projects.

Name e-mail Phone Fax and Websites

Bruce Donnelly, President

Global Direct Investment Solutions

PO Box 439, Fox River Grove IL 60021 847-304-4655 (Chicago suburbs)

FAX 847-304-5375

Phil Eadon

Partners4Technology International

InterTech Global Alliance Ltd.

Delta Promotions & Marketing Ltd.

Washington, England, United Kingdom (UK)


located in Northern England near the cities of Durham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Sunderland

EU mobile :

from UK dial as (078) 3473 0929

from US dial as (011)+44-783-473-0929


Office :

from UK dial as (0)191-415-7340

from US dial as (011)+44-191-415-7340

country code is 44, Durham is 191

This directory selectively highlights participating economic development organizations and professional service provider contacts in the Europe region by including more relevant links to useful content than just the local website.  The directory may also identify other contacts of potential interest to executives and business advisors on a selective basis, as in the case of the following initial examples.  We work together with EDO's to share timely knowledge about the benefits of their areas as we serve potential investors and advisors who are responsible for business location or site selection decisions for foreign direct investment (FDI) or capital investment projects such as new factories or offices, expansion projects, business relocation, and consolidation of operations as in post-merger integration situations.

Related services support global B2B technology partnering in cooperation with local economic development organizations or IPA's.

Location Consultants : specialists in European business location strategy, site selection, and incentives negotiations for foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in Europe

Buck Consultants International

Service Profile

René Buck - in the Netherlands

Biographic Profile   e-mail TEL   (+011)31 24 379 0222
Business Location International

Marcel de Meirleir - in Brussels

Biographic Profile   e-mail TEL   (+011)32 476 42 9358
IBM Business Consulting Services - Plant Location International (IBM-PLI)

Roel Spee - in Brussels

Biographic Profile  e-mail TEL   (+011)32 2 416 5944
Deloitte - Global Deployment and Location Services - Global Expansion Optimization

Elias Van Herwaarden - in Brussels

Biographic Profile  e-mail TEL   (+011)32 2 639-4943
Terra Nova  Consulting

Roland Boone - in Brussels 

Biographic Profile   e-mail

website not yet available TEL
Other sources of information 

The following additional sources of information are included here for ease of reference.  Refer also to the list of US Government and related information sources for these or other countries, or the Research section.  Have you found other good sources, or local contacts for economic development and investment support?  Please let us know so that we may share them with others.

Source Website
Visit our European business Bookshelf suggestions.  We welcome your suggestions, too.

Europa - The European Union Online

and EuroStat - for EU statistics, Panorama - Portraits of the Regions, etc.

American Embassy, US & Foreign Commercial Service office, which prepares the Country Commercial Guide - link for international contact lists in US Government
US Dept of Commerce - various types of research reports available by country
US Dept of Commerce - Central and Eastern Europe Business Information Center - CEEBIC - to promote trade and investment development in Eastern Europe, with website access to many types of reports for countries throughout the region

CEEBIC CLOSED IN SEPTEMBER 2005 - website still has useful links

Handelsblatt - a leading German newspaper for business news in Europe
International Herald Tribune
The Economist
The Financial Times
Central European Initiative - European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
EBRD Directory
Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS) - site for information from the US Dept of Commerce about promotion of trade and investment for economic development in the areas of the former Soviet Union
The Eurasia Foundation - focus and Russia / NIS
OECD Publications
Russia : All 89 Regions Trade & Investment Guide ; CD ROM version available
The Moscow Times
Council for Trade and Economic Cooperation US-Russia (CTEC)
Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP)
Russia Development Gateway - information about development in Russia
British foreign policy news and travel advisories
Information about the UK
Focus - information for member expatriates living in London or the rest of the UK
Corporate Real Estate Firms         

This section will be used  for convenience to highlight major corporate real estate firms with operations in the region.

See also the global CRE list, which can be used to find local offices of firms which may not be highlighted below.

We also provide selective major property listings for the region, with links to the real estate firms and agents involved.

Catella Property Group, and Catella Eureal (Deutschland)
Colliers International - Austria (Vienna), Azerbaijan (Baku), Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels), Bulgaria (Sofia), Czech Republic (Prague), Denmark (Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Odense, Vejle), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart), Hungary (Budapest), Ireland (Cork, Dublin), Italy (Rome), Kazakhstan (Almaty, Atyrau), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Norway (Bergen, Oslo), Poland (Warsaw), Portugal (Lisbon, Porto), Romania (Buchahrest), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid),  Sweden (Gothenburg, Malmo, Stockholm), Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich), Turkey (Istanbul), UK (Belfast NI, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester), Ukraine (Kiev), Yugoslavia (Belgrade, Bratislava)  - global, main website for all areas, as locations may change

Some offices also maintain local websites, which may include :

Cushman & Wakefield - Healey & Baker
FPD Savills (UK)
Grubb & Ellis Knight Frank   

Belgium :

Regus - furnished, staffed, and equipped offices on short-term leases, plus meeting rooms, videoconferencing, and temporary (daily) space which may be useful to project teams needing a place to operate in an area during planning or startup work   for list of offices in over 300 locations worldwide

Including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Corporate real estate advisory, valuation services  
De Wit Consult bv - focus on The Netherlands and Belgium
Project Management, Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, and Construction

This section will be used to highlight major firms within the region, as well as global firms with significant experience in the region.

See also the selective global lists of location consultants and project management services.

The Austin Company - design, engineering, and construction
DEGW - large office environment planning, facility requirements definition
Atkins Group - Hanscomb Faithful & Gould - independent project management, owner rep.
Tax and Legal Consultants           

This section will be used to highlight major firms within the region, as well as global firms with significant experience in the region.

See also the selective global lists of tax advisors and international legal advisors, as most such firms have European operations or affiliates.

McKee Nelson LLP (has an alliance with Ernst & Young LLP)
Squire, Sanders & Dempsey (note practice for the formation of business entities, including foreign direct investment projects in China and eastern Europe, as well as their corporate real estate practice)
NautaDutilh  (Netherlands and Belgium offices, with experience in foreign investment and corporate real estate mainly in these countries)
White Case   (note European Union practice in Brussels, including work related to state aid)
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP - Swiss tax desk : planning, European HQ structures Jacqueline Hess  TEL +41 1 630 4366
European Market Entry Consulting  
Moss Consulting - market entry and cross-cultural issues for business planning, marketing effectiveness, regulatory and tax compliance

J. Brad Moss (in Belgium) TEL +(324)381-3161

PricewaterhouseCoopers UK "Pathfinder" service - in the tax practice, to help clients through typical startup issues for new offices in the country  
European Banks    This list identifies major banks in the region for convenience.  See also the selective global list in the corporate development and finance section.
Alfa Bank, Russia
International Moscow Bank  
RZB Group (Raiffeisen Bank, Central & Eastern Europe)
Ceskoslovenska Obochnodi Banka, Czech Republic
Tatra Bank, Slovakia
OTP Bank (National Savings and Commercial Bank Ltd.), Hungary
Parex Bank, Latvia
Vilniaus Bankas, Lithuania
Hansabank, Estonia
Yapi Kredi Bank, Turkey
İşbank, Turkey
Romanian Bank for Development
Bulbank, Bulgaria
Zagrebacka Bank, Croatia
International Bank of Azerbaijan Republic
Nova Ljubljanska Banka, Slovenia
Banco Popular Español, Spain  
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), Spain  
Millennium BCP (formerly Banco Comercial Portugues)
Royal Bank of Scotland  
Danske Bank, Denmark  
Den norske Bank, Norway  
Svenska Handelsbanken, Sweden  
Nordea, Sweden  
UBS, Switzerland
Credit Suisse Group, Switzerland  
ABN AMRO Holding, Netherlands  
ING Group - Internationale Nederlanden Groep, Netherlands  
Deutsche Bank  
Bayerische Landesbank  
Landesbank Baden-Württemberg  
Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau  
Bank Austria Creditanstalt
Fortis Bank, Belgium  
BNP Paribas, France  
Regional economic development directories of investment promotion agencies (IPA's) and related contacts.
US : Northeast US : Great Lakes Canada Mexico
US : Mid Atlantic US : North Central US : Mountain South America
US : Southeast US : South Central US : West Coast Central America, Caribbean
Europe South Asia Australia, New Zealand Middle East, and Africa
China, Taiwan Southeast Asia Korea Japan

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