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Biotechnology Clusters - Selective Directory of Business Locations and Services

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If you will attend the BIO 2008 conference in San Diego and would like to meet, please contact Bruce Donnelly as above.  We will be organizing a special session with new research on global biotech industry clusters and investment trends with fDi magazine.

fDi magazine (Financial Times group), for which we handle US advertising sales, hosted a special private event during BIO 2007 in Boston about global investment trends in the life science and biotech industry with market research consultants from IBM and Oxford Intelligence.  This was similar to a September 2006 presentation about global investment trends across many industries, with updated research

Selective directory of economic development representatives (by location) at biotech and life sciences industry events, and professional service providers (by specialty)

The following links to the directory below include economic development agencies, also known as investment promotion agencies (IPA's), and related business development organizations around the world which are known to be focusing on the biotechnology, life sciences, and environmental or related industries for future capital investment projects.  They typically are actively supporting their existing base of companies and industry cluster development initiatives in their regions through partnering events, technology business incubators, university science parks, research or technology parks, angel investor networks, venture capital initiatives, small business "accelerator" or mentoring programs, R&D incentives, tax incentives and other services.

Please contact us if we may be of assistance.  This directory is provided for convenient reference, as explained below, because we specialize in well-qualified personal referrals to help executives develop their capital investment project plans anywhere in the world, while related services (see below) support B2B partnering interests in this industry and others too.

US : Northeast


US : Southeast


US : North Central


US : Mountain


US : Mid Atlantic


US : Great Lakes


US : South Central


US : West Coast


Canada Mexico South America Central America, Caribbean
Europe South Asia Australia, New Zealand Middle East, and Africa
China, Taiwan Southeast Asia Korea Japan
Industry and networking events Incentives consultants, R&D tax credits Management consultants Research institutes, national labs
Design, Engineering, Construction Law firms Tax advisors Publishers
Corporate Real Estate Venture capital Financial Services Public relations
The 2007 fDi North American Cities of the Future awards were presented to winners during the BIO 2007 convention in Boston, May 6-9, 2007.

We are working on other plans for BIO 2008 in San Diego.

Many of the leading economic development agencies in the world promote their regions as business cluster locations at BIO each year to attract the interest of executives in the biotech and life sciences field.

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Ask us about advertising in fDi magazine - Foreign Direct Investment - "the ONLY global publication focusing on the business of globalization".  fDi is published by FT Business, of The Financial Times Group.  See fDi Links to search back issues.

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We attended the BIO 2006 (April 9-12, 2006) biotech trade show in Chicago, and BIO 2007 in Boston.  Please contact us if you would like to meet us at BIO 2008 in San Diego or any other time, or if your company is growing and we can assist you (free) with your expansion plans anywhere in the world.

We also attended Bio 2004 and BioParks 2004 in San Francisco for networking purposes, but not as exhibitors.  Refer to the BIO convention website for the full list of all BIO exhibitors, or for the AURP Bio Parks conference, with descriptions as provided by their exhibitors.  We selectively list organizations below which we consider to be relevant to our business development specialty.

See how to request a relevant directory listing, and our suggestions for reciprocal links.

Refer also to our global directories of location consultants, incentive consultants, international and intellectual property law firms, tax advisors, design, engineering and construction firms, corporate real estate firms, HR specialists, and other professional contacts relevant to our work. 

We can also highlight Profiles of service provider capabilities as well as business locations which focus on this industry or others. 


We specialize in personal, independent introductions to relevant professional service providers such as business location strategy consultants and our many economic development contacts according to the project interests of the executives we serve.  Please contact us to discuss such services or introductory referrals.


The International Business Introduction Service

for Technology-Led Business Cluster Development

The selective directory below includes Bio 2004 and BIO 2005 exhibitors and AURP attendees, plus updates from BIO 2006 in Chicago and other sources.  It is limited to economic development organizations and related investment promotion agencies or professionals relevant to our work, including AURP BioParks attendees representing science parks, incubators, and public sector technology transfer or R&D programs.  We do not list corporate attendees or all exhibitors here (see the event organizer websites for such listings and descriptive details).  We also list some publishers, associations, foundations, and other event organizers we have met which seem to be very relevant to the economic development profession as it relates to the growth of the biotech and life sciences industry, because this should also be useful to visitors to this website.

This directory demonstrates how our "Event Recall" service can be helpful to executives and their advisors by highlighting the many economic development organizations which have invested to be exhibitors or participants at major industry trade shows.  They can otherwise be hard to find in large event directories which are organized for other purposes, and it can also be hard to quickly identify which areas - out of thousands worldwide - already have established or are trying to develop larger biotech or life sciences industry clusters.

This directory makes it easier to identify potentially relevant business locations and services which are investing in marketing work to develop clusters in this industry.  We make it easy to find their websites, and can introduce relevant contacts personally at any time.

The directory below lists many relevant exhibitors, event attendees, and website links.

Areas participating in our service will have more complete listings for a year (executive summary, contact name, phone, etc.) through GUIDE Area Profiles, Area Surveys, or other related content to highlight their area's benefits for potential investors in this industry.

Professional service providers can also highlight their capabilities through Service Profiles.

It would be difficult for event attendees to develop a simple list like this of all the business development contacts which they may want to meet before, during, or after an event. They are typically scattered among a very large number of of exhibitors, and attendees may have other priorities for their time during a large convention or simply prefer to meet privately.

In any case, once such an event is over, the directory information about past exhibitors may soon disappear from the event organizer's websites as they prepare for the next year, even though this knowledge remains potentially useful for the investors and advisors we serve.

The key executives may not have attended a particular event, or may not have met these contacts there.  If they did attend and meet, this simple list makes it easier to find these contacts again, and easier to plan ahead for introductory meetings at future events.

A note to visitors who are concerned about the biotech industry

Environmentalists and other activists or potential opponents of the biotech industry are encouraged to look into , sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research in Washington DC.  This is just one of many complex topics which they address.

Whether or not one accepts their unabashedly conservative point of view, there are links to information which may provide useful additional perspectives for those who are willing to carefully consider other views, rather than just oppose biotechnology research and industrial development at all costs.  It tends to be easier to find the websites of vocal opponents of biotech, but the issues are more complex than vocal critics may be willing to acknowledge.

There are risks and potential consequences in the development and introduction of any new technology, but there are also very serious consequences from inaction.  For example, global poverty and health problems cause needless suffering and the terrible waste of countless lives each year.  Scientific and industrial research and sustainable development needs to better support the many needs of mankind in an environmentally responsible way. 

Abstract "moral" attacks such as the absolute "right to life" approach to stem cell research or opposition to GMO's in agriculture tend to neglect the greater right to life of children and adults in the developing and developed world.  Is it morally justifiable and ethical for those of us who enjoy healthy lives in prosperous countries to let so many other people suffer needlessly?

If you have concerns about the biotech industry, invest the time to learn more about it.

Recommended reading : Dr. Patrick Moore, Greenspirit Strategies

In particular, consider the views of Dr. Patrick Moore, one of the co-founders of Greenpeace, who was an outstanding speaker at BIO 2004 in San Francisco.  EnviroTruth quotes a few of his remarks about the debate over GMO's such as genetically modified foods, but consider his own words through his website at or some of his "The Sensible Environmentalist" columns for ESPN Outdoors, or buy a copy of his book.  His essay on "Environmentalism for the 21st Century" is highly recommended.

You may even find his profile in Wired magazine, "Eco-Traitor", to be more balanced than the title suggests.  His basic premise is that environmental sustainability is not threatened by science and technology, but rather can be enhanced by the better-informed choices we make about industrial development as we address the legitimate needs of mankind with greater sensitivity to the potential risks and unintended environmental consequences.

Instead of the radical environmentalist or "eco-terrorist" and anti-globalization opposition to virtually any form of economic development, led by a few who enjoy confrontation and media attention, he argues for greater balance and thoughtful work with leaders in business and government to develop and implement viable solutions to the complex needs of mankind and the environment we share.  We know what the activists oppose, but what do they propose?

The failure to actively develop and take advantage of new technologies can actually result in less ecologically sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, and it will predictably cost many lives and sustain needless suffering.  Inaction has serious consequences.

UNITED STATES see also industry event lists, below Headings below link to area directories Organization names link to websites
USA - multiple regions Global Associations Global Foundations Humanitarian / Philanthropic Services
US Government - Trade & Investment - our directory of US and multilateral agency resources for trade and investment, such as the US Department of Commerce, World Bank, and other organizations.  Note the BioIndustry Initiative of the U.S. Department of State for biotech investment in Russia BIO - Biotechnology Industry Organization

The BIO 2006 convention was April 9-12 in Chicago - our home town.

BIO Ventures for Global Health

Responding to the complex challenges of meeting developing country health needs.

This is our selective directory of cross-border humanitarian and philanthropic services related to global economic development - poverty reduction, health, education, shelter, disaster relief and other charitable work.

Council of Biotechnology Centers

This group addresses biotech / life sciences workforce development issues, including community college programs.  See also

AURP - Association of University Research Parks - organizes the BioParks 2007 event just before the BIO 2007 in Boston, and Annual Conference Milken Institute

Performs research in support of economic development and investment worldwide.

In 2006 we are developing a new organization for business leaders who are committed to innovation in economic development in communities of interest - anywhere.  See the Global Direct Investment Forum and the related Foundation.

Invest USA  Invest Europe  Directories

Our directories of economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, professional service providers and other resources may also be helpful.  Our Green directory is for sustainable development.

Foreign-Trade Zones ( FTZ )

Our directory of US Foreign Trade Zones may be of interest since they are often used by pharmaceutical, chemical, and other companies because of the tax incentives.

We are developing our own global directory of technology parks, business incubators, and cluster development initiatives to make them, and related economic development agencies, much easier for executives and their professional advisors to find quickly. It is not just the work of organized charities or governments to develop a better future for us all, starting today.  Our business is for profit, but also has a strong social purpose.

- Bruce Donnelly

- Global Direct Investment Solutions

US Northeast Region - directory Request a relevant directory listing    
Connecticut - CT directory   Rhode Island - RI directory Vermont - VT directory
Connecticut's BioScience Cluster    


Maine - ME directory      
Maine Biotech Portland Maine City of Westbrook Maine  
Massachusetts - MA directory     Boston will host BIO 2007
Massachusetts It's All Here The CBR Institute for Biomedical Research, Inc. (Harvard Medical School) BioSquare at Boston University Medical Center and
Massachusetts Office of Business Development   South Coast Development Partnership Fall River Area Chamber of Commerce & Industry
New Hampshire - NH directory      
New Hampshire Biotechnology Council State of New Hampshire Public Service of New Hampshire Pease Development Authority
New York  - NY directory      
New York Biotechnology Association Empire State Development Buffalo Niagara  Partnership Greater Rochester Enterprise

Syracuse and Central New York

Area Survey

CNY MedTech - Syracuse NY Center for Biotechnology (NY) New York City Economic Development Corporation

Hudson Valley Economic Development

Area Profile

Columbia Hudson Partnership Madison County NY Industrial Development Agency  
US Mid-Atlantic Region - directory Request a relevant directory listing    
Delaware - DE directory      
Delaware Biotechnology Initiative Delaware Economic Development Office Delaware State University (new high technology research incubator facility development plans) New Castle County Economic Development Council - Wilmington DE
Maryland - MD directory      
Maryland Dept of Business and Economic Development Baltimore Biotechnology - Baltimore Bio - Baltimore Development Corp. Frederick County MD Office of Economic Development Montgomery County, MD  Department of Economic Development
Maryland Technology Development Center - MTDC UMB BioPark at University of Maryland, Baltimore The Technology Council of Maryland - Maryland BioAlliance Rockville Economic Development Inc.
MDBio, Inc.      
Pennsylvania - PA directory      
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Ben Franklin Technology Partners Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse Innovation Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Biotechnology Association The Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Regional Alliance BioAdvance - The Biotechnology Greenhouse of Southeastern PA
Penn State Industrial Research Office South Central Team PA, Inc. Team Pennsylvania West PECO, An Exelon Company
Pennsylvania Bio   I-99 Corridor Alliance (Altoona)  
New Jersey - NJ directory      
New Jersey Technology Centre New Jersey Commerce and Economic Growth Commission New Jersey Biotechnology and Life Sciences Coalition New Jersey County Economic Development Partners
BCEDC - Bergen County Economic Development Corporation Somerset County Business Partnership BCNJ Biotechnology Council of New Jersey  
North Carolina - NC directory NC professional services directory N Carolina GUIDE "On The Short List"  
North Carolina Biomanufacturing Companies - NC Dept of Commerce Research Triangle Regional Partnership Piedmont Triad Research Park North Carolina's Eastern Region
Fayetteville Area Economic Development Corporation - Cumberland County, NC


Area Profile   Area Survey


Seeking pharmaceutical or other projects

Consultant study available about benefits

Phyllis Owens  TEL (910)483-3408

Virginia - VA directory     West Virginia  - WV directory
Virginia Economic Development Partnership Virginia BioTechnology Research Park - Greater Richmond, VA Loudoun County Virginia  

Prince William County (VA)

Area Profile

Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (VA) Roanoke and New River Valley Economic Development  
Washington D.C. - DC directory      
Greater Washington Initiative      
US Southeast Region - directory Request a relevant directory listing    
Alabama - AL directory      
Alabama Economic Development Partners      
Florida - FL directory Battelle 2006 BIO report: Florida    
Enterprise Florida, Inc.


Palm Beach County - new home of The Scripps Research Institute Florida campus Palm Beach Gardens The Broward Alliance/Broward County Office of Economic Development
Florida Biotech Florida High Tech Corridor Jacksonville - Northeast Florida Miami-Dade Beacon Council
  Southwest Florida Florida Atlantic University  
Georgia - GA directory      
Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce Augusta Life Sciences

Georgia Medical Center Authority

Augusta-Richmond County Development Authority Development Authority of Columbia County Medical College of George Life Sciences Business Development Center  
Georgia Office of Science & Technology Georgia Biomedical Partnership    
Mississippi - MS directory      
South Carolina - SC directory      
South Carolina BIO - Team SC Central South Carolina Alliance South Carolina Power Team  
South Carolina Department of Commerce Charleston Regional Development Alliance Upstate South Carolina Alliance  
Tennessee - TN directory      
Puerto Rico - PR directory      
Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company      
US Great Lakes Region - directory Request a relevant directory listing    
Illinois - IL directory Illinois professional services directory Illinois GUIDE "On The Short List"  
City of Chicago (BIO 2006 host city, April 9-12, 2006) Chicago-ITEC and Illinois Ventures LLC Chicago Technology Park and Illinois Medical District of Chicago Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
Cook County Business Center (Chicago) iBIO – Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization PeoriaNEXT  
Kentucky - KY directory      
Kentucky Life Sciences Organization - BioKentucky


Indiana - IN directory      
Indiana Department of Commerce      
Ohio - OH directory      
Ohio Bio

formerly Omeris: Accelerating Biosciences in Ohio

Michigan - MI directory      
Michigan Economic Development Corporation




Minnesota - MN directory      
Positively Minnesota Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics Genesis Business Centers Ltd. (MN) Worthington Bioscience/Agricultural Partnership
Wisconsin - WI directory      
Forward Wisconsin Wisconsin Technology Council Wisconsin Biotechnology and Medical Device Association  
US North Central Region - directory Request a relevant directory listing    
Iowa - IA directory      
Iowa BioDevelopment - see Area Survey for Ottumwa, Iowa Iowa Department of Economic Development - replaced    
Kansas - KS directory      
Kansas Bioscience Association Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute    
Missouri - MO directory      
Missouri Department of Economic Development St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association St. Louis County Economic Council  
Nebraska - NE directory North Dakota  - ND directory South Dakota - SD directory  
Bio Nebraska      
US South Central Region - directory Request a relevant directory listing    
Arkansas - AR directory      
Arkansas BioVentures Arkansas Economic Development


Oklahoma - OK directory      

Greater Oklahoma City Partnership

Area Profile

Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Texas - TX directory      
Austin Chamber (Greater Austin) BioHouston San Antonio BioPartners  
Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute The Spectrum at Clear Creek - Pearland Economic Development Corp.

Dallas/Fort Worth Life Sciences Partnership

Louisiana - LA directory      
Louisiana Economic Development Consortium for Education, Research and Technology of North Louisiana (CERT) InterTech Science Park, Biomedical Research Foundation of NW Louisiana Entergy Louisiana
US Mountain Region - directory Request a relevant directory listing    
Arizona - AZ directory      
Arizona BioIndustry Association Arizona Dept of Commerce Greater Tucson Economic Council Greater Flagstaff Economic Council
Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation - Area Survey

Greater Phoenix Economic Council - fDi Spotlight report for the Arizona Global Network

City of Phoenix  
Colorado - CO directory      
State of Colorado Fitzsimmons Redevelopment Authority Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation  
Idaho - ID directory      
Idaho Dept. of Commerce BioIdaho    
New Mexico - NM directory      
Utah - UT directory Utah professional services directory Utah GUIDE - "On The Short List"  
State of Utah - Utah Life Science Association      
Wyoming - WY directory      
US West Coast Region - directory Request a relevant directory listing    
California - CA directory      
Team California Bay Area Marketing Partnership City of South San Francisco Wareham Development - East Bay
San Diego Regional EDC University of California, San Diego Biocom (San Diego, southern California) Destination Irvine
Oregon - OR directory Nevada - NV directory Hawaii - HI directory Alaska - AK directory
Oregon Economic and Community Development Department   Hawaii Life Sciences  
Washington - WA directory      
Washington State Tri-City Industrial Development Council - TRIDEC   Area Profile Economic Development Council of Seattle and King County Spokane Area Economic Development Council
CANADA - Directory Request a relevant directory listing    
Canada - Ontario - ON Directory      
BIOTECanada  (national) Government of Canada Ontario  
Canada - Quebec - PQ Directory      
BIOQuebec Biomed Developpement (Sherbrooke) The Biotech City (Laval Technopole) BioContact Quebec
Investissement Quebec National Research Council - Biotechnology Research Institute (Montreal)

City of Agri-Food, Veterinary and Agro-Environmental Biotechnology (St-Hyacinthe Technopole)


Montréal International


PÔLE Québec Chaudière-Appalaches

Canada - Atlantic      
Atlantic Canada Bio-Industries Alliance      
Canada - Western      
BC Biotech BioAlberta Manitoba Energy, Science & Technology Investment Saskatchewan Inc.
Discovery Parks (BC)   National Research Council - Institute for Biodiagnostics Saskatchewan Industry & Resources
Vancouver Island Technology Park      
Mexico - directory      
Central America and the Caribbean      
Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company      
Brazil - directory   other South America - directory  
Fundação BioMinas   Argentina Chilean Biotechnology
EUROPE - Directory EU enlargement Area Surveys Request a relevant directory listing  
Europe - United Kingdom     Republic of Ireland
BIA - UK BioIndustry Association Bio Northern Ireland (Invest Northern Ireland) Scottish Development International IDA Ireland
The British Midlands London BioScience Innovation Centre BioDundee  
East of England Development Agency also  London Development Agency The University of Edinburgh  
Bionow (northwest England) London Biotechnology Network - London University Network ITI Life Sciences  
Southwest of England Regional Development Agency - SWRDA Yorkshire Forward WalesTrade International  
Partners4Technology - multi-industry global B2B partnering service,  "matchmaking" online supported by local partners - above BioLondon    
Europe - Benelux Region and France Request a relevant directory listing    
Belgium The Netherlands France  
Brussels Enterprise Agency - BEA Wallonia Office for Foreign Investors Eurasanté (Lille, Northern France)

Belgian Bioindustries Association

Brussels Trade Office - Capital Region     Grenoble BIO Network (ADEBAG)
BioTeam Paris Region Lyon BioAdvisor Alsace Development International Montpellier Technopole - Biotech Sunbelt
CBB Developpement (Western France) Cote d'Azur Developpement (CAD) Provence Promotion Rennes Atalante Science Park
Midi-Pyrenees Expansion (South-West France, Toulouse)

Bio-Business in Rhône-Alpes

France Atlantique Biotech

PRODEXPORT - Région Languedoc Roussillon

CAP Developpement (Champagne- Ardenne, Picardie) Biotech Sunbelt- Languedoc Roussillon Prospection (French Mediterranean - Montpellier and Nîmes )

BioValley Alsace International


INNOVACT - Reims and Epernay Chambre of Commerce and Industry

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

Food & Health Valley (Oost NV)

Netherlands Foreign Trade Agency EVD NOM/BioMedCity Groningen (Northern Netherlands)
Amsterdam Foreign Investment Office

Limburg Life Sciences (LIOF) (Maastricht-Aachen-Liege)

Netherlands Genomics Initiative

BioPartner Network (Netherlands)

Province of Flevoland West-Holland Foreign Investment Agency Utrecht Foreign Investment Office BioScience Park Lelystad (Netherlands)
Europe - Northern Request a relevant directory listing    
Sweden Norway Denmark Finland

Business Arena Stockholm AB

Oslo Teknopol

bioTEAMsouth (Denmark)

Finpro Marketing Ltd. - trade promotion

BioTech Forum + ScanLab / Stockholm International Fairs (event for Scandinavia) MedCoast Scandinavia

Medicon Valley (Copenhagen Capacity / Position Skåne)

Finnish Bioindustries FIB

Invest in Sweden Agency Innovation Norway Medicon Valley Academy

Technopolis Plc. c/o Bioforum Oulu

Uppsala Bio   SCION DTU A/S

Tekes, the National Technology Agency of Finland

Europe - Central Western and Germany Request a relevant directory listing    
Switzerland - directory      
Location : Switzerland - Area Survey BioAlps (Geneva)    
Austria - directory      
Austrian Trade Commission Life Science Austria (LISA) Vienna Region    
Germany - directory List of German exhibitors at BIO 2005    
BioValley (Germany, France, Switzerland) Innovative Medicine in Northern Germany i-Med/NORD BioMed Venture AG
Rheinland Pfalz / Rheinland Palatinate   Saarland  
Innovative Rheinland-Pfalz c/o IMG Innovations-Management GmbH Rostock Business and Technology Development GmbH CC-NanoBioTech (Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland)  
Lower Saxony / Niedersachsen      
BioRegioN GmbH - Hannover, Lower Saxony      
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Schleswig Holstein Hamburg  
Biocon Valley GmbH (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)

Business Development Corp. of Schleswig-Holstein


Berlin and Brandenburg      
Berlin Business Development Corp. BBB Management GmbH - Campus Berlin Buch Biotechnologiepark Luckenwalde GmbH (Berlin) Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB)
berlinbiotechpark BioTOP Berlin Brandenburg    
Network BioMeT Dresden biosaxony Saxony Economic Development Corporation c/o DMA GmbH  
BIO Mitteldeutschland GmbH (Saxony-Anhalt / Sachsen-Anhalt) InterTech 2005 - Magdeburg - multi-industry global business partnering event, as above    
North Rhine-Westphalia / Nordrhein-Westphalen      
Economic Development Corporation of the German State of Nordrhein-Westfalen mbH (GfW) Ministry of Economic Affairs and Labour Nordrhein-Westfalen LSA Life Science Agency GmbH (Nordrhein-Westfalen) BioRiver - Life Sciences in the Rhineland - Dusseldorf
BioPartners Cologne Life Technologies Ruhr Technologiepark Muenster GmbH  
Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Centre (FIZ) Invest in Hessen - InvestitionsBank Hessen AG (IBH) Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG (Frankfurt industrial park) TechnologieStiftung Hessen GmbH
Bavaria / Bayern      
Bayern International GmbH Bio-M AG BioTech-Region München Invest in Bavaria BioMedTec Franken e.V. (Würzburg)
State of Bavaria U.S. Office for Economic Development Bayern Innovativ GmbH BioPark Regensburg GmbH BioCampus Straubing GmbH
BioRegio STERN Management GmbH (Stuttgart, Tübingen, Esslingen, Reutlingen and the Neckar-Alb area) BioRegion Rhein-Neckar-Dreieck e.V. (Heidelberg) Technologiepark Heidelberg  
Baden-Württemberg Agency for International Economic Cooperation BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH BioRegioUlm Förderverein Biotechnologie e. V. BioRegion Freiburg - BioTechPark Freiburg
Europe - Eastern Central Czech Republic Russia  
  CzechInvest BioIndustry Initiative of the U.S. Department of State  


  Center for New Medical Technologies (TEMPO) - Russia  
Europe - Southern   Europe - Southeastern and Turkey  
Spain Italy    
Invest in Spain Italian Trade Commission    
Investment Promotion Agency of Catalonia - CIDEM - Catalunya San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park    
Spain Trade Commission Bioindustry Park del Canavese SpA , Italy    

ICEX - Foreign Trade Institute of Spain

Genoma España      
China - directory Request a relevant directory listing Taiwan  

China Beijing Bioengineering & Pharmaceutical Industrial Base

China National Center for Biotechnology Development

Taiwan External Trade Development Council

Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB)

China National Health Technology Park (Guangdong) Beijing Bio-Industrial Incubation Center (BBIIC) Biomedical Engineering Center of Industrial Technology Research Institute (Hsinchu)  
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Liuyang Biomedical Park, Changsha Hunan    
Southeast Asia, Pacific Singapore Malaysia The Philippines
JTC Corporation (industrial parks, Singapore) Singapore Economic Development Board Penang Development Corporation  
Biomedical Research Council, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) - Singapore BioSingapore - Biotech Research Ventures Pte Ltd BioValley Malaysia - Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment  
Australia - directory Request a relevant directory listing   New Zealand - directory
Invest Australia Government of Victoria, Melbourne Waikato Innovation - New Zealand
AusBiotech - Australia's Biotechnology Organization Queensland Government Government of Western Australia  
Australian  Trade Commission UniQuest Pty Ltd. - Brisbane, Queensland Bio Innovation SA (South Australia)  
Bio21 Institute (Victoria) BusinessACT (Australia Capital Territory - Canberra)    

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

NSW Department of State and Regional Development (Sydney)    

Korea - directory

Request a relevant directory listing    
Japan - directory Request a relevant directory listing    
Japan Bioindustry Association - JBA



JETRO - Japan External Trade Organization The City of Yokohama Fuji Pharm Valley Initiatives Shizuoka Prefectual Government
  Osaka Prefectural Government

Fukuoka Bio Valley Project - Promotion Council for Fukuoka

NPO Bio Factory Central Japan (bio FACE Japan)
South Asia - India - directory Request a relevant directory listing    
ICRISAT Agri-Science Park - Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad "Genome Valley" SP Shapoorji Pallonji Biotech Park Pvt. Ltd. - Andhra Pradesh India Brand Equity Foundation -

Resource Center   Directories

Confederation of Indian Industry - CII
Andhra Pradesh Industries and Commerce Department Karnataka Biotechnology Development Council - Bangalore    
The Middle East   Africa  

USISTC/F–The U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Commission and Foundation

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Contact us for professional referrals See the Seek Advice section Headings below link to service directories
Industry events - USA, Canada

See also Invest USA and Canada directories

Industry events - Europe

See also European regions, above

Industry events - Asia

See also Asian regional directories, above

Industry events - other regions
Bio 2005 convention, Philadelphia PA June 19-22, 2005 BIO-Europe : November 9-11, 2005 Dresden, Saxony, Germany    
AURP BioParks  Conference, Philadelphia PA June 18, 2005 BioPartnering Europe and the Cordia convention, London, UK during the World Life Science Week, October 9-13, 2006    
BioContact, Quebec, Canada : October 5-7, 2005 InterTech 2005, Magdeburg Germany - multi industry B2B partnering event near Berlin, in Sachsen Anhalt, October 10-11, 2005    
  AUTM and ASTP - Amsterdam, May 27-28, 2005 - Association of University Technology Managers and Association of European Science and Technology Professionals - technology transfer and intellectual property    
  innovact, Brussels    
Facility design, engineering, and construction, project management Corporate Real Estate Management Consultants Business Location /  Site Selection Consultants
Alfa Laval Biokinetics, Inc. - engineering and consulting - design, validation, optimization and design/build services to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry CB Richard Ellis Deloitte - Life Sciences practice - NJ Contact us for professional referrals
CRB Forest City Boston - Forest City Science & Technology Group Decision Resources See the Seek Advice section
DPR Construction Inc.      
Fluor Corporation GVA Worldwide Ernst & Young  
Hanscomb Faithful & Gould Spaulding & Slye Colliers - Boston IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences  
Linde-KCA Dresden GmbH L.E.K. Consulting - Boston  
Lockwood Greene - now CH2M Hill   PharmaBioSource  
Rudolph and Sletten, Inc.   PricewaterhouseCoopers  
Suitt Construction Company Inc.   TDV Global Inc. - Winnipeg  
Techspace, Inc.   Tunnell Consulting - PA  
Walsh Construction   Wood Mackenzie - Boston  
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company - Baltimore   Maxiom Group - supply chain and IT consulting for life sciences companies - Boston  
Venture Capital Financial Services, Banks, and financial advisors, M&A, alliances Investment incentives consultants and tax advisors - R&D Tax credits Public Relations, Communications and Marketing Services
Burrill Datacenter - Burrill & Company - bank, conferences, industry reports Toronto Stock Exchange

Service Profile - capabilities, contacts

Specialists in US federal R&D tax credits for incentives and retroactive cost savings.

Hill & Knowlton, Inc. - Chicago

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB)

SWX - Swiss Exchange  

Euro RSCG Life NRP

Sarsia Innovation - Norway Recombinant Capital - and   The ChemPetitive Group - Chicago
SpringHill Management Ltd. - UK     PR Newswire
Venture Capital Journal - Thomson      
Law Firms - Intellectual Property, M&A, IPO, corporate structure, etc. refer also to our directory of law firms    
Fish & Richardson P.C. - Redwood City Arent Fox - Washington DC Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. - Boston Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP - Ottawa
Heller Ehrman - San Francisco

Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP - VA

Palmer & Dodge LLP - Boston

Smart & Biggar / Fetherstonhaugh - Vancouver BC

Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear, LLP - San Diego

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP - Washington DC

Ropes & Gray LLP - Boston

Phillips Ormonde & Fitzpatrick - Melbourne, Australia

Morrison & Foerster, LLP - San Francisco

Foley & Lardner LLP - Washington DC Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault, LLP - Boston Cabinet Plasseraud - Paris

Pillsbury Winthrop LLP - San Diego

Hogan & Hartson LLP - Washington DC Fish & Neave - NY

De Clercq, Brants and Partners - Belgium

Perkins Coie LLP - Seattle Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP - Washington DC

Kenyon & Kenyon - NY

Plougmann & Vingtoft - Copenhagen

Seed Intellectual Property Law Group - Seattle Patton Boggs LLP - Washington DC


Morgan & Finnegan, LLP - NY

R .G. C. Jenkins & Co European Patent Attorneys - London

Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP - San Francisco Senniger Powers - St. Louis

Leydig, Voit & Mayer - Chicago

Office Van Malderen - Pronovem Group - Brussels

Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP - San Francisco

Schwegman, Lundberg, Woessner & Kluth, P.A. - Minneapolis

Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP - Chicago  
  Dorsey & Whitney LLP, Minneapolis    
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BioPharm International Magazine Genetic Engineering News (GEN) - Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. BioSpace Area Development Magazine
Contract Pharma Magazine The BioProcessing Journal BioWorld Today - newspaper, e-mail, fax, online Site Selection / Conway Data, Inc.
Nature Publishing Group BioTechniques and BioTechniques EuroEdition - Eaton Publishing / New Scientist WEDA / Business Development Outlook
The Scientist PJB Publications Business Wire - BioWire2K National Biotech Register
Science / AAAS Windhover Information Inc. PR Newswire  
Research Institutes, National Labs   Industry directory publishers Translation Services
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Battelle Health & Life Sciences   TransPerfect Translations - NY
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory National Cancer Institute - Technology Transfer Branch    

U.S. Department of Energy Genomics:GTL Program

National Institute of Health - 0ffice of Technology Transfer    
UT-Battelle, LLC - Oak Ridge TN

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Technology Transfer Office (CDC TTO)

NASA Space Partnership Division National Research Council - Canada    
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Major project announcements by industry sector  (selective directories)

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These directories summarize billions of dollars in recent project announcements by many companies, with links to sources of information about their chosen locations.
Advanced Materials - Ceramics, metals Aerospace Automotive Biotechnology Customer Contact Centers, Call Centers Chemicals
Computers Construction materials Consumer electronics Consumer goods - durable and non Defense Electronics
Energy Financial and professional services Food & Beverage Processing Hospitality, Tourism Logistics Machinery & tools for  manufacturing
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