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GIS Map Makers : Tools and Maps of Area Data for Analysis

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This section will provide links to the GUIDE Area Profiles and websites of participating areas, as well as the places where they publish maps or mapping tools for graphic analysis of data about their areas (whether on their own websites or through database services or GIS application service providers).

Refer also to the "Data Pointers" service to help identify sources of area data to map for analysis or presentations, which is explained in more detail separately.  The regional tables of contacts provide many sources of information worldwide.

See also : Location consultants, and the Consultant Tips section.  Leading location consultants routinely use GIS mapping software with many data sources to support their own data analysis work and client presentations so that it is easier to visualize complex data when comparing business location alternatives.

The Research section provides many sources for :
There is a small fee (see Order Form) for areas to have their GIS maps or mapping services highlighted below.  This is a selective list for the convenience of executives and their advisors.  The initial examples below simply demonstrate how this new service will function.  Future listings may be more detailed.

We do not control, verify, or warrant the accuracy of the data or maps which areas or service providers publish, and are not responsible for investment decisions which may be taken by executives, nor the advice they may receive from advisors who use such data.  Due diligence should be exercised by investors to validate any critical data for their plans.


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Maps provided by

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Where to find maps

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Scope of maps

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Sources and timing of data cited? Source of GIS maps
GIS Mapping services          
many US areas GIS Planning websites of their clients, below demographic area data, real estate property listings, business lists   ESRI
US Geography Network demographic, economic area data   ESRI
US Northeast          
Massachusetts Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC), Mass. Dept. of Economic Development, and other partners Mass Means Business available real estate, demographic area data   Applied Geographics, Inc., ESRI ArcSDE repository, ArcIMS internet mapping
Madison, Maine - Somerset County Town of Madison, ME   available real estate   Blue Marble Geographics, BeyondGeo
US Mid Atlantic          
Philadelphia PA region Positively Philadelphia Positively Philadelphia      
Prince William County, VA Prince William County Dept of Economic Dev. county website      
City of Vineland NJ Economic Development city website : VEGGIS      
City of Norfolk     GIS Planning, ESRI
US Southeast          
Chattanooga, TN Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce Chamber website     GIS Planning, ESRI
Greensboro, NC Greensboro Economic Development Partnership     GIS Planning, ESRI
multistate service area Tennessee Valley Authority     GIS Planning, ESRI
US Great Lakes          
Dayton, OH Dayton Development Coalition     GIS Planning, ESRI
Indianapolis, IN City of Indianapolis Indianapolis website     GIS Planning, ESRI
Indiana Cinergy PSI Cinergy website     GIS Planning, ESRI
Chicago, IL Chicago Community Ventures     GIS Planning, ESRI
US North Central          
Sioux City, IA   Discover Sioux City     GIS Planning, ESRI
US South Central          
Oklahoma City, OK     GIS Planning, ESRI
Dallas, TX Greater Dallas Chamber      
Pearland, TX     GIS Planning, ESRI
Arlington, TX     GIS Planning, ESRI
Mansfield, TX     GIS Planning, ESRI

Fort Bend, TX

(Sugar Land, TX)

Greater Fort Bend Economic Development Council     in-house, ESRI
US Mountain          
Tucson, AZ     GIS Planning, ESRI
Santa Fe, NM     GIS Planning, ESRI
US West Coast          
San Francisco, CA City and County     GIS Planning, ESRI
Sacramento, CA     GIS Planning, ESRI
Stockton, CA City of Stockton Advantage Stockton     GIS Planning, ESRI
Vallejo, CA     GIS Planning, ESRI
Rancho Cucamonga, CA City      GIS Planning, ESRI
Oregon State of Oregon     GIS Planning, ESRI
Honolulu, Hawaii City and County city and county website     GIS Planning, ESRI
Peterborough, Ontario          
Essex County, ON   county website     GIS Planning
See also : Directories of economic development organizations, professional service providers, and other resources

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