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CoreNet Global 2003 Award for Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment

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Follow this link for the 2004 winners of this award. Meet us at CoreNet Summits or other events if you are interested in our work.
We're pleased to announce that we were the exclusive sponsors of the new 2003 Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Award established by Corporate Real Estate Leader, the official publication of CoreNet Global.

The four winners were (alphabetical order, with links to find more details, including their nominations) :

This award reflects our interest in sharing local knowledge about leading area representatives and economic development service providers from the perspective of major corporate investors and the professional advisors who serve them, including location consultants, corporate real estate professionals, and others. 

The award is not simply based upon the recent flow of project announcements, the size of an area, or market visibility, but rather on leadership and accomplishments in economic development work.  There were many other good nominees in 2003.

The question posed by this award was simple : "How did your organization provide leadership in your community in 2002?  Which accomplishments and results set your organization apart last year?"

It was open to local, regional, state, provincial, or national economic development organizations, public or private.  CoreNet membership is not necessary.

The winners were highlighted in the September issue of Corporate Real Estate Leader magazine and the CoreNet Global News newsletter.  There was also a press release which was published on the CoreNet Global website.

We presented the awards to the four winners before the estimated 3400 attendees at the CoreNet Global Summit in Atlanta, at the morning general session on Tuesday, October 14, 2003.

The deadline for nominations was June 4, 2003, with selection of the winners by July 1.  The award was not limited to CoreNet Global members.

In 2004 the award nominations for 2003 accomplishments began in February for selection in time to present the awards at the May 2004 CoreNet Global Summit in Chicago.

There was a non-refundable $300 entry fee for nominations, payable to CoreNet Global Learning.  We have no financial interest in that fee, which helps them to cover the cost of administering the award program in the same manner as their Global Innovator's Award.

It differs from awards or feature stories which reflect the popularity or visibility of an area, or recent levels of investment project activity or advertising.  It also differs from awards which recognize leadership as perceived among peers in the economic development profession, which may differ from the perceptions of investors and their advisors.

The focus is on the total performance of an economic development organization from the perspective of their own communities as well as corporate investors in such areas, which is obviously not limited to local investment promotion activities (attraction, expansion, and retention of corporate investments) or limited to large, well-known areas.  The award reflects the full range of work which economic development professionals perform to deliver value to their communities.

Examples of leadership and accomplishment could take many forms, including (but not limited to) :
  •  creating new strategies to compete in the 21st century
  •  overcoming long-standing obstacles to progress
  •  creating diverse, effective community teams to address challenges
  •  attracting major new corporate facilities and jobs
  •  creating effective business-retention programs
  •  developing web-enabled databases and other tools
GDI Solutions has no role in the selection process for the winners, which will be chosen by the Editorial Advisory Committee of Corporate Real Estate Leader magazine.  GDI Solutions also has no financial interest in the small nomination fees payable to CoreNet Global Learning, which help to defray the administrative costs of the awards program.  The winners are highlighted through this website in addition to the publicity through articles and press releases from CoreNet Global Learning. Nominations are limited to no more than two pages in length and no more than two megabytes in file size.  There is no standard template or format.  Use the two pages in any way you wish.

Nominations must be submitted electronically (PDF, Microsoft Word, or other IBM-compatible format) to .

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