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Ad Recall : Fayetteville, North Carolina Economic Development

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This is a February 2006 promotional postcard ad for Cumberland County Business Council in  Fayetteville, North Carolina.  The text of this postcard is repeated for business location site search convenience to easily find any relevant content and contact this North Carolina economic development agency.

If you contact them, please let them know how you found them.

This page can be found through our North Carolina Economic Development directory, Ad Recall feature, or the Area Profile or Survey for Cumberland County, NC, as well as the regional economic development contacts directory for the US Mid-Atlantic region

See also : Fayetteville NC maps.

Looking for a work force that reflects the best of America?




If you like our people, you'll love our location!

8,000 Men and Women join our local labor force ANNUALLY as they complete their military service.

Already trained and experienced in:

- Information Technology

- Communications

- Transportation & Logistics

- Electronics

- Aviation & Avionics

- Engineering

- Operation of Heavy & Specialized Equipment

- Finance & Accounting

- Healthcare

- Research, Development & Analysis

- Homeland Defense

- Foreign Service & Language Skills


Your potential workforce here is steeped in:

Loyalty - Confidence - Motivation

Dependability - Organization & Team Skills


We have the people & the place!

Cumberland County Business Council, Economic Development Division


For Information & Feasibility Studies:

P.O. Box 9, Fayetteville NC 28302

This recent Fayetteville, North Carolina economic development advertisement is similar in design to other ads which have appeared in various magazines in 2005 to promote the area as a business location for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other industries. The text of this ad and some recent variations we have seen are repeated below for reference because this makes it easier to find such ads again quickly whenever they may be relevant to the site selection search needs of a business executive or advisor.
Where Do You Get Off Expecting a Prime Business Location?

Greater Fayetteville North Carolina - Exits 40-65

Business Facility Planning Consultants, a nationally known site location firm, has determined that pharmaceutical and biotechnology related manufacturers can operate in Cumberland County, North Carolina at a savings of 32 percent when compared with the national average cost for such facilities.  For a 250,000 square foot facility with 300 employees, that means a savings of over $8.9 million per year!

For a free copy of the study or confidential site location information, visit our website , call us 800-396-4210 or email us .

Fayetteville (NC) Area Economic Development Corporation

Greater Fayetteville North Carolina - History - Heroes - A Hometown Feeling

Fayetteville offers a prime business location for pharmaceutical / biotech companies because:
  •  Operating costs are nearly $8,000,000 per year below the national average
  •  Staffing and construction costs are among the lowest in the US
  •  No tax on wholesalers' and retailers' inventories.
  •  One of the nation's best and most comprehensive infrastructures for supporting pharmaceutical production.
  •  Good availability of production personnel, excellent access and connectivity for people and materials.
  •  Business and industry-oriented academic, research and training institutions
  •  An attractive package of industrial development incentives
  •  A high quality of life

Complete Feasibility Study available at .

Call 800-396-4210 or mail to learn more.

Fayetteville, NC Has It All !

Location:                   On Interstate 95 (I-95), minutes from I-40

Saving:                      Up to 32% below national average*

Workforce:                 8,000 skilled, Educated, ex-Military Available Annually

Custom Training        Four Local Colleges and Universities

Infrastructure:            Ready to Serve - Room to Grow

Buildings and sites:   Certified, Shovel Ready

*Information and Feasibility Studies :

Call 800-396-4210 or email today!

Fayetteville Area Economic Development Corporation

P.O. Box 1865, Fayetteville, North Carolina  28302-1865

We have repeated the text of several ads here as a demonstration of our Ad Recall service, which makes it easy to find such ads again, regardless of when or where they appeared and whether or not the user of this website was a subscriber to the publication involved and noticed the ad originally, or was interested at the time, or could recall or find it again later.

Rather than a clipping service for the advertiser, this work is analogous to the way that retail point-of-sale merchandising displays and product packaging can tie into brand advertising campaigns to help attract attention and interest at the time when a potential customer is shopping in general or actively searching for new solutions to specific needs.

The Google site search feature of our website, available from our home page or any other page (Search button at upper right in the header), demonstrates how this makes it easy to find such ads through any of their content, as repeated on this page.

Thumbnail images and links are also used on relevant pages, such as the North Carolina directory of economic development organizations, Area Profiles, Area Surveys, and the US Mid-Atlantic regional directory of contacts.   The thumbnail images may also be used on other relevant pages to make it easy to find these ads again at a glance.

If we may be of assistance at Global Direct Investment Solutions with any project planning needs related to North Carolina or elsewhere, contact Bruce Donnelly at TEL 847-304-4655.

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