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Ad Recall : Ottumwa Iowa Economic Development Corp.

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

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This 2006 ad for the Ottumwa, Iowa Economic Development Corp. has been used to promote the website and available information about site selection in this southeastern Iowa business location.

"Visit for in-depth information about Ottumwa, Iowa - Iowa's rising economic star - including existing buildings and industrial sites."

This ad can also be found through our Iowa economic development directory and other pages, such as our Area Survey executive summary presentation which provides various links about business location selection factors in Ottumwa, IA, including data and available industrial sites and buildings.

See maps of the Ottumwa, Iowa - Wapello county region


Contact :  see also : Biographic Profile

Jonathan Krebs, CEcD*

Executive Director

Ottumwa Economic Development Corporation (OEDC)

217 East Main Street   (P.O. Box 1288)
Ottumwa, Iowa 52501


Phone :  (641)682-3465   or

Cell :      (641)799-1203

Home :   (641)683-6017

Fax :      (641)682-3466


e-mail :


*C.Ec.D. is a professional certification for economic development by IEDC.

Ottumwa is roughly 75 miles southeast of Des Moines and west of Burlington, Iowa along US-63, US-163 and US-34.  It enjoys uncongested access to the major I-35 north-south interstate corridor.  It is also easy to access the major I-80 east-west interstate corridor, or reach I-74 and other eastern and southern interstate routes.

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