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Analysis : Visits to Economic Development Website Directory Pages

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The graphic below analyzes the distribution of page views in 2005 and 2006 for our growing Invest USA state economic directories

These state directories list many state, regional, city, county, and local economic development agency websites and other content for reference.

There are also global region directories, which will become more selective while the state directories become more comprehensive.

See the global analysis below of page views for regional economic development directories from 2003 - 2005, and the detail comparing US regions.


This is not necessarily a reliable indicator of where present or future capital investment projects are going in the United States.

It is the distribution of page views by visitors to our state directories - not an analysis of project announcements, enquiries, or plans.

This mainly demonstrates the diversity of interests in economic development contacts nationwide among visitors to this website.

The total volume and distribution patterns of page views can be influenced by the focus of our marketing work at the time.


You may also find our 7 year analysis of investment project trends by state to be of interest.

Our April 2006 newsletter (4 pages with graphs) summarizes such market research and analysis.

Global analysis of distribution of page views for regional economic development directories before 2006.

This reflects to some degree the distribution of global interests among visitors to our website.

In some cases, however, it may be influenced by changes in our marketing focus or news-related visits.

It is mainly an indicator of the diverse interests of visitors to this website from around the world.

It is not necessarily a reliable indicator of where current or future capital investment projects will be going.

Although total monthly visit statistics for the website may be of interest, economic development organizations may be more interested in the frequency of visits to the regional contact pages or state directories in which they are listed or, if they support our work, the total visits to the specific combination of pages where their areas are highlighted.  They may also be curious about the market reach of our own online advertising campaigns as one aspect of our marketing work.  It's worth noting that, unlike most US-based magazines in this niche market, we attract project enquiries from and for other countries - which makes this website uniquely useful for executives and business advisors with global interests.

Our regional and state directories generally average 400 - 600 visits per month now, and this total is growing rapidly too.  As shown below, the mix of regional interests has been fairly stable over the last three years, and seems generally consistent with reported project flows.  GUIDE Area Profiles or Surveys typically attract 50 to 100 or more visits per month, depending upon the area involved, since these focus on one business location and are therefore of interest to fewer visitors.  These are reinforced by the Highlights page, which averages 140+ visits per month, and other pages.

These may seem like small numbers relative to our total website visit statistics, which exceeded 40,000 in May 2005 and 296,000 for the first eleven months of 2005, up 50%+ relative to 200,000 visits in 2004, but they are more likely to reflect active interest in a specific area.  Only a small percentage of visitors to this website will have an active interest in any specific region, local area, or service at a given time.  The visitors to such pages are therefore likely to be better short-term prospects, even though they are fewer in number, just as magazine subscribers aren't interested in every page and every ad.  Visitors to other pages now, however, may well return later as longer-term prospects to further research their interests.

Once users find these pages (fast and easy through our Google Site Search as well as the many navigational links on every page), they can link directly to any organization which seems relevant to their interests, or learn more about them if the organizations have chosen to share more knowledge about their capabilities and services through our GUIDE work such as the Surveys and Profiles.


  •  We had 320,000 visits in 2005, up 60% from 200,000 in 2004.
  •  We're on target for 500,000+ visits in 2006 = up 50%+ again
  •  Our targeted 2005 online advertising reached 3,200,000 in 9 months
  •  At that pace, our 2006 online advertising could reach 6,000,000
  •  12 month average of roughly 26,500 visits per month in 2005
  •  2006 monthly visits are now at 40,000+ in this highly specialized niche
  •  Refer to the daily website visit statistics to see the growth trend at a glance
  •  Over 800 pages of content, with over 25,000 relevant external links
  •  Many visits come from Google searches directly to relevant pages


The following chart makes it easier to visualize the relative frequency of user visits to the regional contact pages for the US regions.  There is no process to register such visitors to qualify their specific interests at the time.  The addition of state "long list" directories and other features in 2005 to complement these selective regional directories means that some visitors with interests in a given region may visit other pages.  These regional directories, however, attract a consistently higher volume of visits, as expected, and are therefore considered a more meaningful indicator of changing patterns of regional interest by users over time. The US regions combined to account for 45% of the regional contacts page visits in 2004, and 43% for the first six months of 2005.  This slight change is probably not statistically significant.

In 2004, a further 8.0% was for Mexico and 4.5% for Canada, which changed slightly to 7.4% and 4.9% respectively in the first half of 2005.

Europe was only 5.4% of the global total in 2004, and 5.9% in the first half of 2005.

This graphic details the global share of US regions in the regional economic development directory page views from 2003 - 2005 (as a subset of the above global distribution)/

The following chart illustrates the relative frequency of user visits to the regional contact pages for the greater Asia Pacific region, including South Asia. The Asia Pacific regions combined for 20.9% of the global total in 2003, and 23.0% in 2004.
Total visits to all of the regional contact pages increased 61% between the last four months of 2003 and the first nine months of 2004.  During the same period, total website visits increased by roughly 15%, following a substantial increase during 2003 promotional work.  Through the first six months of 2005 total website visits were up approximately 70% over 2004 levels.

The increase from 2003 year-end levels is shown by region below.  Although some regions did not increase in visits as much as the 61% total, as in the case of the Southeast US, this sometimes reflected a higher base in late 2003 relative to other regions, as shown above.

Visits were already much higher at the end of 2003 than earlier in the year, or in late 2002.  The website was only launched  at the end of September 2002.

The large increase for Korea apparently reflects our work to highlight it in cooperation with Invest Korea from March 2004.  The 2004 third quarter visits for the Korea  contacts page were over 300% higher than in the fourth quarter of 2003, rising from less than 50 visits per month to more than 200.  There was no comparable increase for Japan and, as shown above, the Korea contacts page attracted more visits in 2004 than all other Asia Pacific regions, overtaking both China and Southeast Asia.

The GUIDE Area Profile for Invest Korea separately averaged nearly 100 visits per month after it was set up and highlighted in March 2004.

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